IBM patents granted on 05 July 2011

64 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,975,313 System and method for tracing Tardos fingerprint codes
2 7,975,295 Associating security information with information objects
3 7,975,294 VPN management
4 7,975,270 Facilitating allocation of resources in a heterogeneous computing environment
5 7,975,268 Grid computing system, management server, processing server, control method, control program and recording medium
6 7,975,258 Testing environment for database server side logic
7 7,975,256 Optimizing application performance through data mining
8 7,975,255 Method, apparatus, and program product for building integration workflow endpoints into web components
9 7,975,246 MEEF reduction by elongation of square shapes
10 7,975,244 Methodology and system for determining numerical errors in pixel-based imaging simulation in designing lithographic masks
11 7,975,238 Identifying previously bookmarked hyperlinks in a received Web page in a World Wide Web network browser system for searching
12 7,975,214 System for capturing frames and form data
13 7,975,194 System and method for adaptive nonlinear test vector compression
14 7,975,182 Method, system and computer program product for generating trace data
15 7,975,176 Application failure recovery
16 7,975,172 Redundant execution of instructions in multistage execution pipeline during unused execution cycles
17 7,975,171 Automated file recovery based on subsystem error detection results
18 7,975,169 Memory preserved cache to prevent data loss
19 7,975,143 Method, system, and program product for generating and validating digital signatures
20 7,975,130 Method and system for early instruction text based operand store compare reject avoidance
21 7,975,103 Method for optimized data record verification
22 7,975,100 Segmentation of logical volumes and movement of selected segments when a cache storage is unable to store all segments of a logical volume
23 7,975,090 Method for efficient I/O controller processor interconnect coupling supporting push-pull DMA read operations
24 7,975,064 Envelope packet architecture for broadband engine
25 7,975,042 Method for adapting an internet web server to short-term changes in demand
26 7,975,039 Method and apparatus to support application and network awareness of collaborative applications using multi-attribute clustering
27 7,975,035 Method and apparatus to support application and network awareness of collaborative applications using multi-attribute clustering
28 7,975,031 Change management in multi-domain environments
29 7,975,027 Credit depletion notification for transmitting frames between a port pair
30 7,975,012 Method and apparatus for inferring read status of instant messages
31 7,975,005 Using a proxy to redirect downloads
32 7,974,999 Software architecture for managing a system of heterogenous network processors and for developing portable network processor applications
33 7,974,978 System and method for graph indexing
34 7,974,968 Direct call threaded code
35 7,974,965 Federated pagination management
36 7,974,955 Inhibiting non-critical access based on measured performance in a database system
37 7,974,950 Applying a policy criteria to files in a backup image
38 7,974,947 Incrementally sychronizing occasionally-connected mobile databases, preserving horizontal filter scope consistency by using client pre-image
39 7,974,871 System and method for reordering meeting agenda items prior to the occurrence of the meeting based upon partial participation by the meeting participants
40 7,974,866 System and method for managing workflow among a plurality of business processes associated respectively with users having access rights to artifacts
41 7,974,802 Photomask image inspection
42 7,974,800 Method, apparatus, and program for detecting the correlation between repeating events
43 7,974,717 Customizing soundtracks
44 7,974,411 Method for protecting audio content
45 7,974,407 Privacy enhanced comparison of data sets
46 7,974,406 Privacy enhanced comparison of data sets
47 7,974,385 User interface and system to facilitate telephone circuit maintenance and testing
48 7,974,304 Out of band signaling enhancement for high speed serial driver
49 7,974,300 Configuration for messaging multiplexed channel instances with varying connection speeds
50 7,974,286 Reduced redundant security screening
51 7,974,189 Apparatus and method to set the signaling rate of a network disposed within an information storage and retrieval system
52 7,974,141 Setting memory device VREF in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
53 7,974,079 Integrated mounting system for communication and surveillance infrastructures
54 7,974,040 Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
55 7,973,804 Image processing with highly threaded texture fragment generation
56 7,973,715 Determining a direction of arrival of signals incident to a tripole sensor
57 7,973,680 Method and system for creating an in-memory physical dictionary for data compression
58 7,973,674 Vehicle-to-vehicle traffic queue information communication system and method
59 7,973,549 Method and apparatus for calibrating internal pulses in an integrated circuit
60 7,973,409 Hybrid interconnect structure for performance improvement and reliability enhancement
61 7,972,966 Etching of tungsten selective to titanium nitride
62 7,972,965 Process for interfacial adhesion in laminate structures through patterned roughing of a surface
63 7,972,921 Integrated circuit isolation system
64 7,972,919 Vertical PNP transistor and method of making same