IBM patents granted on 06 March 2012

174 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,132,259 System and method for security planning with soft security constraints
2 8,132,244 Mobile smartcard based authentication
3 8,132,235 Method, system, and computer program product for providing e-token based access control for virtual world spaces
4 8,132,231 Managing user access entitlements to information technology resources
5 8,132,229 Governing the transfer of physiological and emotional user data
6 8,132,227 Data management in a computer system
7 8,132,190 Predictive method for managing logging or replaying non-deterministic operations within the execution of an application process
8 8,132,188 Method and system for extension registry filtering
9 8,132,185 Device, system, and method of classifying a workload of a software service
10 8,132,183 Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic categorized event cool off for CIM indications
11 8,132,182 Parallel processing of triggering rules in SIP event notification filters
12 8,132,180 Systems, methods and computer programs for determining dependencies between logical components in a data processing system or network
13 8,132,178 System and method for delayed priority boost
14 8,132,170 Call stack sampling in a data processing system
15 8,132,169 System and method for dynamically partitioning an application across multiple processing elements in a heterogeneous processing environment
16 8,132,163 Method and apparatus for automatic second-order predictive commoning
17 8,132,162 Runtime machine analysis of applications to select methods suitable for method level caching
18 8,132,160 Managing breakpoints in a multi-threaded environment
19 8,132,157 Method of automatic regression testing
20 8,132,154 Displaying comment statistics information
21 8,132,150 Automatic customization of classes
22 8,132,136 Dynamic critical path detector for digital logic circuit paths
23 8,132,134 Closed-loop 1.times.N VLSI design system
24 8,132,133 Automated isolation of logic and macro blocks in chip design testing
25 8,132,131 Design structure including failing address register and compare logic for multi-pass repair of memory arrays
26 8,132,129 Method for computing the sensitivity of a VLSI design to both random and systematic defects using a critical area analysis tool
27 8,132,109 Webpage magnifier/formatter using CSS properties and cursor/mouse location
28 8,132,099 Method for obtaining accessibility information, computer program and accessibility information device
29 8,132,092 Automated management of internet and/or web site content
30 8,132,090 Dynamic creation of symptom databases from social bookmarks
31 8,132,057 Automated transition to a recovery kernel via firmware-assisted-dump flows providing automated operating system diagnosis and repair
32 8,132,056 Dynamic functional testing coverage based on failure dependency graph
33 8,132,055 Operating system-firmware interface update recovery
34 8,132,054 Self-adaptive solution for determining the waiting time on page loading
35 8,132,051 Method and system for sampling input data
36 8,132,050 Providing removable storage management services using removable storage error information
37 8,132,048 Systems and methods to efficiently schedule commands at a memory controller
38 8,132,047 Restoring application upgrades using an application restore point
39 8,132,046 Synchronizing replicas of a database
40 8,132,038 System and method for calibrating a time of day (TOD) clock in a computing system node provided in a multi-node network
41 8,132,036 Reducing latency in data transfer between asynchronous clock domains
42 8,132,031 Power adjustment based on completion times in a parallel computing system
43 8,131,983 Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for timeout waits on locks
44 8,131,982 Branch prediction instructions having mask values involving unloading and loading branch history data
45 8,131,980 Structure for dynamic livelock resolution with variable delay memory access queue
46 8,131,976 Tracking effective addresses in an out-of-order processor
47 8,131,974 Access speculation predictor implemented via idle command processing resources
48 8,131,972 Method and apparatus for improving memory coalescing in a virtualized hardware environment
49 8,131,967 Asynchronous data interface
50 8,131,966 System and method for storage structure reorganization
51 8,131,957 Splitting writes between a storage controller and replication engine
52 8,131,953 Tracking store ordering hazards in an out-of-order store queue
53 8,131,945 Disowning cache entries on aging out of the entry
54 8,131,943 Structure for dynamic initial cache line coherency state assignment in multi-processor systems
55 8,131,939 Distributed shared I/O cache subsystem
56 8,131,938 Adaptive mechanisms and methods for supplying volatile data copies in multiprocessor systems
57 8,131,937 Apparatus and method for improved data persistence within a multi-node system
58 8,131,936 Method and apparatus for implementing a combined data/coherency cache
59 8,131,935 Virtual barrier synchronization cache
60 8,131,934 Extract cache attribute facility and instruction therefore
61 8,131,925 Runtime machine supported method level caching
62 8,131,910 System and article of manufacture for device selection
63 8,131,906 Voltage indicator signal generation system and method
64 8,131,902 Determining orientation of blade server inserted into a blade chassis
65 8,131,894 Method and system for a sharing buffer
66 8,131,891 Updating I/O capability of a logically-partitioned computer system
67 8,131,881 Completion coalescing by TCP receiver
68 8,131,878 Selective disruption of data transmission to sub-networks within a processing unit network
69 8,131,872 Affinity-based transaction processing
70 8,131,862 Integration of SS7 with an application server
71 8,131,843 Adaptive computing using probabilistic measurements
72 8,131,833 Managing communication between nodes in a virtual network
73 8,131,818 Optimizing caching period of location data for network based location services
74 8,131,808 Apparatus and method for detecting characteristics of electronic mail message
75 8,131,806 Automatic email consolidation for multiple participants
76 8,131,801 Automated social networking based upon meeting introductions
77 8,131,800 Attribute visualization of attendees to an electronic meeting
78 8,131,796 Recoverable return code tracking and notification for autonomic systems
79 8,131,795 High speed adder design for a multiply-add based floating point unit
80 8,131,787 Information, transformation and reverse transformation processing
81 8,131,776 Automated migration of translation maps for use in exchanging documents between entities
82 8,131,771 Method and computer program product for dynamic weighting of an ontological data model
83 8,131,746 Dynamic language checking
84 8,131,744 Well organized query result sets
85 8,131,740 User-specific search indexing within a virtual environment
86 8,131,738 Search engine service utilizing hash algorithms
87 8,131,729 System and method for best-fit lookup of multi-field key
88 8,131,728 Processing large sized relationship-specifying markup language documents
89 8,131,727 Preserving relationships of mapped views in an object model
90 8,131,726 Generic architecture for indexing document groups in an inverted text index
91 8,131,719 Systems and methods for utilizing organization-specific classification codes
92 8,131,709 Mechanism for providing efficient access to redundant number representations
93 8,131,706 Dynamic binding of portlets
94 8,131,698 Method for coordinating updates to database and in-memory cache
95 8,131,687 File system with internal deduplication and management of data blocks
96 8,131,677 System and method for effecting information governance
97 8,131,673 Background file sharing in a segmented peer-to-peer file sharing network
98 8,131,671 Uninterrupted data access during the migration of data between physical file systems
99 8,131,669 Management of redundant objects in storage systems
100 8,131,664 Row-level security in a relational database management system
101 8,131,638 System and method for assessing operational risk employing market-based information processing
102 8,131,611 Statistics based method for neutralizing financial impact of click fraud
103 8,131,606 Model, design rules and system for asset composition and usage
104 8,131,600 Comparison shopping via financial management software
105 8,131,576 Method and system for identifying conflicting constraints in mixed integer programs
106 8,131,539 Search-based word segmentation method and device for language without word boundary tag
107 8,131,537 Apparatus and method for morphological analysis
108 8,131,533 Reporting model generation within a multidimensional enterprise software system
109 8,131,472 Methods for hierarchical organization of data associated with medical events in databases
110 8,131,314 Socially based station navigation
111 8,131,268 Managing wireless transmissions upon unintentional disconnection of service
112 8,131,225 BIAS voltage generation circuit for an SOI radio frequency switch
113 8,131,210 Method and system for deploying a wireless repeater
114 8,131,056 Constructing variability maps by correlating off-state leakage emission images to layout information
115 8,131,010 High density queue estimation and line management
116 8,130,981 Sound card having feedback calibration loop
117 8,130,959 Rekeying encryption for removable storage media
118 8,130,956 Efficient and low power encrypting and decrypting of data
119 8,130,916 Dynamically improving performance of an interactive voice response (IVR) system using a complex events processor (CEP)
120 8,130,915 Verification of user presence during an interactive voice response system session
121 8,130,887 Method and arrangements for link power reduction
122 8,130,792 STM-1 to STM-64 SDH/SONET framer with data multiplexing from a series of configurable I/O ports
123 8,130,757 Digital content delivery system
124 8,130,738 Mobile device services acquisition
125 8,130,734 Methods, systems and computer program products for managing third party access to a wireless network by a network owner
126 8,130,669 Receiving data in a sensor network
127 8,130,650 Retro flow control for arriving traffic in computer networks
128 8,130,647 Method and apparatus for managing aggregate bandwidth at a server
129 8,130,533 Thermoelectric device and method
130 8,130,526 Programming a microchip ID register
131 8,130,525 Method and apparatus for configuring a content-addressable memory (CAM) design as binary CAM or ternary CAM
132 8,130,467 Planar write module and hybrid planar write-vertical read bidirectional tape head
133 8,130,461 Systems and methods for compensating for crosstalk between nearby writers
134 8,130,460 Apparatus and method for writing data on a tape medium
135 8,130,419 Embedding authentication data to create a secure identity document using combined identity-linked images
136 8,130,298 Wide dynamic range image sensor utilizing switch current source at pre-determined switch voltage per pixel
137 8,130,273 System and method for spotlight identification of audience members during question and answer sessions
138 8,130,262 Apparatus and method for enhancing field of vision of the visually impaired
139 8,130,228 System and method for processing low density parity check codes using a deterministic caching apparatus
140 8,130,202 Infrared touch screen gated by touch force
141 8,130,199 Compact universal keyboard
142 8,130,084 Fault tolerant closed system control using power line communication
143 8,130,078 RFID badge with authentication and auto-deactivation features
144 8,130,059 On chip slow-wave structure, method of manufacture and design structure
145 8,130,033 Switching low noise amplifier
146 8,130,021 Gain control with multiple integrators
147 8,129,844 Method of forming a metal silicide layer, devices incorporating metal silicide layers and design structures for the devices
148 8,129,843 Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics using a protective sidewall spacer
149 8,129,842 Enhanced interconnect structure
150 8,129,811 Techniques for three-dimensional circuit integration
151 8,129,797 Work function engineering for eDRAM MOSFETs
152 8,129,773 Fin-type field effect transistor
153 8,129,772 Integrated circuit structures with silicon germanium film incorporated as local interconnect and/or contact
154 8,129,763 Metal-oxide-semiconductor device including a multiple-layer energy filter
155 8,129,609 Integrated thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for fabricating same
156 8,129,496 Method for high density data storage and imaging
157 8,129,286 Reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices
158 8,129,269 Method of improving mechanical properties of semiconductor interconnects with nanoparticles
159 8,129,268 Self-aligned lower bottom electrode
160 8,129,267 Alpha particle blocking wire structure and method fabricating same
161 8,129,256 3D integrated circuit device fabrication with precisely controllable substrate removal
162 8,129,250 Resistor with improved switchable resistance and non-volatile memory device
163 8,129,247 Omega shaped nanowire field effect transistors
164 8,129,234 Method of forming bipolar transistor integrated with metal gate CMOS devices
165 8,129,230 Underfill method and chip package
166 8,129,216 Method of manufacturing solar cell with doping patterns and contacts
167 8,129,095 Methods, photomasks and methods of fabricating photomasks for improving damascene wire uniformity without reducing performance
168 8,128,868 Grain refinement by precipitate formation in PB-free alloys of tin
169 8,128,832 Processes and materials for step and flash imprint lithography
170 8,128,749 Fabrication of SOI with gettering layer
171 8,128,532 Workout processing system
172 8,128,498 Configure offline player behavior within a persistent world game
173 8,128,487 Compensating participants of virtual environments
174 8,128,298 Hinge with sliding pivot transfer