IBM patents granted on 05 October 2010

129 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,810,150 Visualization of firewall rules in an auto provisioning environment
2 7,810,142 Auditing compliance with a hippocratic database
3 7,810,135 Apparatus for adopting authorizations
4 7,810,132 Application server object-level security for distributed computing domains
5 7,810,108 Apparatus, system, and method for supporting service components written in non-native runtime code in a service component architecture
6 7,810,099 Optimizing workflow execution against a heterogeneous grid computing topology
7 7,810,098 Allocating resources across multiple nodes in a hierarchical data processing system according to a decentralized policy
8 7,810,087 Method and apparatus for inserting code fixes into applications at runtime
9 7,810,081 Compilation error isolation, optimization and resolution
10 7,810,078 System and method for constructing computer application flows with specializations for targets
11 7,810,076 Method and system for scaling standalone applications to be executed as internet applications
12 7,810,073 Method of translating n to n instructions employing an enhanced extended translation facility
13 7,810,072 Exception thrower
14 7,810,065 System and method for implementing optimized creation of openings for de-gassing in an electronic package
15 7,810,064 Systems, methods and computer products for traversing schematic hierarchy using a scrolling mechanism
16 7,810,062 Method for eliminating negative slack in a netlist via transformation and slack categorization
17 7,810,060 Critical area computation of composite fault mechanisms using Voronoi diagrams
18 7,810,054 Method of optimizing power usage of an integrated circuit design by tuning selective voltage binning cut point
19 7,810,038 Method for modifying a GUI for an application
20 7,810,033 Methods and systems involving text analysis
21 7,810,032 System and method for performing over time statistics in an electronic spreadsheet environment
22 7,810,031 Email generation method and system
23 7,810,029 Method and system for identifying relationships between text documents and structured variables pertaining to the text documents
24 7,810,000 Circuit timing monitor having a selectable-path ring oscillator
25 7,809,993 Apparatus, system, and method for receiving digital instructions at devices sharing an identity
26 7,809,974 Circuit to reduce power supply fluctuations in high frequency/high power circuits
27 7,809,970 System and method for providing a high-speed message passing interface for barrier operations in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
28 7,809,968 Method and system for managing ecosystem sleep
29 7,809,958 Method for guaranteeing freshness of results for queries against a non-secure data store
30 7,809,948 Cellular telephone device having authenticating capability
31 7,809,933 System and method for optimizing branch logic for handling hard to predict indirect branches
32 7,809,929 Universal register rename mechanism for instructions with multiple targets in a microprocessor
33 7,809,925 Processing unit incorporating vectorizable execution unit
34 7,809,924 System for generating effective address
35 7,809,922 Translation lookaside buffer snooping within memory coherent system
36 7,809,921 Method and apparatus for translating a virtual address to a real address using blocks of contiguous page table entries
37 7,809,917 Virtual incremental storage apparatus method and system
38 7,809,915 Handling multi-rank pools and varying degrees of control in volume allocation on storage controllers
39 7,809,913 Memory chip for high capacity memory subsystem supporting multiple speed bus
40 7,809,911 Write protection of subroutine return addresses
41 7,809,896 Efficient sharing of memory between applications running under different operating systems on a shared hardware system
42 7,809,894 Compare, swap and store facility with no external serialization
43 7,809,879 Method and apparatus for providing stream linking in audio/video disk media
44 7,809,874 Method for resource sharing in a multiple pipeline environment
45 7,809,869 Throttling a point-to-point, serial input/output expansion subsystem within a computing system
46 7,809,865 Apparatus and method to set a communication speed for a SAS/SATA distance extender
47 7,809,850 Digital content delivery system, digital content delivery method, program for executing the method, computer readable recording medium storing thereon the program, and server and client for it
48 7,809,838 Managing concurrent data updates in a composite services delivery system
49 7,809,833 Asymmetric dynamic server clustering with inter-cluster workload balancing
50 7,809,831 Method for provisioning resources
51 7,809,828 Method for maintaining state consistency among multiple state-driven file system entities when entities become disconnected
52 7,809,825 Dissolving network resource monitor
53 7,809,821 Trust evaluation
54 7,809,819 Policy-based packet classification
55 7,809,810 Network and method for the configuration thereof
56 7,809,808 Method, system, and program product for analyzing a scalability of an application server
57 7,809,794 Method and system for notification of electronic message reply requirements
58 7,809,757 XML based object-relationship mapping for different object type
59 7,809,754 Method and computer program product for generating a lightweight ontological data model
60 7,809,749 High run-time performance system
61 7,809,744 Method and system for approximate string matching
62 7,809,743 Computer program product and system for merging topically related e-mail in a collaborative work environment
63 7,809,739 Application configuration in distributed storage systems
64 7,809,734 System and method for transcoding digital content
65 7,809,730 Method and system for creating database profiling indices
66 7,809,720 Optimization-based data content determination
67 7,809,716 Method and apparatus for establishing relationship between documents
68 7,809,711 System and method for semantic analysis of intelligent device discovery
69 7,809,708 Information search using knowledge agents
70 7,809,703 Usage of development context in search operations
71 7,809,702 Generating from application modifications commands to modify the objects in a repository
72 7,809,698 System and method remapping identifiers to secure files
73 7,809,694 Analysis of performance data from a relational database system for applications using stored procedures or SQL
74 7,809,689 System and method for on-demand integrated archive repository
75 7,809,666 Method and system for sequential compilation and execution of rules
76 7,809,660 System and method to optimize control cohorts using clustering algorithms
77 7,809,647 Processing system for recording media content
78 7,809,598 Computer-implemented method, tool, and program product for scheduling an information technology (IT) migration
79 7,809,587 Rapid business support of insured property using image analysis
80 7,809,564 Voice based keyword search algorithm
81 7,809,552 Instance-based sentence boundary determination by optimization
82 7,809,543 Method, apparatus and computer program product for electrical package modeling
83 7,809,542 System and method for glitch analysis in circuits
84 7,809,525 Automatic configuration of robotic transaction playback through analysis of previously collected traffic patterns
85 7,809,456 System and process for supply management for the assembly of expensive products
86 7,809,360 Optimization of calendar, itinerary, route plan, and PIM efficiencies according to assimilated wireless service availability conditions
87 7,809,340 Apparatus for implementing enhanced hand shake protocol in microelectronic communication systems
88 7,809,213 Black white image compression having print density control
89 7,809,142 Data scrambling and encryption of database tables
90 7,809,054 One-sample-per-bit decision feedback equalizer (DFE) clock and data recovery
91 7,809,008 Methods and apparatus for routing packets
92 7,809,004 Data processing system and processing unit having an address-based launch governor
93 7,808,975 System and method for history driven optimization of web services communication
94 7,808,897 Fast network security utilizing intrusion prevention systems
95 7,808,896 Data path-based service deployment in hierarchical networks
96 7,808,894 Managing bursts of traffic in such a manner as to improve the effective utilization of session servers
97 7,808,856 Method to reduce leakage of a SRAM-array
98 7,808,798 Versatile Si-based packaging with integrated passive components for mmWave applications
99 7,808,790 Fastening apparatus
100 7,808,783 Multiple chip module cooling system and method of operation thereof
101 7,808,781 Apparatus and methods for high-performance liquid cooling of multiple chips with disparate cooling requirements
102 7,808,780 Variable flow computer cooling system for a data center and method of operation
103 7,808,709 Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
104 7,808,704 Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
105 7,808,657 Wafer and stage alignment using photonic devices
106 7,808,500 Method for improving spatial index efficiency by jittering splitting planes
107 7,808,388 Security system for inventory
108 7,808,268 Time based driver output transition (slew) rate compensation
109 7,808,257 Ionization test for electrical verification
110 7,808,099 Liquid thermal interface having mixture of linearly structured polymer doped crosslinked networks and related method
111 7,808,082 Structure and method for dual surface orientations for CMOS transistors
112 7,808,081 Strained-silicon CMOS device and method
113 7,808,039 SOI transistor with merged lateral bipolar transistor
114 7,808,028 Trench structure and method of forming trench structure
115 7,808,020 Self-assembled sidewall spacer
116 7,807,570 Local metallization and use thereof in semiconductor devices
117 7,807,562 Dendrite growth control circuit
118 7,807,526 Method of fabricating high-density, trench-based non-volatile random access SONOS memory cells for SOC applications
119 7,807,525 Low power circuit structure with metal gate and high-k dielectric
120 7,807,340 Photoresists for visible light imaging
121 7,807,335 Immersion lithography contamination gettering layer
122 7,807,332 Underlayer compositions containing heterocyclic aromatic structures
123 7,807,218 High performance magnetic tunnel barriers with amorphous materials
124 7,807,036 Method and system for pad conditioning in an ECMP process
125 7,806,341 Structure for implementing secure multichip modules for encryption applications
126 7,806,312 Method and apparatus for removing known good die
127 7,806,310 Method and apparatus for remotely activating destruction of a glass window
128 7,806,072 Mercury release alerting
129 7,806,008 Sample analysis using cantilever probe