IBM patents granted on 05 February 2008

57 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,328,446 Apparatus for reducing sensitivity of an article to mechanical shock
2 7,328,438 Deallocation of computer data in a multithreaded computer
3 7,328,437 Management of locks in a virtual machine environment
4 7,328,426 Editor with commands for automatically disabling and enabling program code portions
5 7,328,409 Method, system, and computer program product for user customization of menu items
6 7,328,400 Table column spanning
7 7,328,396 Cyclic redundancy check generating circuit
8 7,328,390 Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
9 7,328,374 Method and apparatus for implementing assertions in hardware
10 7,328,363 Dynamically configurable fault tolerance in autonomic computing with multiple service points
11 7,328,330 Queue design supporting dependency checking and issue for SIMD instructions within a general purpose processor
12 7,328,317 Memory controller and method for optimized read/modify/write performance
13 7,328,315 System and method for managing mirrored memory transactions and error recovery
14 7,328,312 Method and bus prefetching mechanism for implementing enhanced buffer control
15 7,328,309 On-demand cache memory for storage subsystems
16 7,328,285 Apparatus and method for writing information to a designated information storage medium with an allocated data storage device using a specified information recording format
17 7,328,282 Aspect oriented web service invocation
18 7,328,265 Method and system to aggregate evaluation of at least one metric across a plurality of resources
19 7,328,244 Electronic mail system
20 7,328,241 Dynamic visualization of electronic mail propagation
21 7,328,208 Method and system for improving a text search
22 7,328,203 System and method for executing complex if-then clauses
23 7,328,197 Identifying a state of a data storage drive using an artificial neural network generated model
24 7,328,186 Client account and information management system and method
25 7,328,185 Handling order (proxy) bids in an on-line auction
26 7,328,156 Computational linguistic statements for providing an autonomic computing environment
27 7,328,001 Traffic shaping of cellular service consumption through modification of consumer behavior encouraged by cell-based pricing advantages
28 7,327,847 Method for distributed computation of RSA inverses in asynchronous networks
29 7,327,759 Sequence-preserving deep-packet processing in a multiprocessor system
30 7,327,692 System and method for selecting fibre channel switched fabric frame paths
31 7,327,577 Method and apparatus for grounding a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component using a grounding spring having multiple-jointed spring fingers
32 7,327,538 Lead overlay sensor with improved current path
33 7,327,268 System for wireless mobile seating platform
34 7,327,260 System and method to record environmental condition on an RFID tag
35 7,327,242 Limiting and controlling motor vehicle operation functions enabled for each of a group of drivers of the vehicle
36 7,327,238 Method, system, and computer program product for determining and reporting tailgating incidents
37 7,327,033 Copper alloy via bottom liner
38 7,327,008 Structure and method for mixed-substrate SIMOX technology
39 7,326,997 Method and structure for enhancing both nMOSFET and pMOSFET performance with a stressed film
40 7,326,987 Non-continuous encapsulation layer for MIM capacitor
41 7,326,986 Trench memory
42 7,326,983 Selective silicon-on-insulator isolation structure and method
43 7,326,976 Corner dominated trigate field effect transistor
44 7,326,923 Programmable molecular manipulating processes
45 7,326,864 Method and apparatus for masking keystroke sounds from computer keyboards
46 7,326,857 Method and structure for creating printed circuit boards with stepped thickness
47 7,326,651 Method for forming damascene structure utilizing planarizing material coupled with compressive diffusion barrier material
48 7,326,610 Process options of forming silicided metal gates for advanced CMOS devices
49 7,326,600 Method for manufacturing a thin-film transistor structure
50 7,326,523 Low refractive index polymers as underlayers for silicon-containing photoresists
51 7,326,442 Antireflective composition and process of making a lithographic structure
52 7,325,763 Magnetic tape guiding system guide roller with single flange oriented at lower debris tape edge
53 7,325,729 Enhanced purchase verification for self checkout system
54 7,325,685 Secondary latchkey mechanism and method for reticle SMIF pods
55 7,325,299 Method of making a circuitized substrate
56 7,325,296 Method of fabricating a magnetic head
57 7,325,294 Method of making electromagnetic wave shielded write and read wires on a support for a magnetic media drive