IBM patents granted on 06 November 2012

81 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,307,451 Method, apparatus and computer program for supporting determination on degree of confidentiality of document
2 8,307,450 Method and system for hiding information in the instruction processing pipeline
3 8,307,405 Methods, hardware products, and computer program products for implementing zero-trust policy in storage reports
4 8,307,379 Determining an extension to use to process an input object to a call in a program
5 8,307,375 Compensating for instrumentation overhead using sequences of events
6 8,307,372 Method for declarative semantic expression of user intent to enable goal-driven information processing
7 8,307,371 Method for efficient utilization of processors in a virtual shared environment
8 8,307,367 Smart scheduling of automatic partition migration by the use of timers
9 8,307,357 Methods and apparatus for customizing user-interface control in existing application
10 8,307,355 Method and apparatus for populating a software catalogue with software knowledge gathering
11 8,307,352 Classpath optimization in a Java runtime environment
12 8,307,349 Methods, systems, and computer program products for internationalizing user interface control layouts
13 8,307,341 Generating customized documentation for a software product
14 8,307,335 Determination of a set of candidate code insertions for insertion in program code
15 8,307,334 Method for assisting a user in the process of creating software code
16 8,307,333 System and computer program product for assisting a user in the process of creating software code
17 8,307,313 Minimizing memory array representations for enhanced synthesis and verification
18 8,307,308 Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world
19 8,307,275 Document-based information and uniform resource locator (URL) management
20 8,307,270 Advanced memory device having improved performance, reduced power and increased reliability
21 8,307,243 Parallel debugging in a massively parallel computing system
22 8,307,220 Managing power consumption of a computer
23 8,307,188 Information handling system memory management
24 8,307,173 High performance real-time read-copy update
25 8,307,164 Automatic determination of read-ahead amount
26 8,307,135 Performance of a storage system
27 8,307,129 Methods and computer program products for swapping synchronous replication secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using dynamic I/O
28 8,307,128 System and method to improve sequential serial attached small computer system interface storage device performance
29 8,307,114 High availability message transmission
30 8,307,109 Methods and systems for real time integration services
31 8,307,066 Automated digital media content filtration based on relationship monitoring
32 8,307,060 Real-time feedback for policies for computing system management
33 8,307,052 Method and system for communication sessions
34 8,307,048 Network system with initiator subnetwork communication to target subnetwork communication including fibre channel over ethernet to fibre channel over internet protocol conversion
35 8,307,041 Multi-application follow-up
36 8,307,040 Reducing errors in sending file attachments
37 8,307,026 On-demand peer-to-peer storage virtualization infrastructure
38 8,307,025 Method for service oriented data extraction transformation and load
39 8,307,015 Decorated model architecture for efficient model-driven application development
40 8,307,014 Database rebalancing in hybrid storage environment
41 8,307,001 Auditing of curation information
42 8,306,995 Inter-organizational and intra-organizational repository for operating system images
43 8,306,980 Flexible and extensible framework and model for systems manageable components
44 8,306,979 Service query, selection, routing and propagation
45 8,306,978 Method of changing the page size of a DB2 table space while keeping the object available
46 8,306,953 Online management of historical data for efficient reporting and analytics
47 8,306,950 Managing data access requests after persistent snapshots
48 8,306,934 Demo verification provisioning
49 8,306,865 Pricing remote information technology infrastructure monitoring services
50 8,306,863 User context based distributed self service system for service enhanced resource delivery
51 8,306,849 Predicting success of a proposed project
52 8,306,848 Estimation of transit demand models for enhancing ridership
53 8,306,831 Systems with message integration for data exchange, collection, monitoring and/or alerting
54 8,306,826 Bidirectional network language support
55 8,306,809 System and method for suggesting recipients in electronic messages
56 8,306,794 Techniques for thermal modeling of data centers to improve energy efficiency
57 8,306,755 Field-based similarity search system and method
58 8,306,652 Dual-band communication of management traffic in a blade server system
59 8,306,580 Motion sensor assisted auto-shutdown mechanism in portable audio systems
60 8,306,327 Adaptive partial character recognition
61 8,306,261 Detection of an object in an image
62 8,306,207 Method and apparatus for forwarding incoming telecommunication calls according to receiver position
63 8,306,170 Digital audio/video clock recovery algorithm
64 8,306,056 Blended synchronous/asynchronous messaging
65 8,305,939 Selective teleconference interruption
66 8,305,879 Peripheral component switch having automatic link failover
67 8,305,632 Automated batch processing of document in a multifunction printer system
68 8,305,609 Prioritizing print requests for a configurable shared network printer
69 8,305,218 System and program product for automatic RFID attenuation and recovery
70 8,305,102 Probe card, method for manufacturing probe card, and prober apparatus
71 8,304,912 Structure and method for MOSFET gate electrode landing pad
72 8,304,863 Electromigration immune through-substrate vias
73 8,304,837 Differentially recessed contacts for multi-gate transistor of SRAM cell
74 8,304,836 Structure and method to obtain EOT scaled dielectric stacks
75 8,304,306 Fabrication of devices having different interfacial oxide thickness via lateral oxidation
76 8,304,301 Implant free extremely thin semiconductor devices
77 8,304,290 Overcoming laminate warpage and misalignment in flip-chip packages
78 8,304,272 Germanium photodetector
79 8,304,178 Top antireflective coating composition containing hydrophobic and acidic groups
80 8,303,791 Apparatus and method for electrochemical processing of thin films on resistive substrates
81 8,302,319 Method and apparatus for aligning and leveling a server rack rail