IBM patents granted on 06 September 2016

118 US patents granted on 06 September 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,439,325 Coolant-cooled heat sink configured for accelerating coolant flow
2 9,439,093 Estimating available bandwidth in cellular networks
3 9,439,015 Management system with acoustical measurement for monitoring noise levels
4 9,438,952 Targeted marketing overlays for digital video recorders
5 9,438,705 Communication and message-efficient protocol for computing the intersection between different sets of data
6 9,438,704 Communication and message-efficient protocol for computing the intersection between different sets of data
7 9,438,675 Dispersed storage with variable slice length and methods for use therewith
8 9,438,674 Appliance interconnection architecture
9 9,438,670 Data replication for a virtual networking system
10 9,438,656 Triggering window conditions by streaming features of an operator graph
11 9,438,655 Video feed layout in video conferences
12 9,438,645 Correlating computing network events
13 9,438,637 Connection model-based control of concurrent connection count and properties
14 9,438,627 Shared security utility appliance for secure application and data processing
15 9,438,606 Environmental-based location monitoring
16 9,438,604 Managing user authentication in association with application access
17 9,438,551 Preventing a user from missing unread documents
18 9,438,549 Controlling expiration of electronic mail single store attachments
19 9,438,542 Linking selected messages in electronic message threads
20 9,438,490 Allocating operators of a streaming application to virtual machines based on monitored performance
21 9,438,479 Distributed subnet manager for infiniband networks
22 9,438,478 Using an SDN controller to automatically test cloud performance
23 9,438,477 Geophysical virtual machine policy allocation using a GPS, atomic clock source or regional peering host
24 9,438,447 Flow distribution algorithm for aggregated links in an ethernet switch
25 9,438,434 Collaborative arbitration of polling results in a collaborative computing environment
26 9,438,269 Accelerating codeset conversion in a computing environment
27 9,438,245 Reducing spontaneous emission in circuit quantum electrodynamics by a combined readout and filter technique
28 9,438,209 Implementing clock receiver with low jitter and enhanced duty cycle
29 9,438,008 Temperature insensitive external cavity lasers on silicon
30 9,437,766 Photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems and method of operation thereof
31 9,437,718 Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having a wide band gap emitter/collector which are epitaxially grown
32 9,437,714 Selective gate contact fill metallization
33 9,437,680 Silicon-on-insulator substrates having selectively formed strained and relaxed device regions
34 9,437,675 eDRAM for planar III-V semiconductor devices
35 9,437,668 High resistivity soft magnetic material for miniaturized power converter
36 9,437,614 Dual-semiconductor complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor device
37 9,437,613 Multiple V.sub.T in III-V FETs
38 9,437,539 Dielectric region in a bulk silicon substrate providing a high-Q passive resonator
39 9,437,519 Tim strain mitigation in electronic modules
40 9,437,515 Heat spreading layer with high thermal conductivity
41 9,437,504 Method for the formation of fin structures for FinFET devices
42 9,437,503 Vertical FETs with variable bottom spacer recess
43 9,437,502 Method to form stacked germanium nanowires and stacked III-V nanowires
44 9,437,501 Stacked nanowire device width adjustment by gas cluster ion beam (GCIB)
45 9,437,499 Semiconductor device including merged-unmerged work function metal and variable fin pitch
46 9,437,445 Dual fin integration for electron and hole mobility enhancement
47 9,437,436 Replacement metal gate FinFET
48 9,437,427 Controlled confined lateral III-V epitaxy
49 9,437,327 Combined rank and linear address incrementing utility for computer memory test operations
50 9,437,285 Write address synchronization in 2 read/1write SRAM arrays
51 9,437,241 High performance cartridge format
52 9,436,997 Estimating rainfall precipitation amounts by applying computer vision in cameras
53 9,436,995 Discriminating between normal and abnormal left ventricles in echocardiography
54 9,436,954 Modified queue list generation
55 9,436,952 Remotely cacheable variable web content
56 9,436,932 Method and system for highlighting email recipients
57 9,436,921 Intelligent service management and process control using policy-based automation and predefined task templates
58 9,436,885 Determining a computer’s position and system for manufacturing a tag
59 9,436,827 Attesting a component of a system during a boot process
60 9,436,791 Optimizing placement of circuit resources using a globally accessible placement memory
61 9,436,736 Managing streams of tuples
62 9,436,735 Access path optimization through system statistics
63 9,436,734 Relative performance prediction of a replacement database management system (DBMS)
64 9,436,721 Optimization of mixed database workload scheduling and concurrency control by mining data dependency relationships via lock tracking
65 9,436,696 Data fragmentation tuning and candidacy persistence
66 9,436,684 Content validation for documentation topics using provider information
67 9,436,680 Manual creation for a program product
68 9,436,679 Generating a context for translating strings based on associated application source code and markup
69 9,436,677 Linguistic based determination of text creation date
70 9,436,670 Webpage based form entry aid
71 9,436,660 Building and maintaining information extraction rules
72 9,436,653 Shared-bandwidth multiple target remote copy
73 9,436,627 Detection of abnormal operation caused by interrupt processing
74 9,436,612 Sizing a write cache buffer based on emergency data save parameters
75 9,436,608 Memory nest efficiency with cache demand generation
76 9,436,607 Locking a cache line for write operations on a bus
77 9,436,601 Categorizing memory pages based on page residences
78 9,436,590 Second failure data capture in co-operating multi-image systems
79 9,436,585 Image patching in an integrated development environment
80 9,436,583 Minimally disruptive debugging in a production environment
81 9,436,582 Calculating an immediate parent assertion statement for program verification
82 9,436,560 Increasing disaster resiliency by having a pod backed up to other peer pods in a site or beyond
83 9,436,552 Checkpoint triggering in a computer system
84 9,436,540 Automated diagnosis of software crashes
85 9,436,539 Synchronized debug information generation
86 9,436,537 Enhanced restart of a core dumping application
87 9,436,530 Providing input from input device to corresponding application program
88 9,436,528 Integrated support for application porting transparency and streamlined system migration in heterogeneous platform environments
89 9,436,511 Full exploitation of parallel processors for data processing
90 9,436,501 Thread-based cache content saving for task switching
91 9,436,500 Multi-processor command management in electronic components with multiple microcontrollers
92 9,436,499 User interface to display status of threads based on runtime analysis and control of folded thread
93 9,436,498 Runtime analysis and control to monitor the status of the threads during execution of folded thread
94 9,436,485 Synchronization of data between an electronic computing mobile device and an electronic computing dockstation
95 9,436,484 Synchronization of data between an electronic computing mobile device and an electronic computing dockstation
96 9,436,477 Transaction abort instruction
97 9,436,467 Vector floating point test data class immediate instruction
98 9,436,461 Refining composition instrumentation for services
99 9,436,460 Regression alerts
100 9,436,457 Generating and applying patches to computer program code concurrently with its execution
101 9,436,448 Optimization of meta-template instantiations
102 9,436,446 System for automating calculation of a comprehensibility score for a software program
103 9,436,434 Checksum adder
104 9,436,406 Migration decision window selection based on hotspot characteristics
105 9,436,401 Computer memory data security
106 9,436,388 Memory access alignment in a double data rate (`DDR`) system
107 9,436,380 Radial menus with variable selectable item areas
108 9,436,373 Method, apparatus, and computer program for scrolling a document on a touch panel
109 9,436,313 Route stabilization scrolling mode
110 9,436,274 System to overlay application help on a mobile device
111 9,436,272 Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous
112 9,435,841 Integrated circuit protection during high-current ESD testing
113 9,435,800 Sample assembly with an electromagnetic field to accelerate the bonding of target antigens and nanoparticles
114 9,435,659 Route planning to reduce exposure to radiation
115 9,435,031 Microwave plasma and ultraviolet assisted deposition apparatus and method for material deposition using the same
116 9,434,133 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field to enable easy removal of one substrate from another for enhanced reworkability
117 9,434,114 Enhanced separation of injection molded microlenses for high volume manufacturing
118 9,433,858 Access control of user based photograph bundles