IBM patents granted on 05 July 2016

120 US patents granted on 05 July 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,386,736 Modular elements employing latches secured by linkages
2 9,386,727 Apparatus for adjusting coolant flow resistance through liquid-cooled electronics racks
3 9,386,713 Modular elements employing latches secured by linkages
4 9,386,145 Monitoring voice over internet protocol (VoIP) quality during an ongoing call
5 9,386,119 Mobile web adaptation techniques
6 9,386,092 Cost optimized email attachment download in a mobile device
7 9,386,087 Workload placement in a computer system
8 9,386,073 Techniques for performing processing for database
9 9,385,982 Identification to a recipient of an electronic communication of another user who has accessed the electronic communication
10 9,385,978 Generating and/or providing access to a message based on portions of the message indicated by a sending user
11 9,385,975 Using content based routing to scale cast iron like appliances
12 9,385,967 Resource allocation for a storage area network
13 9,385,936 Forwarding groups of multicast flows
14 9,385,934 Dynamic network monitoring
15 9,385,872 Reissue of cryptographic credentials
16 9,385,729 System and method for controlling a phase lock loop
17 9,385,294 Diamond substrates for superconducting quantum circuits
18 9,385,237 Source and drain doping profile control employing carbon-doped semiconductor material
19 9,385,218 Method and structure for forming dielectric isolated FinFET with improved source/drain epitaxy
20 9,385,207 Stratified gate dielectric stack for gate dielectric leakage reduction
21 9,385,201 Buried source-drain contact for integrated circuit transistor devices and method of making same
22 9,385,177 Technique for fabrication of microelectronic capacitors and resistors
23 9,385,123 STI region for small fin pitch in FinFET devices
24 9,385,078 Self aligned via in integrated circuit
25 9,385,062 Integrated circuit barrierless microfluidic channel
26 9,385,039 Formation of through-silicon via (TSV) in silicon substrate
27 9,385,038 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
28 9,384,975 Nanowire devices
29 9,384,879 Magnetic multilayer structure
30 9,384,857 Error control using threshold based comparison of error signatures
31 9,384,834 Storage device with 2D configuration of phase change memory integrated circuits
32 9,384,823 SRAM array comprising multiple cell cores
33 9,384,777 Efficient elimination of access to data on a writable storage media
34 9,384,764 Electrically conductive magnetic shield laminate structure for contact recording sensor
35 9,384,730 Pronunciation accuracy in speech recognition
36 9,384,728 Synthesizing an aggregate voice
37 9,384,661 Cognitive needs-based trip planning
38 9,384,488 System and methods for credentialing on-line information providers
39 9,384,475 Managing multiple and/or repeated out of office notification periods
40 9,384,469 Modifying environmental chat distance based on avatar population density in an area of a virtual world
41 9,384,450 Training machine learning models for open-domain question answering system
42 9,384,445 Tooling for implementing business processes using web services
43 9,384,406 Determining a computer’s position and system for manufacturing a tag
44 9,384,354 Rule matching in the presence of languages with no types or as an adjunct to current analyses for security vulnerability analysis
45 9,384,316 Path-based congestion reduction in integrated circuit routing
46 9,384,314 Reduction of warpage of multilayered substrate or package
47 9,384,305 Predicting the impact of change on events detected in application logic
48 9,384,302 Generating differences for tuple attributes
49 9,384,301 Accessing objects in a service registry and repository
50 9,384,263 Leveraging enterprise content
51 9,384,257 Providing multiple concurrent transactions on a single database schema using a single concurrent transaction database infrastructure
52 9,384,256 Reporting and summarizing metrics in sparse relationships on an OLTP database
53 9,384,255 Managing remote data replication
54 9,384,252 User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
55 9,384,251 Synchronization of off-line reports and off-line mobile content packages
56 9,384,248 Database query language gateway
57 9,384,247 Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes
58 9,384,246 Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes
59 9,384,229 Data readiness using initiator region last commit selection
60 9,384,220 Optimizing database definitions for a new database
61 9,384,193 Use and enforcement of provenance and lineage constraints
62 9,384,191 Written language learning using an enhanced input method editor (IME)
63 9,384,184 Predicting a command in a command line interface
64 9,384,159 Creating a checkpoint for a software partition in an asynchronous input/output environment
65 9,384,158 Dynamic universal port mode assignment
66 9,384,157 Intercomponent data communication
67 9,384,146 Dynamic reservations in a unified request queue
68 9,384,143 Selecting cache lists indicating tracks in a cache to process for demotion
69 9,384,142 Efficient and consistent para-virtual I/O system
70 9,384,136 Modification of prefetch depth based on high latency event
71 9,384,133 Synchronizing updates of page table status indicators and performing bulk operations
72 9,384,131 Systems and methods for accessing cache memory
73 9,384,130 Rewriting symbol address initialization sequences
74 9,384,120 Testing of transaction tracking software
75 9,384,118 Overlay identification of data processing target structure
76 9,384,108 Functional built-in self test for a chip
77 9,384,104 Testing a processor assembly
78 9,384,095 Recovering from a defective boot image
79 9,384,086 I/O operation-level error checking
80 9,384,080 Synchronizing problem resolution task status using awareness of current state and transaction history
81 9,384,067 Managing a virtual object
82 9,384,061 Dynamically managing workload placements in virtualized environments based on current user globalization customization requests
83 9,384,057 Programmatic load-based management of processor population
84 9,384,055 Programmatic load-based management of processor population
85 9,384,045 Intelligent inclusion/exclusion automation
86 9,384,044 Intelligent inclusion/exclusion automation
87 9,384,042 Techniques for dynamically assigning jobs to processors in a cluster based on inter-thread communications
88 9,384,034 Detecting operation of a virtual machine
89 9,384,027 Selecting a host for a virtual machine using a hardware multithreading parameter
90 9,384,019 Dynamic code injection
91 9,384,011 Workspace creation and management for a computing desktop
92 9,384,004 Randomized testing within transactional execution
93 9,384,002 Speculative finish of instruction execution in a processor core
94 9,384,000 Caching optimized internal instructions in loop buffer
95 9,383,996 Instruction to load data up to a specified memory boundary indicated by the instruction
96 9,383,993 Enterprise wide software version recommendation
97 9,383,992 Enterprise wide software version recommendation
98 9,383,984 Seal-based regulation for software deployment management
99 9,383,980 Determining a method to inline using an actual footprint calculation
100 9,383,971 Mobilize website using representational state transfer (REST) resources
101 9,383,945 Method of writing a file to a plurality of media and a storage system thereof
102 9,383,941 Migrating and retrieving queued data in byte-addressable storage
103 9,383,939 Migrating and retrieving queued data in byte-addressable storage
104 9,383,938 Method, system, and apparatus for re-conveying input/output operations utilizing a sequential-access data storage device secondary communication port
105 9,383,931 Controlling the selectively setting of operational parameters for an adapter
106 9,383,930 Code optimization to enable and disable coalescing of memory transactions
107 9,383,925 Page compression strategy for improved page out process
108 9,383,912 Data pasting method and apparatus
109 9,383,900 Enabling real-time operational environment conformity to an enterprise model
110 9,383,897 Spiraling radial menus in computer systems
111 9,383,810 Remote power down control of a device
112 9,383,800 Managing a portal application
113 9,383,767 Circuit design for balanced logic stress
114 9,383,766 Chip performance monitoring system and method
115 9,383,733 Dynamic position control for electronic components
116 9,383,411 Three-dimensional processing system having at least one layer with circuitry dedicated to scan testing and system state checkpointing of other system layers
117 9,383,409 Method of diagnosable scan chain
118 9,383,216 Providing online mapping with user selected preferences
119 9,382,747 Pro-active building protection system
120 9,381,438 Dynamically displaying personalized content in an immersive environment