IBM patents granted on 06 November 2007

23 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,293,270 System and method for scheduling and coordinating tasks across application processes using shared memory
2 7,293,248 System and method for accommodating non-Gaussian and non-linear sources of variation in statistical static timing analysis
3 7,293,242 Facilitated source to target object editing functions
4 7,293,209 Split L2 latch with glitch free programmable delay
5 7,293,164 Autonomic method and apparatus for counting branch instructions to generate branch statistics meant to improve branch predictions
6 7,293,159 Coupling GP processor with reserved instruction interface via coprocessor port with operation data flow to application specific ISA processor with translation pre-decoder
7 7,293,158 Systems and methods for implementing counters in a network processor with cost effective memory
8 7,293,137 Storage system with inhibition of cache destaging
9 7,293,035 System and method for performing compression/encryption on data such that the number of duplicate blocks in the transformed data is increased
10 7,293,022 List update employing neutral sort keys
11 7,293,005 Pipelined architecture for global analysis and index building
12 7,292,904 Method for sizing production lot starts within a linear system programming environment
13 7,292,729 Device, system, and method for contiguous compressed data
14 7,292,161 NB/MB coding apparatus and method using both disparity independent and disparity dependent encoded vectors
15 7,292,115 Method to differentially control LC voltage-controlled oscillators
16 7,291,886 Hybrid substrate technology for high-mobility planar and multiple-gate MOSFETs
17 7,291,783 Mounting components to a hardware casing
18 7,291,568 Method for fabricating a nitrided silicon-oxide gate dielectric
19 7,291,539 Amorphization/templated recrystallization method for hybrid orientation substrates
20 7,291,528 Method of making strained semiconductor transistors having lattice-mismatched semiconductor regions underlying source and drain regions
21 7,291,516 Low temperature melt-processing of organic-inorganic hybrid
22 7,291,285 Method and system for line-dimension control of an etch process
23 7,291,032 Connector for adjacent devices