IBM patents granted on 05 January 2016

187 US patents granted on 05 January 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,232,664 Heat transfer device for wave soldering
2 9,232,661 Magnetically controllable fluidic etching process
3 9,232,646 High speed differential wiring in glass ceramic MCMS
4 9,232,645 High speed differential wiring in glass ceramic MCMS
5 9,232,394 Authentication of phone caller identity
6 9,232,263 Renderable content partitioning and portability
7 9,232,068 Conference call authentication utilizing passcodes personal to users
8 9,232,049 Quality of experience determination for multi-party VoIP conference calls that account for focus degradation effects
9 9,232,048 Quality of experience determination for multi-party VoIP conference calls that account for focus degradation effects
10 9,232,027 TCP connection resource diversity using tunable geometric series
11 9,232,019 Undoing sent communications
12 9,232,018 System and method of creating and rating items for social interactions
13 9,232,016 Undoing sent communications
14 9,231,996 User-influenced page loading of web content
15 9,231,981 Rules driven multiple passwords
16 9,231,974 Dynamic policy-based entitlements from external data repositories
17 9,231,970 Security-aware admission control of requests in a distributed system
18 9,231,958 Visually representing and managing access control of resources
19 9,231,938 Determination and classification of defense measures in web applications
20 9,231,909 Communication system employing subnet or prefix to determine connection to same network segment
21 9,231,899 Transmittal of blocked message notification
22 9,231,895 Tag management of information technology services improvement
23 9,231,881 Transparent middlebox with graceful connection entry and exit
24 9,231,870 Flexible and scalable data link layer flow control for network fabrics
25 9,231,843 Estimating available bandwith in cellular networks
26 9,231,840 Optimizing the quality of audio within a teleconferencing session via an adaptive codec switching
27 9,231,827 Formalizing, diffusing and enforcing policy advisories and monitoring policy compliance in the management of networks
28 9,231,816 Method for distributing a plurality of data portions
29 9,231,781 Flow distribution algorithm for aggregated links in an ethernet switch
30 9,231,777 Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
31 9,231,768 Utilizing a deterministic all or nothing transformation in a dispersed storage network
32 9,231,618 Early data tag to allow data CRC bypass via a speculative memory data return protocol
33 9,231,605 Removing deterministic phase errors from fractional-N PLLS
34 9,231,603 Distributed phase detection for clock synchronization in multi-layer 3D stacks
35 9,231,595 Filtering event log entries
36 9,231,549 Phase shifter and and related load device
37 9,231,387 System for inserting and removing cables
38 9,231,146 Silicon photovoltaic element and fabrication method
39 9,231,141 Controlling a solar tracking system
40 9,231,139 Structure and design of concentrator solar cell assembly receiver substrate
41 9,231,133 Nanowires formed by employing solder nanodots
42 9,231,131 Integrated photodetector waveguide structure with alignment tolerance
43 9,231,108 Source and drain doping profile control employing carbon-doped semiconductor material
44 9,231,089 Formation of an asymmetric trench in a semiconductor substrate and a bipolar semiconductor device having an asymmetric trench isolation region
45 9,231,080 Replacement metal gate
46 9,231,072 Multi-composition gate dielectric field effect transistors
47 9,231,063 Boron rich nitride cap for total ionizing dose mitigation in SOI devices
48 9,230,992 Semiconductor device including gate channel having adjusted threshold voltage
49 9,230,914 Copper wire and dielectric with air gaps
50 9,230,881 Heat sink for dissipating a thermal load
51 9,230,857 Method to improve semiconductor surfaces and polishing
52 9,230,832 Method for manufacturing a filled cavity between a first and a second surface
53 9,230,830 Bridging arrangement and method for manufacturing a bridging arrangement
54 9,230,687 Implementing ECC redundancy using reconfigurable logic blocks
55 9,230,624 Magnetic shift register memory device
56 9,230,600 Data recording method for storing first data and second data into a tape medium
57 9,230,590 Dynamic adjustments of tape head wrap angles
58 9,230,546 Voice content transcription during collaboration sessions
59 9,230,358 Visual connectivity of widgets using event propagation
60 9,230,357 Prioritized rendering of objects in a virtual universe
61 9,230,278 Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
62 9,230,277 Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
63 9,230,274 System and method for RFID dynamic content presentation
64 9,230,273 Creation and use of constraint templates
65 9,230,258 Space and time for entity resolution
66 9,230,244 Recipient changes in email threads
67 9,230,237 Contract amendment mechanism in a virtual world
68 9,230,228 Method and system for providing a bi-directional feedback loop between project management and personal calendar systems
69 9,230,225 Product quality tracing to locate unsafe product material
70 9,230,209 Scope and distribution of knowledge in an autonomic computing system
71 9,230,208 Haptic-based artificial neural network training
72 9,230,201 Computer system for manufacturing a physical medium configured to store data
73 9,230,174 Attribute-based alert ranking for alert adjudication
74 9,230,135 Secure access for sensitive digital information
75 9,230,133 Secure access for sensitive digital information
76 9,230,132 Anonymization for data having a relational part and sequential part
77 9,230,131 Rule-based Access Control List management
78 9,230,118 Encrypting and decrypting a virtual disc
79 9,230,117 Approval of content updates
80 9,230,113 Encrypting and decrypting a virtual disc
81 9,230,110 Accessing privileged objects in a server environment
82 9,230,094 Managing password strength
83 9,230,083 Securing application information in system-wide search engines
84 9,230,077 Alias-based social media identity verification
85 9,230,069 Execution-based license discovery and optimization
86 9,230,060 Associating records in healthcare databases with individuals
87 9,230,046 Generating clock signals for a cycle accurate, cycle reproducible FPGA based hardware accelerator
88 9,230,042 Displaying a contextual organization chart with awareness
89 9,230,036 Enhanced browser cookie management
90 9,230,035 Pushing specific content to a predetermined webpage
91 9,230,034 Related page identification based on page hierarchy and subject hierarchy
92 9,230,013 Suffix searching on documents
93 9,230,009 Routing of questions to appropriately trained question and answer system pipelines using clustering
94 9,230,005 Spatiotemporal encounters detection in historical movement datasets
95 9,229,999 Using average replication latency to influence routing query transactions
96 9,229,981 Smart query plan with visual optimizations to improve responsiveness
97 9,229,970 Methods to minimize communication in a cluster database system
98 9,229,969 Management of searches in a database system
99 9,229,965 Managing attributes in stream processing using a cache
100 9,229,961 Database management delete efficiency
101 9,229,960 Database management delete efficiency
102 9,229,943 Addressing cross-allocated blocks in a file system
103 9,229,941 Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
104 9,229,935 Simulating accesses for archived content
105 9,229,933 System, method and program for managing file downloads
106 9,229,932 Conformed dimensional data gravity wells
107 9,229,926 Determining similarity of unfielded names using feature assignments
108 9,229,916 Rendering sections of content in a document
109 9,229,914 Optimizing the layout of electronic documents by reducing presentation size of content within document sections so that when combined a plurality of document sections fit within a page
110 9,229,912 Previewing prominent features of remote documents
111 9,229,891 Determining a direct memory access data transfer mode
112 9,229,883 Extended input/output measurement word facility for obtaining measurement data in an emulated environment
113 9,229,868 Data recovery for coherent attached processor proxy
114 9,229,867 Shared network response cache
115 9,229,862 Cache management based on physical memory device characteristics
116 9,229,852 Flash translation layer system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
117 9,229,849 Dynamic reconfiguration of storage system
118 9,229,843 Predictively managing failover in high availability systems
119 9,229,840 Managing traces to capture data for memory regions in a memory
120 9,229,838 Modeling and evaluating application performance in a new environment
121 9,229,827 Storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data
122 9,229,825 Quick failover of blade server
123 9,229,824 Caching rebuilt encoded data slices in a dispersed storage network
124 9,229,823 Storage and retrieval of dispersed storage network access information
125 9,229,821 Reactionary backup scheduling around meantime between failures of data origination
126 9,229,819 Enhanced reliability in deduplication technology over storage clouds
127 9,229,810 Enabling efficient recovery from multiple failures together with one latent error in a storage array
128 9,229,786 Provisioning aggregate computational workloads and air conditioning unit configurations to optimize utility of air conditioning units and processing resources within a data center
129 9,229,785 Policy-based workload performance optimization for dynamically distributed OSGi application
130 9,229,784 Determining resource instance placement in a networked computing environment
131 9,229,783 Methods and apparatus for resource capacity evaluation in a system of virtual containers
132 9,229,782 Collectively loading an application in a parallel computer
133 9,229,780 Identifying data communications algorithms of all other tasks in a single collective operation in a distributed processing system
134 9,229,777 Dynamically relocating workloads in a networked computing environment
135 9,229,775 Dynamically adjusting global heap allocation in multi-thread environment
136 9,229,764 Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
137 9,229,760 Virtual memory management to reduce power consumption in the memory
138 9,229,758 Passive monitoring of virtual systems using extensible indexing
139 9,229,757 Optimizing a file system interface in a virtualized computing environment
140 9,229,756 User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
141 9,229,755 User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
142 9,229,753 Autonomic customization of properties of a virtual appliance in a computer system
143 9,229,752 Systems and methods to offload hardware support using a hypervisor subpartition
144 9,229,746 Identifying load-hit-store conflicts
145 9,229,745 Identifying load-hit-store conflicts
146 9,229,744 Prevention of classloader memory leaks in multitier enterprise applications
147 9,229,743 Prevention of classloader memory leaks in multitier enterprise applications
148 9,229,738 Software development tool for providing user context information to improve message quality at development time
149 9,229,730 Multi-chip initialization using a parallel firmware boot process
150 9,229,729 Initializing processor cores in a multiprocessor system
151 9,229,726 Converged call flow and web service application integration using a processing engine
152 9,229,725 Safe conditional-load and conditional-store operations
153 9,229,724 Serializing wrapping trace buffer via a compare-and-swap instruction
154 9,229,723 Global weak pattern history table filtering
155 9,229,722 Major branch instructions with transactional memory
156 9,229,716 Time-based task priority boost management using boost register values
157 9,229,715 Method and apparatus for efficient inter-thread synchronization for helper threads
158 9,229,711 Optimizing on demand allocation of virtual machines using a stateless preallocation pool
159 9,229,710 Optimizing on demand allocation of virtual machines using a stateless preallocation pool
160 9,229,695 Usage of TOC register as application register
161 9,229,692 Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment
162 9,229,691 Method and apparatus for programming assistance
163 9,229,685 Automated corruption analysis of service designs
164 9,229,684 Automated corruption analysis of service designs
165 9,229,659 Identifying and accessing reference data in an in-memory data grid
166 9,229,658 Status information saving among multiple computers
167 9,229,641 Identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
168 9,229,633 Selective sharing of displayed content in a view presented on a touchscreen of a processing system
169 9,229,618 Turning pages of an electronic document by means of a single snap gesture
170 9,229,501 Distributed grid-interactive photovoltaic-based power dispatching
171 9,229,455 Microfluidic surface processing systems with self-regulated distance-to surface control
172 9,229,446 Production line quality processes
173 9,229,437 Solving large-scale security-constrained economic dispatch problem in real-time
174 9,229,169 Lens array optical coupling to photonic chip
175 9,229,133 Meteorological parameter forecasting
176 9,229,132 Meteorological parameter forecasting
177 9,229,071 Identification of molecules based on frequency responses using electromagnetic write-heads and magneto-resistive sensors
178 9,229,044 Minimum-spacing circuit design and layout for PICA
179 9,228,846 Generating routes
180 9,228,059 Preparation of thioether polymers
181 9,228,050 Versatile, facile and scalable route to polylactic acid-backbone graft and bottlebrush copolymers
182 9,228,044 Versatile, facile and scalable route to polylactic acid-backbone graft and bottlebrush copolymers
183 9,228,034 Hexahydrotriazine, dithiazine, and thioether functionalized materials
184 9,227,855 Large-scale electricity-less disinfection of fluent water
185 9,227,448 Determining survival state of print head
186 9,227,259 Increasing the efficiency of solar cells by transfer of solder
187 9,226,698 User authentication via evoked potential in electroencephalographic signals