IBM patents granted on 05 November 2013

153 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,578,470 Authentication schema for computer security
2 8,578,448 Identifying guests in web meetings
3 8,578,391 System and interface for controlling devices
4 8,578,388 Optimizing the performance of hybrid CPU systems based upon the thread type of applications to be run on the CPUs
5 8,578,383 Intelligent pre-started job affinity for non-uniform memory access computer system
6 8,578,379 Managing memory overload of java virtual machines in web application server systems
7 8,578,377 Accelerator and its method for realizing supporting virtual machine migration
8 8,578,376 Automatically and securely configuring and updating virtual machines
9 8,578,375 Virtual machine administration for data center resource managers
10 8,578,372 Business-in-a-box integration server and integration method
11 8,578,371 Software distribution method and system with automatic prerequisite installation
12 8,578,370 Managing memory in multiple virtual machines
13 8,578,369 Managing memory in multiple virtual machines
14 8,578,353 Tool for analyzing siebel escripts
15 8,578,351 Hybrid mechanism for more efficient emulation and method therefor
16 8,578,346 System and method to validate and repair process flow drawings
17 8,578,342 Fault detection and localization in dynamic software applications requiring user inputs and persistent states
18 8,578,341 System and method to map defect reduction data to organizational maturity profiles for defect projection modeling
19 8,578,335 Apparatus and method to repair an error condition in a device comprising a computer readable medium comprising computer readable code
20 8,578,328 Method for presenting candidate for link target to component in web application, as well as computer program and computer system for the same
21 8,578,324 Variability layer for domain-specific modeling languages
22 8,578,323 Hierarchical program source management
23 8,578,316 Methodologies for automatic 3-D device structure synthesis from circuit layouts for device simulation
24 8,578,315 Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
25 8,578,314 Circuit design with growable capacitor arrays
26 8,578,311 Method and system for optimal diameter bounding of designs with complex feed-forward components
27 8,578,310 Method of measuring the impact of clock skew on slack during a statistical static timing analysis
28 8,578,305 Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive strain and methods of manufacturing and design structure
29 8,578,304 Implementing mulitple mask lithography timing variation mitigation
30 8,578,295 Placement of items in cascading radial menus
31 8,578,281 Inviting temporary participants to a virtual meeting or other communication session for a fixed duration
32 8,578,275 Application recommendation
33 8,578,264 Method and system for providing suggested tags associated with a target web page for manipulation by a user
34 8,578,263 Differential dynamic content delivery with a presenter-alterable session copy of a user profile
35 8,578,246 Data encoding in solid-state storage devices
36 8,578,239 Calculation technique for sum-product decoding method (belief propagation method) based on scaling of input log-likelihood ratio by noise variance
37 8,578,219 Monitoring and verifying a clock state of a chip
38 8,578,217 System and method for virtual machine management
39 8,578,214 Error handling in a virtualized operating system
40 8,578,201 Conversion of timestamps between multiple entities within a computing system
41 8,578,200 Conversion of timestamps between multiple entities within a computing system
42 8,578,196 Zero indication forwarding for floating point unit power reduction
43 8,578,193 Apparatus, method and program product for adaptive real-time power and perfomance optimization of multi-core processors
44 8,578,175 Secure object having protected region, integrity tree, and unprotected region
45 8,578,167 System, apparatus, method, and program product for authenticating communication partner using electronic certificate containing personal information
46 8,578,145 Port throttling across an operating system restart during a hot upgrade
47 8,578,144 Partial hibernation restore for boot time reduction
48 8,578,133 Direct injection of data to be transferred in a hybrid computing environment
49 8,578,132 Direct injection of data to be transferred in a hybrid computing environment
50 8,578,130 Partitioning of node into more than one partition
51 8,578,125 Allocation of storage space for critical data sets
52 8,578,114 Dynamic look-ahead extent migration for tiered storage architectures
53 8,578,113 Data migration methodology for use with arrays of powered-down storage devices
54 8,578,108 Dynamic look-ahead extent migration for tiered storage architectures
55 8,578,107 Extent migration scheduling for multi-tier storage architectures
56 8,578,102 Determining data contents to be loaded into a read-ahead cache in a storage system
57 8,578,101 Calculating read operations and filtering redundant read requests in a storage system
58 8,578,094 Full-stripe-write protocol for maintaining parity coherency in a write-back distributed redundancy data storage system
59 8,578,087 On demand conversion of standard logical volumes to thin-provisioned logical volumes
60 8,578,069 Prefetching for a shared direct memory access (DMA) engine
61 8,578,068 Method of data communications with reduced latency
62 8,578,058 Real-time multi-block lossless recompression
63 8,578,055 Propogation of DNS server IP addresses in a private network
64 8,578,040 Method, system and article for client application control of network transmission loss tolerance
65 8,578,030 Autonomic assignment of communication buffers by aggregating system profiles
66 8,578,029 System, method and computer program product for provisioning of resources and service environments
67 8,578,028 Techniques for provisioning cloud computing environment resources based on social media analysis
68 8,578,016 Non-invasive discovery of relationships between nodes in a network
69 8,577,993 Caching provenance information
70 8,577,981 Preserving a messaging service in a highly available environment
71 8,577,979 Application of system level policy in message oriented middleware
72 8,577,976 Application of system level policy in message oriented middleware
73 8,577,973 Accelerated micro blogging using correlated history and targeted item actions
74 8,577,970 Method, apparatus and computer program for identifying any discrepancies in an email distribution list
75 8,577,952 Combined binary/decimal fixed-point multiplier and method
76 8,577,950 Matrix multiplication operations with data pre-conditioning in a high performance computing architecture
77 8,577,936 Fixup cache tool for object memory compaction in an information handling system
78 8,577,908 Automatic lock management in an abstract database
79 8,577,906 Method for modifying a query by use of an external system for managing assignment of user and data classifications
80 8,577,904 Composite copy and paste for composite user interfaces
81 8,577,903 Sequenced query processing in data processing system
82 8,577,900 Method and apparatus for enhancing webpage browsing
83 8,577,890 Modifying data set name qualifiers
84 8,577,888 Tagging email and providing tag clouds field of the invention
85 8,577,885 Partitioning management of system resources across multiple users
86 8,577,882 Method and system for searching multilingual documents
87 8,577,848 Converting two-tier resource mapping to one-tier resource mapping
88 8,577,840 Replication of data sets
89 8,577,834 Methodologies and analytics tools for locating experts with specific sets of expertise
90 8,577,833 Automated data analysis and transformation
91 8,577,818 Automatic model evolution
92 8,577,816 Optimized seeding of evolutionary algorithm based simulations
93 8,577,806 Method, system, and computer program product for digital verification of collected privacy policies in electronic transactions
94 8,577,713 Method for managing human resources
95 8,577,709 Workflow system, information processor, and method and program for workflow management
96 8,577,688 Alliance business relationship management method and tool
97 8,577,605 Vehicle feedback method and system
98 8,577,497 Moving objects across a surface using a vertically-adjustable low friction transfer module
99 8,577,496 Moving objects across a surface using a vertically-adjustable low friction transfer module
100 8,577,489 Diagnosing in-line critical dimension control adjustments using optical proximity correction verification
101 8,577,109 Systems and methods for automated extraction of measurement information in medical videos
102 8,577,087 Adjusting a consumer experience based on a 3D captured image stream of a consumer response
103 8,577,043 System and service to facilitate encryption in data storage devices
104 8,577,029 Oblivious transfer with hidden access control lists
105 8,577,006 User-defined system-enforced session termination in a unified telephony environment
106 8,576,990 Emergency call localization for IP-based telephony
107 8,576,864 Host ethernet adapter for handling both endpoint and network node communications
108 8,576,861 Method and apparatus for processing packets
109 8,576,853 Two-layer switch apparatus avoiding first layer inter-switch traffic in steering packets through the apparatus
110 8,576,847 Mechanisms for discovering path maximum transmission unit
111 8,576,835 Method and apparatus for providing contextual information with telephone calls
112 8,576,756 Continuous cache service in cellular networks
113 8,576,618 Shared bit line SMT MRAM array with shunting transistors between bit lines
114 8,576,599 Multi-wafer 3D CAM cell
115 8,576,578 Robust power plane configuration in printed circuit boards
116 8,576,526 Reduced current leakage in RC ESD clamps
117 8,576,510 Robust metric computation of longitudinal position (LPOS) data symbol detection
118 8,576,388 Optical differential delay tester
119 8,576,325 Generating still images and video by capture of images projected by light passing through a display screen
120 8,576,234 Simulating animation during slideshow
121 8,576,170 Joystick type computer input device with mouse
122 8,576,123 Method and system for vessel authentication and location validation
123 8,576,106 Analog-digital converter
124 8,576,091 Method and system for processing road sign content
125 8,576,067 Location-based action triggering system and method
126 8,576,066 Managing emergency response services using mobile communication devices
127 8,576,049 Document authentication and identification
128 8,576,022 Tuning a programmable power line filter
129 8,576,000 3D chip stack skew reduction with resonant clock and inductive coupling
130 8,575,964 Inactivity triggered self clocking logic family
131 8,575,905 Dual loop voltage regulator with bias voltage capacitor
132 8,575,718 Programmable electrical fuse
133 8,575,709 High-k dielectric gate structures resistant to oxide growth at the dielectric/silicon substrate interface and methods of manufacture thereof
134 8,575,699 Thin box metal backgate extremely thin SOI device
135 8,575,698 MOSFET with thin semiconductor channel and embedded stressor with enhanced junction isolation
136 8,575,670 Embedded dynamic random access memory device formed in an extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) substrate
137 8,575,668 Charge breakdown avoidance for MIM elements in SOI base technology and method
138 8,575,655 Method and structure for PMOS devices with high K metal gate integration and SiGe channel engineering
139 8,575,613 Implementing vertical signal repeater transistors utilizing wire vias as gate nodes
140 8,575,022 Top corner rounding of damascene wire for insulator crack suppression
141 8,575,009 Two-step hydrogen annealing process for creating uniform non-planar semiconductor devices at aggressive pitch
142 8,575,008 Post-fabrication self-aligned initialization of integrated devices
143 8,575,007 Selective electromigration improvement for high current C4s
144 8,574,982 Implementing eDRAM stacked FET structure
145 8,574,970 Method of forming an extremely thin semiconductor insulator (ETSOI) FET having a stair-shaped raised source/drain
146 8,574,969 CMOS with channel P-FinFET and channel N-FinFET having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
147 8,574,953 Low temperature melt-processing of organic-inorganic hybrid
148 8,574,950 Electrically contactable grids manufacture
149 8,574,946 Multi-element packaging of concentrator photovoltaic cells
150 8,574,894 Molecular dispensers
151 8,574,815 Patterning nano-scale patterns on a film comprising unzipping copolymers
152 8,574,680 Materials and methods for immobilization of catalysts on surfaces and for selective electroless metallization
153 8,572,840 Method of attaching an electronic module power supply