IBM patents granted on 05 June 2012

158 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,196,211 Authorized authorization set in RBAC model
2 8,196,197 Preventing trivial character combinations
3 8,196,195 Role-based privilege management
4 8,196,177 Digital rights management (DRM)-enabled policy management for a service provider in a federated environment
5 8,196,152 Container context information propagation in an aspect-oriented environment
6 8,196,149 Processing of data to determine compatability in an input/output processing system
7 8,196,145 Determining real time stateful business application processing in an otherwise stateless service-oriented architecture
8 8,196,143 Storing resource information
9 8,196,139 Interpreting I/O operation requests from pageable guests without host intervention
10 8,196,138 Method and system for migrating virtual machines between hypervisors
11 8,196,129 Adaptive class loading
12 8,196,127 Pervasively data parallel information handling system and methodology for generating data parallel select operations
13 8,196,124 SIMD code generation in the presence of optimized misaligned data reorganization
14 8,196,121 Modular integration of distinct type systems for the compilation of programs
15 8,196,119 Computer program product of code coverage utilizing efficient dynamic mutation of logic (EDML)
16 8,196,115 Method for automatic detection of build regressions
17 8,196,114 System and method for service offering for feedback controller design and implementation for performance management in information technology systems
18 8,196,111 Buckets of commands in a multiprocessor-based verification environment
19 8,196,110 Method and apparatus for verifying a suspect return pointer in a stack
20 8,196,109 Common debug adaptor in a multiple computer programming language environment
21 8,196,108 Breakpoint management and reconciliation for embedded scripts in a business integration language specified program process
22 8,196,106 Autonomic verification of HDL models using real-time statistical analysis and layered feedback stages
23 8,196,100 Content management system for computer software with dynamic traceability between code and design documents
24 8,196,099 Updating application design
25 8,196,098 System and method for executing temporary processing agents
26 8,196,091 Computer method and apparatus for improving programming modeling with lightweight stereotypes
27 8,196,090 Aggregation of constraints across profiles
28 8,196,089 Pattern-based development of computer system solutions
29 8,196,088 Method and structure for screening NFET-to-PFET device performance offsets within a CMOS process
30 8,196,074 Heuristic clustering of circuit elements in a circuit design
31 8,196,073 Structure for reduced area active above-ground and below-supply noise suppression circuits
32 8,196,052 System and method to display a web page as scheduled by a user
33 8,196,049 Method and apparatus for restoring an occluded window in application sharing software
34 8,196,046 Parallel visual radio station selection
35 8,196,041 Method and system for processing information relating to active regions of a page of physical document
36 8,196,039 Relevant term extraction and classification for Wiki content
37 8,196,033 Converting between data sources and XML
38 8,196,022 Hamming radius separated deduplication links
39 8,196,019 Error correction in codeword pair headers in a data storage tape format
40 8,196,018 Enhanced error identification with disk array parity checking
41 8,195,986 Method, system and computer program product for processing error information in a system
42 8,195,983 Method and system for evaluating software quality
43 8,195,981 Memory metadata used to handle memory errors without process termination
44 8,195,979 Method and apparatus for realizing application high availability
45 8,195,977 Network fault isolation
46 8,195,976 Fault-tolerance and fault-containment models for zoning clustered application silos into continuous availability and high availability zones in clustered systems during recovery and maintenance
47 8,195,967 Reducing power consumption during execution of an application on a plurality of compute nodes
48 8,195,959 Encrypting a credential store with a lockbox
49 8,195,952 System and method of facilitating the identification of a computer on a network
50 8,195,933 Method and system for computing digital certificate trust paths using transitive closures
51 8,195,927 Expedient preparation of memory for video execution
52 8,195,926 Method and system for purging pattern history tables as a function of global accuracy in a state machine-based filtered gshare branch predictor
53 8,195,924 Early instruction text based operand store compare reject avoidance
54 8,195,915 Mechanism for visualizing memory fragmentation
55 8,195,908 System and method of squeezing memory slabs empty
56 8,195,906 Method and system for cascaded flashcopy zoning and algorithm and/or computer program code and method implementing the same
57 8,195,901 Firehose dump of SRAM write cache data to non-volatile memory using a supercap
58 8,195,897 Migrating memory data between partitions
59 8,195,896 Resource sharing techniques in a parallel processing computing system utilizing locks by replicating or shadowing execution contexts
60 8,195,895 Shared object control for controlling information read/write processing
61 8,195,893 Eliminating synchronous grace period detection for non-preemptible read-copy update on uniprocessor systems
62 8,195,892 Structure for silent invalid state transition handling in an SMP environment
63 8,195,884 Network on chip with caching restrictions for pages of computer memory
64 8,195,881 System, method and processor for accessing data after a translation lookaside buffer miss
65 8,195,880 Information handling system with immediate scheduling of load operations in a dual-bank cache with dual dispatch into write/read data flow
66 8,195,879 Demand based partitioning of microprocessor caches
67 8,195,876 Adaptation of contentious storage virtualization configurations
68 8,195,867 Controlled shut-down of partitions within a shared memory partition data processing system
69 8,195,827 Obtaining information from different devices in a computer network
70 8,195,822 Substituting content for undesirable content in a web browser
71 8,195,808 Session management technique
72 8,195,806 Managing remote host visibility in a proxy server environment
73 8,195,803 Method and apparatus for modeling and managing quality of service (QoS) in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment
74 8,195,802 Method and system for processing of allocation and deallocation requests in a computing environment
75 8,195,790 Optimization of a message handling system
76 8,195,773 n-Tier configured IMAP server
77 8,195,761 Prefetching web resources based on proxy triggers
78 8,195,759 Performing externally assisted calls in a heterogeneous processing complex
79 8,195,757 Method, apparatus and computer program for controlling retention of publications
80 8,195,752 System for scheduling and transmitting messages
81 8,195,751 Method and apparatus for last message notification
82 8,195,748 Geographical email presentation
83 8,195,747 User identity based instant messaging session monitoring
84 8,195,746 Automatic off-line availability for document content linked in electronic mail messages
85 8,195,745 Automatic download of web content in response to an embedded link in an electronic mail message
86 8,195,728 Handling mask and range constraints
87 8,195,727 Convert significand of decimal floating point data from packed decimal format
88 8,195,724 Providing a virtual binding for a worm storage system on rewritable media
89 8,195,720 Detecting memory leaks
90 8,195,718 Methods and systems for aggregating content in an instant messaging system
91 8,195,705 Hybrid search memory for network processor and computer systems
92 8,195,704 Validation and correction in a distributed namespace
93 8,195,693 Automatic composition of services through semantic attribute matching
94 8,195,692 System and method for managing semantic and syntactic metadata
95 8,195,690 Method and system for constructing XML query to schema variable XML documents
96 8,195,685 Service grouping and allocation method and system
97 8,195,676 System and method of creating and rating items for social interactions
98 8,195,671 Method for distributing services for knowledge management processing
99 8,195,649 Apparatus, system, and method for accessing a database
100 8,195,647 Abstract records
101 8,195,645 Optimized bulk computations in data warehouse environments
102 8,195,642 Partial indexes for multi-node database
103 8,195,633 Enabling interactive integration of network-accessible applications in a content aggregation framework
104 8,195,620 Storage system with improved multiple copy targeting
105 8,195,617 Managing data across a plurality of data storage devices based upon collaboration relevance
106 8,195,615 Using a heartbeat signal to maintain data consistency for writes to source storage copied to target storage
107 8,195,611 Using a sparse file as a clone of a file
108 8,195,608 File synchronization between multiple nodes
109 8,195,607 Fail over resource manager access in a content management system
110 8,195,600 Non-disruptive file system element reconfiguration on disk expansion
111 8,195,589 Apparatus for dynamically determining primary adapter in a heterogeneous N-way adapter configuration
112 8,195,566 Web service interfaces used in providing a billing service
113 8,195,530 Method, system, and program product for customizing educational materials
114 8,195,527 Method and system for evaluating product substitutions along multiple criteria in response to a sales opportunity
115 8,195,525 Method and apparatus upgrade assistance using critical historical product information
116 8,195,502 System, method and program to estimate cost of distributing software
117 8,195,499 Identifying customer behavioral types from a continuous video stream for use in optimizing loss leader merchandizing
118 8,195,492 Systems engineering process
119 8,195,489 Method for computing an enterprise process compliance index
120 8,195,466 Methods and systems for sight impaired wireless capability
121 8,195,406 Estimating consumer status using non-invasive technology
122 8,195,225 Multimode communication terminal and multimode communication implementation method
123 8,195,095 Mitigating audible acknowledgement volume in a vehicle security system
124 8,195,035 Link-based DVR scheduling with conflict resolution
125 8,195,003 Method of correcting digital image distortion caused by a sheet-fed scanner
126 8,194,985 Product identification using image analysis and user interaction
127 8,194,844 Rerouting ongoing telecommunications to a user
128 8,194,840 Teleconference subscription control for agenda subscription tools
129 8,194,830 Method for predicting churners in a telecommunications network
130 8,194,827 Secure voice transaction method and system
131 8,194,678 Providing point to point communications among compute nodes in a global combining network of a parallel computer
132 8,194,661 Autoconfiguration of an IPv6 component in a segmented network
133 8,194,638 Dual network types solution for computer interconnects
134 8,194,553 Network system, traffic balancing method, network monitoring device and host
135 8,194,534 Blade server system with at least one rack-switch having multiple switches interconnected and configured for management and operation as a single virtual switch
136 8,194,489 Paired programmable fuses
137 8,194,406 Apparatus and method with forced coolant vapor movement for facilitating two-phase cooling of an electronic device
138 8,194,342 Equalizer computation in a media system using a data set separator sequence
139 8,194,075 Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic list view of multiply connected objects
140 8,193,911 Controlling radio frequency identification tag signal range
141 8,193,893 Inductor having opening enclosed within conductive line and related method
142 8,193,878 Structure, structure and method for providing an on-chip variable delay transmission line with fixed characteristic impedance
143 8,193,800 Voltage controlled on-chip decoupling capacitance to mitigate power supply noise
144 8,193,575 Flash memory structure with enhanced capacitive coupling coefficient ratio (CCCR) and method for fabrication thereof
145 8,193,563 High power device isolation and integration
146 8,193,524 Nanoelectronic device
147 8,193,099 Protecting exposed metal gate structures from etching processes in integrated circuit manufacturing
148 8,193,067 Integrated circuit and a method using integrated process steps to form deep trench isolation structures and deep trench capacitor structures for the integrated circuit
149 8,193,065 Asymmetric source and drain stressor regions
150 8,193,062 Asymmetric silicon-on-insulator SRAM cell
151 8,193,051 Selective implementation of barrier layers to achieve threshold voltage control in CMOS device fabrication with high-k dielectrics
152 8,193,032 Ultrathin spacer formation for carbon-based FET
153 8,193,009 Apparatus and methods for packaging electronic devices for optical testing
154 8,193,005 MEMS process method for high aspect ratio structures
155 8,191,575 Double poppet quick connect
156 8,191,245 Method of forming a land grid array (LGA) interposer
157 8,191,234 Method of manufacturing a magnetic head with reinforcing islands
158 8,191,217 Complimentary metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors and method of manufacture