IBM patents granted on 06 October 2009

48 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,600,267 Preventing a copy of a protected window
2 7,600,254 Setting apparatus, setting method, program, and recording medium
3 7,600,253 Entity correlation service
4 7,600,231 Control method for controlling an application program
5 7,600,209 Generating constraint preserving testcases in the presence of dead-end constraints
6 7,600,195 Selecting a menu option from a multiplicity of menu options which are automatically sequenced
7 7,600,185 Information processing for creating a document digest
8 7,600,154 System and method of calculating a projected service cost assessment
9 7,600,152 Configuring cache memory from a storage controller
10 7,600,149 Failure transparency for update applications under single-master configuration
11 7,600,099 System and method for predictive early allocation of stores in a microprocessor
12 7,600,095 Executing scatter operation to parallel computer nodes by repeatedly broadcasting content of send buffer partition corresponding to each node upon bitwise OR operation
13 7,600,093 Device, method and computer program product for multi-level address translation
14 7,600,091 Executing background writes to idle DIMMS
15 7,600,086 Method, system, and program for retention management and protection of stored objects
16 7,600,076 Method, system, apparatus, and article of manufacture for performing cacheline polling utilizing store with reserve and load when reservation lost instructions
17 7,600,073 Cache disk storage upgrade
18 7,600,071 Circuit having relaxed setup time via reciprocal clock and data gating
19 7,600,056 Method for generating a data logout in a computing environment
20 7,600,055 Apparatus, system, and method for firmware update of redundant controllers
21 7,600,053 Emulation of extended input/output measurement block facilities
22 7,600,051 Autonomic hardware-level storage device data integrity checking
23 7,600,049 Method, system, and computer program product for timing operations of different durations in a multi-processor, multi-control block environment
24 7,600,033 Network traffic control in peer-to-peer environments
25 7,600,027 Managing multiple sessions for a user of a portal
26 7,600,020 System and program product for tracking web user sessions
27 7,599,969 Method and system for scheduling workload in databases
28 7,599,924 Relationship management in a data abstraction model
29 7,599,921 System and method for improved name matching using regularized name forms
30 7,599,898 Method and apparatus for improved regression modeling
31 7,599,808 Application of multiple voltage droop detection and instruction throttling instances with customized thresholds across a semiconductor chip
32 7,599,528 Offline signature verification using high pressure regions
33 7,599,397 Obtaining multiple port addresses by a fibre channel switch from a network fabric
34 7,599,261 Removable storage media with improved data integrity
35 7,599,183 Variable position dampers for controlling air flow to multiple modules in a common chassis
36 7,598,774 Reduced power consumption limited-switch dynamic logic (LSDL) circuit
37 7,598,616 Interconnect structure
38 7,598,614 Low leakage metal-containing cap process using oxidation
39 7,598,572 Silicided polysilicon spacer for enhanced contact area
40 7,598,555 MgO tunnel barriers and method of formation
41 7,598,545 Using metal/metal nitride bilayers as gate electrodes in self-aligned aggressively scaled CMOS devices
42 7,598,540 High performance CMOS devices comprising gapped dual stressors with dielectric gap fillers, and methods of fabricating the same
43 7,598,516 Self-aligned process for nanotube/nanowire FETs
44 7,598,169 Method to remove beol sacrificial materials and chemical residues by irradiation
45 7,598,166 Dielectric layers for metal lines in semiconductor chips
46 7,598,147 Method of forming CMOS with Si:C source/drain by laser melting and recrystallization
47 7,598,097 Method of fabricating a magnetic shift register
48 7,596,862 Method of making a circuitized substrate