IBM patents granted on 06 December 2011

29 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,074,225 Assuring recovery of temporary resources in a logically partitioned computer system
2 8,074,223 Permanently activating resources based on previous temporary resource usage
3 8,074,218 Method and system for constructing virtual resources
4 8,074,202 WIKI application development tool that uses specialized blogs to publish WIKI development content in an organized/searchable fashion
5 8,074,200 Method and system for providing tooling instructions through parameterization as an aid for software application development
6 8,074,179 User interface including question verification indicators
7 8,074,171 System and method to provide warnings associated with natural language searches to determine intended actions and accidental omissions
8 8,074,121 Automated information technology error and service request correlation
9 8,074,069 Reading a locked windows NFTS EFS encrypted computer file
10 8,074,047 System and method for content replication detection and elimination in main memory
11 8,074,041 Apparatus, system, and method for managing storage space allocation
12 8,074,020 On-line volume coalesce operation to enable on-line storage subsystem volume consolidation
13 8,073,993 Management of redundant physical data paths in a computing system
14 8,073,887 Representational state transfer (REST) service import editor
15 8,073,875 Managing deleted directory entries
16 8,073,857 Semantics-based data transformation over a wire in mashups
17 8,073,796 Obtaining a value via a rule engine implemented by a collection object
18 8,073,793 Determining a common social context
19 8,073,786 Calculating relationship strengths between users of a computerized network
20 8,073,748 Inventory management method and program product
21 8,073,729 Forecasting discovery costs based on interpolation of historic event patterns
22 8,073,697 Establishing a multimodal personality for a multimodal application
23 8,073,669 Method and apparatus for detecting clock gating opportunities in a pipelined electronic circuit design
24 8,073,668 Method and apparatus for testing a full system integrated circuit design by statistical fault injection using hardware-based simulation
25 8,073,288 Rendering a mask using coarse mask representation
26 8,073,112 Method and system to manage multiple IVRs
27 8,072,972 Configurable hardware scheduler calendar search algorithm
28 8,072,704 Energy-saving operation of a storage device
29 8,070,601 SIP based VoIP multiplayer network games