IBM patents granted on 05 February 2013

115 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,370,945 Identifying security breaches caused by web-enabled software applications
2 8,370,925 User policy manageable strength-based password aging
3 8,370,904 Node authentication
4 8,370,901 Method and apparatus for providing identity management for users in a web environment
5 8,370,861 Encoding object states
6 8,370,859 Creating web services from an existing web site
7 8,370,855 Management of process-to-process intra-cluster communication requests
8 8,370,854 Automatic closure of a file or a device in a data processing system
9 8,370,852 Inter-object communication
10 8,370,847 Managing persistence in a messaging system
11 8,370,844 Mechanism for process migration on a massively parallel computer
12 8,370,843 Method, program product and computer system for progressive improvement of an environment pool
13 8,370,842 Portioning and routing of work in a multiple processor system
14 8,370,841 Optimizing deterministic event record and replay operations
15 8,370,840 Apparatus and methods for performing computer system maintenance and notification activities in an opportunistic manner
16 8,370,839 Monitoring message queues in message queuing information systems and initiating batch jobs to perform functions on the message queues
17 8,370,826 Automatically managing versioning of mashup widgets
18 8,370,824 Dynamic class loading
19 8,370,823 Device, system, and method of computer program optimization
20 8,370,821 Method for enabling profile-based call site tailor-ing using profile gathering of cloned functions
21 8,370,817 Optimizing scalar code executed on a SIMD engine by alignment of SIMD slots
22 8,370,816 Device, method and computer program product for evaluating a debugger script
23 8,370,813 Methods and arrangements for unified program analysis
24 8,370,812 Method and system for automatically assembling processing graphs in information processing systems
25 8,370,802 Specifying an order for changing an operational state of software application components
26 8,370,800 Determining application distribution based on application state tracking information
27 8,370,799 Provision of code base modification using automatic learning of code changes
28 8,370,796 Development tooling enablement for audit event generation
29 8,370,793 Method and system for specifying, deploying and dynamically updating work flows
30 8,370,783 Systems and methods for probabilistic interconnect planning
31 8,370,782 Buffer-aware routing in integrated circuit design
32 8,370,780 Method and system for estimating power consumption of integrated circuitry
33 8,370,752 Automatic personalization of user visualization and interaction in a service-oriented architecture interface
34 8,370,750 Technology for generating service program
35 8,370,715 Error checking addressable blocks in storage
36 8,370,714 Reference cells for spin torque based memory device
37 8,370,712 Memory management in a non-volatile solid state memory device
38 8,370,671 Saving power by powering down an instruction fetch array based on capacity history of instruction buffer
39 8,370,661 Budget-based power consumption for application execution on a plurality of compute nodes
40 8,370,595 Aggregate data processing system having multiple overlapping synthetic computers
41 8,370,584 Predictive ownership control of shared memory computing system data
42 8,370,579 Global instructions for spiral cache management
43 8,370,575 Optimized software cache lookup for SIMD architectures
44 8,370,560 Symmetric live migration of virtual machines
45 8,370,553 Formal verification of random priority-based arbiters using property strengthening and underapproximations
46 8,370,551 Arbitration in crossbar interconnect for low latency
47 8,370,527 Active control of collaborative devices according to a tertiary relationship among the collaborative devices
48 8,370,517 Conserving energy in a data processing network
49 8,370,490 Cloud service cost-optimal data center assignment
50 8,370,487 Method and system for optimizing performance and availability of a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) service
51 8,370,473 Live multi-hop VM remote-migration over long distance
52 8,370,466 Method and system for providing operator guidance in network and systems management
53 8,370,454 Retrieving a replica of an electronic document in a computer network
54 8,370,447 Providing a memory region or memory window access notification on a system area network
55 8,370,409 Electronic computing circuit for operand width reduction for a modulo adder followed by saturation concurrent message processing
56 8,370,405 Variable-length record, corruption recovery apparatus, system, and method
57 8,370,394 Parallel processing of data organized in a tree structure
58 8,370,375 Method for presenting database query result sets using polymorphic output formats
59 8,370,370 Bridging real-world web applications and 3D virtual worlds
60 8,370,368 System and method for providing user-tailored views
61 8,370,366 Method and system for comparing attributes such as business names
62 8,370,364 Determination of applicable time zone of a web browser
63 8,370,359 Method to perform mappings across multiple models or ontologies
64 8,370,355 Managing entities within a database
65 8,370,354 Acceleration of legacy to service oriented (L2SOA) architecture renovations
66 8,370,350 User accessibility to resources enabled through adaptive technology
67 8,370,345 Snippet based proximal search
68 8,370,326 System and method for parallel computation of frequency histograms on joined tables
69 8,370,304 Restore of full system backup and incremental backups using multiple simultaneous device streams
70 8,370,297 Approach for optimizing restores of deduplicated data
71 8,370,292 Identifying and defining information services for delivery in a service oriented architecture
72 8,370,275 Detecting factual inconsistencies between a document and a fact-base
73 8,370,189 System and method for automatic moderator delegation
74 8,370,188 Management of work packets in a software factory
75 8,370,155 System and method for real time support for agents in contact center environments
76 8,370,110 Network performance management
77 8,369,976 Method for compensating for tool processing variation in the routing of wafers/lots
78 8,369,836 Controlling and calibrating wireless range
79 8,369,578 Method and system for position determination using image deformation
80 8,369,527 Access control over multicast
81 8,369,523 Surrogate key generation using cryptographic hashing
82 8,369,506 Informing a teleconference participant that a person-of-interest has become active within the teleconference
83 8,369,296 Distributed link aggregation
84 8,369,204 Method for high density data storage and imaging
85 8,369,092 Input/output and disk expansion subsystem for an electronics rack
86 8,369,091 Interleaved, immersion-cooling apparatus and method for an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack
87 8,369,039 Apparatus and method for reading data from a tape
88 8,368,890 Polarization monitoring reticle design for high numerical aperture lithography systems
89 8,368,754 Video pattern recognition for automating emergency service incident awareness and response
90 8,368,750 Non-uniformity evaluation apparatus, non-uniformity evaluation method, and display inspection apparatus and program
91 8,368,525 System and method for distinguishing messages
92 8,368,519 Packaging a semiconductor wafer
93 8,368,146 FinFET devices
94 8,368,143 Strained thin body semiconductor-on-insulator substrate and device
95 8,368,125 Multiple orientation nanowires with gate stack stressors
96 8,368,070 Antifuse structure for in line circuit modification
97 8,368,069 Antifuse structure for in line circuit modification
98 8,368,053 Multilayer-interconnection first integration scheme for graphene and carbon nanotube transistor based integration
99 8,367,796 Catalytic polymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents
100 8,367,556 Use of an organic planarizing mask for cutting a plurality of gate lines
101 8,367,555 Removal of masking material
102 8,367,544 Self-aligned patterned etch stop layers for semiconductor devices
103 8,367,543 Structure and method to improve current-carrying capabilities of C4 joints
104 8,367,540 Interconnect structure including a modified photoresist as a permanent interconnect dielectric and method of fabricating same
105 8,367,508 Self-aligned contacts for field effect transistor devices
106 8,367,496 Scavanging metal stack for a high-k gate dielectric
107 8,367,494 Electrical fuse formed by replacement metal gate process
108 8,367,492 Multiple Orientation Nanowires with Gate Stack Sensors
109 8,367,485 Embedded silicon germanium n-type filed effect transistor for reduced floating body effect
110 8,367,484 Antifuse structure for in line circuit modification
111 8,367,483 Antifuse structure for in line circuit modification
112 8,367,478 Method and system for internal layer-layer thermal enhancement
113 8,366,362 Rotatable partition system for a freight carrying enclosure
114 8,366,229 Indication of print media quality to printer users
115 8,365,399 Method of connecting components to a printed circuit board