IBM patents granted on 06 August 2013

21 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,505,032 Operating system notification of actions to be taken responsive to adapter events
2 8,504,991 Cross-browser testing of a web application
3 8,504,971 Method and device for selectively adding timing margin in an integrated circuit
4 8,504,875 Debugging module to load error decoding logic from firmware and to execute logic in response to an error
5 8,504,779 Memory coherence directory supporting remotely sourced requests of nodal scope
6 8,504,754 Identification of types of sources of adapter interruptions
7 8,504,732 Administering connection identifiers for collective operations in a parallel computer
8 8,504,730 Administering connection identifiers for collective operations in a parallel computer
9 8,504,660 Validation of the configuration of a data communications network using a virtual network operations center
10 8,504,644 Configurable continuous web service invocation on pervasive device
11 8,504,506 Systems and methods for modeling and analyzing solution requirements and assets
12 8,504,400 Dynamically optimized distributed cloud computing-based business process management (BPM) system
13 8,504,398 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a reusable new product planning model
14 8,503,980 Providing location-based services in an ad hoc environment
15 8,503,652 Telephone conference call management
16 8,503,622 Selectively retrieving VoIP messages
17 8,503,298 Applying quality aware volume reduction to communication networks
18 8,503,140 Bi-directional back-to-back stacked SCR for high-voltage pin ESD protection, methods of manufacture and design structures
19 8,502,618 Measurement and control of electromagnetic interference
20 8,502,347 Bipolar junction transistor with epitaxial contacts
21 8,502,325 Metal high-K transistor having silicon sidewalls for reduced parasitic capacitance