IBM patents granted on 06 May 2008

63 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,370,366 Data management system and method
2 7,370,365 Dynamic control of authorization to access internet services
3 7,370,360 Computer immune system and method for detecting unwanted code in a P-code or partially compiled native-code program executing within a virtual machine
4 7,370,331 Time slicing in a shared partition
5 7,370,327 Method for managing memory resources in a shared memory system
6 7,370,323 Method and system for managing configuration changes in a data processing system
7 7,370,298 Method for heuristic preservation of critical inputs during sequential reparameterization
8 7,370,296 Modeling language and method for address translation design mechanisms in test generation
9 7,370,292 Method for incremental design reduction via iterative overapproximation and re-encoding strategies
10 7,370,286 Accessible markup language defined slider control
11 7,370,280 Apparatus, system, and method for defining a web services interface for MFS-based IMS applications
12 7,370,273 System and method for creating dynamic folder hierarchies
13 7,370,261 Convolution-encoded raid with trellis-decode-rebuild
14 7,370,241 Device, system and method for predictive failure analysis
15 7,370,240 Method and apparatus for preserving trace data in a logical partitioned data processing system
16 7,370,234 Method for system recovery
17 7,370,227 Desktop computer blade fault identification system and method
18 7,370,177 Mechanism for avoiding check stops in speculative accesses while operating in real mode
19 7,370,176 System and method for high frequency stall design
20 7,370,162 Free item distribution among multiple free lists during garbage collection for more efficient object allocation
21 7,370,155 Chained cache coherency states for sequential homogeneous access to a cache line with outstanding data response
22 7,370,133 Storage controller and methods for using the same
23 7,370,118 Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamic inter-operability of nodes in service grids
24 7,370,098 Autonomic management of autonomic systems
25 7,370,089 Autonomic learning method to load balance output transfers of two peer nodes
26 7,370,085 Method, system, and program for providing user location information with a personal information management program
27 7,370,081 Method, system, and program for communication of code changes for transmission of operation requests between processors
28 7,370,058 Algorithm for sorting bit sequences in linear complexity
29 7,370,049 Detection and prevention of writing conflicts within nested query statements
30 7,370,048 File storage method and apparatus
31 7,370,039 Method and system for optimizing configuration classification of software
32 7,370,037 Methods for processing a text search query in a collection of documents
33 7,370,030 Method to provide management of query output
34 7,369,986 Method, apparatus, and program for transliteration of documents in various Indian languages
35 7,369,972 System, method, and program product for re-parameterizing three dimensional models represented as Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces
36 7,369,961 Systems and methods for structural clustering of time sequences
37 7,369,954 Event tracing with time stamp compression and history buffer based compression
38 7,369,948 System and methods for predicting failures in a fluid delivery system
39 7,369,947 Quantification of adsorbed molecular contaminant using thin film measurement
40 7,369,911 Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing movement of work-in-process materials in an automated manufacturing environment
41 7,369,845 Managing features available on a portable communication device based on a travel speed detected by the portable communication device
42 7,369,728 Ferrule for optical wave guide
43 7,369,410 Apparatuses for dissipating heat from semiconductor devices
44 7,369,342 Peak detection for magnetic tape timing based servo
45 7,369,260 Method of managing e-mail attachments
46 7,369,051 Method for isolating radio propagation zones
47 7,369,050 Curtain for isolating radio propagation zones
48 7,369,049 System for isolating radio propagation zones
49 7,368,958 Methods and systems for locally generating non-integral divided clocks with centralized state machines
50 7,368,924 Probe structure having a plurality of discrete insulated probe tips projecting from a support surface, apparatus for use thereof and methods of fabrication thereof
51 7,368,902 Impedance calibration for source series terminated serial link transmitter
52 7,368,787 Fin field effect transistors (FinFETs) and methods for making the same
53 7,368,712 Y-shaped carbon nanotubes as AFM probe for analyzing substrates with angled topography
54 7,368,483 Porous composition of matter, and method of making same
55 7,368,393 Chemical oxide removal of plasma damaged SiCOH low k dielectrics
56 7,368,358 Method for producing field effect device that includes epitaxially growing SiGe source/drain regions laterally from a silicon body
57 7,368,355 FinFET transistor and circuit
58 7,368,354 Planar substrate devices integrated with FinFETs and method of manufacture
59 7,368,302 Dynamic metal fill for correcting non-planar region
60 7,368,299 MTJ patterning using free layer wet etching and lift off techniques
61 7,368,045 Gate stack engineering by electrochemical processing utilizing through-gate-dielectric current flow
62 7,367,715 Medium containing optical paths and electrically conducting paths for applications in high speed data links
63 7,367,496 Detecting wear through use of information-transmitting devices