IBM patents granted on 06 January 2015

256 US patents granted on 06 January 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,931,109 Context-based security screening for accessing data
2 8,931,103 Generating security permissions
3 8,931,102 Testing web applications for file upload vulnerabilities
4 8,931,101 Application-level anomaly detection
5 8,931,099 System, method and program for identifying and preventing malicious intrusions
6 8,931,096 Detecting malicious use of computer resources by tasks running on a computer system
7 8,931,081 Device identification for externalizing password from device coupled with user control of external password service
8 8,931,076 Secure route discovery node and policing mechanism
9 8,931,075 Secure route discovery node and policing mechanism
10 8,931,070 Authentication using three-dimensional structure
11 8,931,054 Secure access to shared storage resources
12 8,931,048 Data system forensics system and method
13 8,930,967 Shared versioned workload partitions
14 8,930,963 Processing operator message commands
15 8,930,962 Processing unexpected messages at a compute node of a parallel computer
16 8,930,957 System, method and program product for cost-aware selection of stored virtual machine images for subsequent use
17 8,930,956 Utilizing a kernel administration hardware thread of a multi-threaded, multi-core compute node of a parallel computer
18 8,930,955 Controlling growth in virtual disks via utilization of previously used and free disk block space
19 8,930,954 Scheduling parallel data tasks
20 8,930,953 Dynamic checking of hardware resources for virtual environments
21 8,930,952 Efficient lock hand-off in a symmetric multiprocessing system
22 8,930,950 Management of migrating threads within a computing environment to transform multiple threading mode processors to single thread mode processors
23 8,930,949 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for solution provisioning
24 8,930,939 Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility of product with system
25 8,930,936 Loading remote binaries onto a write-protected device
26 8,930,930 Updating a computer system
27 8,930,927 Diagnosing aliasing violations in a partial program view
28 8,930,923 Generating debugging extension source code utilizing debugging information
29 8,930,921 Compilation and placement of instructions in a memory system
30 8,930,914 System and method for documenting application executions
31 8,930,906 Selectively allowing changes to a system
32 8,930,904 Verification of hardware configuration
33 8,930,903 Determining deltas in a spatial locality of a function call graph in a source controlled system
34 8,930,902 Automatic selection of lowest configuration feature level by functionality exploited
35 8,930,901 Automatic selection of lowest configuration feature level by functionality exploited
36 8,930,900 Artifact divider for large scale application builds
37 8,930,899 Artifact divider for large scale application builds
38 8,930,893 Initialization safety
39 8,930,890 Software model skinning
40 8,930,888 Modelling serialized object streams
41 8,930,884 Efficient extraction of software dependencies from program code
42 8,930,883 Life cycle of a work packet in a software factory
43 8,930,875 Estimating power supply of a 3D IC
44 8,930,873 Creating regional routing blockages in integrated circuit design
45 8,930,871 Methodology on developing metal fill as library device
46 8,930,870 Optimized buffer placement based on timing and capacitance assertions
47 8,930,867 Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
48 8,930,864 Method of sharing and re-using timing models in a chip across multiple voltage domains
49 8,930,826 Efficiently sharing user selected information with a set of determined recipients
50 8,930,825 Graphically indicating relevancy of electronic messages
51 8,930,818 Visualization of website analytics
52 8,930,810 User interface (UI) color scheme generation and management according to visual consistency of visual attributes in the color scheme
53 8,930,808 Processing rich text data for storing as legacy data records in a data storage system
54 8,930,807 Web content management based on timeliness metadata
55 8,930,803 Detecting codewords in solid-state storage devices
56 8,930,798 Data encoding in solid state storage devices
57 8,930,776 Implementing DRAM command timing adjustments to alleviate DRAM failures
58 8,930,775 Preventing disturbance induced failure in a computer system
59 8,930,769 Managing operating system deployment failure
60 8,930,761 Test case result processing
61 8,930,760 Validating cache coherency protocol within a processor
62 8,930,759 Stream generation
63 8,930,756 Grouping related errors in a distributed computing environment
64 8,930,752 Scheduler for multiprocessor system switch with selective pairing
65 8,930,750 Systems and methods for preventing data loss
66 8,930,749 Systems and methods for preventing data loss
67 8,930,744 Maximizing use of storage in a data replication environment
68 8,930,743 Preventing cascade failures in computer systems
69 8,930,716 Address translation unit, device and method for remote direct memory access of a memory
70 8,930,715 Address translation unit, device and method for remote direct memory access of a memory
71 8,930,709 Method and apparatus for sequential authentication using one or more error rates characterizing each security challenge
72 8,930,703 Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling the disclosure time of information
73 8,930,686 Deduplication of encrypted data
74 8,930,685 Deployment of a software image on multiple targets with streaming technique
75 8,930,680 Sync-ID for multiple concurrent sync dependencies in an out-of-order store queue
76 8,930,677 Computer operation control method, program, and system
77 8,930,673 Load page table entry address instruction execution based on an address translation format control field
78 8,930,670 Partition redispatching using page tracking
79 8,930,667 Controlling the placement of data in a storage system
80 8,930,662 Management of multiple software images with shared memory blocks
81 8,930,646 Characterization and optimization of tracks on disks
82 8,930,635 Page invalidation processing with setting of storage key to predefined value
83 8,930,633 Reducing read latency using a pool of processing cores
84 8,930,631 Efficient management of computer memory using memory page associations and memory
85 8,930,629 Data cache block deallocate requests in a multi-level cache hierarchy
86 8,930,628 Managing in-line store throughput reduction
87 8,930,627 Mitigating conflicts for shared cache lines
88 8,930,625 Weighted history allocation predictor algorithm in a hybrid cache
89 8,930,624 Adaptive cache promotions in a two level caching system
90 8,930,622 Multi-level data protection for flash memory system
91 8,930,617 Autonomic reclamation processing for tapes
92 8,930,616 System refresh in cache memory
93 8,930,603 Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues
94 8,930,596 Concurrent array-based queue
95 8,930,589 System, method and computer program product for monitoring memory access
96 8,930,554 Transferring session data between network applications accessible via different DNS domains
97 8,930,553 Managing mid-dialog session initiation protocol (SIP) messages
98 8,930,550 Selectable non-interactive entity application proxy method and system
99 8,930,543 Dynamically building a set of compute nodes to host the user’s workload
100 8,930,542 Dynamically building a set of compute nodes to host the user’s workload
101 8,930,541 System, method and program product for cost-aware selection of templates for provisioning shared resources
102 8,930,537 Zoning of devices in a storage area network with LUN masking/mapping
103 8,930,526 Processing network events
104 8,930,523 Stateful business application processing in an otherwise stateless service-oriented architecture
105 8,930,521 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enabling monitoring of a resource
106 8,930,509 Real-time feedback for policies for computing system management
107 8,930,507 Physical memory shared among logical partitions in a VLAN
108 8,930,499 Data replication between software versions
109 8,930,493 Inter-domain replication of service information
110 8,930,479 Processing cellular telephone subscription for E-mail threads
111 8,930,457 Proximity initiated co-browsing sessions
112 8,930,448 Network-aware structured content downloads
113 8,930,445 Method of autonomic representative selection in local area networks
114 8,930,440 Systems and methods for enabling mobile mashups
115 8,930,432 Floating point execution unit with fixed point functionality
116 8,930,431 Parallel computation of a remainder by division of a sequence of bytes
117 8,930,425 Data integration in service oriented architectures
118 8,930,419 Write instruction datasource for database write procedure
119 8,930,418 Interoperability format translation and transformation between IFC architectural design file and simulation file formats
120 8,930,413 Dynamic structure for a multi-tenant database
121 8,930,410 Query transformation for masking data within database objects
122 8,930,408 Attribute-based linked tries for rule evaluation
123 8,930,401 Accessing and providing access to computer files over a computer network
124 8,930,389 Mutual search and alert between structured and unstructured data stores
125 8,930,382 High performance secure data access in a parallel processing system
126 8,930,379 Merging distributed mail into a unified folder view
127 8,930,373 Searching with exclusion tokens
128 8,930,372 Search engine, search system, search method, and search program product
129 8,930,368 Categorizing data to perform access control
130 8,930,355 System and method for reflective searching of previous search results
131 8,930,353 System and method for reflective searching of previous search results
132 8,930,347 Intermediate result set caching for a database system
133 8,930,346 Symbolic-link identifying
134 8,930,345 Query optimization in a parallel computer system to reduce network traffic
135 8,930,329 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
136 8,930,326 Generating and utilizing a data fingerprint to enable analysis of previously available data
137 8,930,325 Generating and utilizing a data fingerprint to enable analysis of previously available data
138 8,930,323 Transaction processing system, method, and program
139 8,930,303 Discovering pivot type relationships between database objects
140 8,930,298 Rules engine ecosystem developed with an object cache framework
141 8,930,290 Adaptive cognitive support system
142 8,930,287 Dynamic training for tagging computer code
143 8,930,285 Composite production rules
144 8,930,283 Dynamically controlling a computer’s display
145 8,930,278 Method and system of preserving purchased on-demand transportation entertainment services across different journey segments or separate trips
146 8,930,238 Pervasive symbiotic advertising system and methods therefor
147 8,930,223 Patient cohort matching
148 8,930,185 Speech feature extraction apparatus, speech feature extraction method, and speech feature extraction program
149 8,930,182 Voice transformation with encoded information
150 8,930,171 Method of modeling spatial correlations among integrated circuits with randomly generated spatial frequencies
151 8,930,150 Leak detection in a fluid distribution network
152 8,930,142 Route selection system, method and program
153 8,930,124 Dynamic speed limit generation
154 8,930,123 Systems and methods for determining traffic intensity using information obtained through crowdsourcing
155 8,929,867 Automated electronic messaging to a person with whom another form of communication is exchanged
156 8,929,864 Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
157 8,929,807 Transmission of broadcasts based on recipient location
158 8,929,659 Adaptively assessing object relevance based on dynamic user properties
159 8,929,650 Image color correction
160 8,929,596 Surveillance including a modified video data stream
161 8,929,585 Hazard detection for asset management
162 8,929,553 Using identifier tags and authenticity certificates for detecting counterfeited or stolen brand objects
163 8,929,548 Providing secured communication connections using a secured communication connection object
164 8,929,529 Managing voice collision in multi-party communications
165 8,929,526 Methods for retrieving content in a unified communications environment
166 8,929,519 Analyzing speech application performance
167 8,929,428 Feed-forward equalization in a receiver
168 8,929,361 Switch discovery protocol for a distributed fabric system
169 8,929,292 Mobility support in a mobile data network
170 8,929,253 Virtual switching ports on high-bandwidth links
171 8,929,251 Selecting a master processor from an ambiguous peer group
172 8,929,242 Mobility support in a mobile data network
173 8,929,213 Buffer occupancy based random sampling for congestion management
174 8,929,133 Complementary SOI lateral bipolar for SRAM in a CMOS platform
175 8,929,116 Two phase search content addressable memory with power-gated main-search
176 8,929,086 Gel package structural enhancement of compression system board connections
177 8,929,080 Immersion-cooling of selected electronic component(s) mounted to printed circuit board
178 8,929,064 Carrier, host, and method of assembling the host
179 8,929,040 ESD protection device for SST transmitter
180 8,929,039 Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) clamp including metal insulator transition (MIT) resistor
181 8,929,023 Inventory management for automated data storage libraries
182 8,929,020 Linear recording device for executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands and method and program thereof
183 8,929,015 Data writing method and program for tape drive
184 8,929,014 Tape header protection scheme for use in a tape storage subsystem
185 8,928,776 Camera resolution modification based on intended printing location
186 8,928,665 Supporting recursive dynamic provenance annotations over data graphs
187 8,928,435 Electromechanical switch device and method of operating the same
188 8,928,418 Compensating for process variation in integrated circuit fabrication
189 8,928,384 Programmable delay generator and cascaded interpolator
190 8,928,350 Programming the behavior of individual chips or strata in a 3D stack of integrated circuits
191 8,928,295 Reconfigurable switched-capacitor voltage converter circuit, integrated circuit (IC) chip including the circuit and method of switching voltage on chip
192 8,928,145 Formation of alpha particle shields in chip packaging
193 8,928,124 High aspect ratio and reduced undercut trench etch process for a semiconductor substrate
194 8,928,100 Spin transfer torque cell for magnetic random access memory
195 8,928,096 Buried-channel field-effect transistors
196 8,928,091 Field-effect-transistor with self-aligned diffusion contact
197 8,928,090 Self-aligned contact structure for replacement metal gate
198 8,928,086 Strained finFET with an electrically isolated channel
199 8,928,083 Diode structure and method for FINFET technologies
200 8,928,067 Bulk fin-field effect transistors with well defined isolation
201 8,928,064 Gate stack of boron semiconductor alloy, polysilicon and high-K gate dielectric for low voltage applications
202 8,928,057 Uniform finFET gate height
203 8,928,051 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) device with locally thickened gate oxide
204 8,927,989 Voltage contrast inspection of deep trench isolation
205 8,927,988 Self-sealed fluidic channels for a nanopore array
206 8,927,968 Accurate control of distance between suspended semiconductor nanowires and substrate surface
207 8,927,879 Crosstalk reduction between signal layers in a multilayered package by variable-width mesh plane structures
208 8,927,869 Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
209 8,927,857 Silicon: hydrogen photovoltaic devices, such as solar cells, having reduced light induced degradation and method of making such devices
210 8,927,442 SiCOH hardmask with graded transition layers
211 8,927,432 Continuously scalable width and height semiconductor fins
212 8,927,431 High-rate chemical vapor etch of silicon substrates
213 8,927,430 Overburden removal for pore fill integration approach
214 8,927,427 Anticipatory implant for TSV
215 8,927,425 Self-aligned patterning technique for semiconductor device features
216 8,927,424 Self-aligned patterning technique for semiconductor device features
217 8,927,422 Raised silicide contact
218 8,927,421 Interconnect structures and methods of manufacturing of interconnect structures
219 8,927,411 System and method for forming an aluminum fuse for compatibility with copper BEOL interconnect scheme
220 8,927,409 High-k transistors with low threshold voltage
221 8,927,408 Self-aligned contact employing a dielectric metal oxide spacer
222 8,927,405 Accurate control of distance between suspended semiconductor nanowires and substrate surface
223 8,927,399 Localized implant into active region for enhanced stress
224 8,927,398 Group III nitrides on nanopatterned substrates
225 8,927,397 Diode structure and method for gate all around silicon nanowire technologies
226 8,927,387 Robust isolation for thin-box ETSOI MOSFETS
227 8,927,381 Self-aligned bipolar junction transistors
228 8,927,380 SOI bipolar junction transistor with substrate bias voltages
229 8,927,379 Method to bridge extrinsic and intrinsic base by selective epitaxy in BiCMOS technology
230 8,927,378 Trench silicide contact with low interface resistance
231 8,927,375 Forming silicon-carbon embedded source/drain junctions with high substitutional carbon level
232 8,927,365 Method of eDRAM DT strap formation in FinFET device structure
233 8,927,364 Structure and method of high-performance extremely thin silicon on insulator complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor transistors with dual stress buried insulators
234 8,927,363 Integrating channel SiGe into pFET structures
235 8,927,361 High threshold voltage NMOS transistors for low power IC technology
236 8,927,357 Junction field-effect transistor with raised source and drain regions formed by selective epitaxy
237 8,927,338 Flexible, stretchable electronic devices
238 8,927,336 Packaging structure
239 8,927,334 Overcoming chip warping to enhance wetting of solder bumps and flip chip attaches in a flip chip package
240 8,927,323 Interdigitated back contact heterojunction photovoltaic device
241 8,927,318 Spalling methods to form multi-junction photovoltaic structure
242 8,927,312 Method of fabricating MEMS transistors on far back end of line
243 8,927,301 Spin-torque based memory device with read and write current paths modulated with a non-linear shunt resistor
244 8,927,198 Method to print contact holes at high resolution
245 8,927,087 Bonding of substrates including metal-dielectric patterns with metal raised above dielectric and structures so formed
246 8,927,057 Graphene formation utilizing solid phase carbon sources
247 8,926,998 Polycarbonates bearing pendant primary amines for medical applications
248 8,926,820 Working electrode design for electrochemical processing of electronic components
249 8,926,805 Method and apparatus for electroplating on SOI and bulk semiconductor wafers
250 8,926,476 Routine-based management of exercise equipment access
251 8,926,197 Method for fabricating an electro-optical assembly
252 8,925,816 Multi-chip card
253 8,925,339 Cooling system control and servicing based on time-based variation of an operational variable
254 8,925,333 Thermoelectric-enhanced air and liquid cooling of an electronic system
255 8,925,183 Methods for fabricating an electromechanical switch
256 8,925,170 Method for removing an electronic component from a substrate