IBM patents granted on 07 April 2009

119 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,516,490 System, method and software for supplying activation information to a subsystem
2 7,516,481 Program development supporting apparatus, method, program and recording medium
3 7,516,457 Componentized automatic provisioning and management of computing environments for computing utilities
4 7,516,456 Asymmetric heterogeneous multi-threaded operating system
5 7,516,449 Run-time type conversion
6 7,516,448 Method for improving irreducible region commoning compile speed
7 7,516,446 Method and apparatus for efficient and precise datarace detection for multithreaded object-oriented programs
8 7,516,443 Performing tests with ghost agents
9 7,516,430 Generating testcases based on numbers of testcases previously generated
10 7,516,426 Methods of improving operational parameters of pair of matched transistors and set of transistors
11 7,516,424 Modeling and simulating a powergated hierarchical element
12 7,516,422 Graphical display of hierarchical hardlinks to files in a file system
13 7,516,420 Method and system for extending the file system API
14 7,516,414 System and method for tab order mapping of user interfaces
15 7,516,408 Method, system and program for switching between various computer-based communication techniques
16 7,516,405 Displaying help resources
17 7,516,403 Network distributed display pages with images and symbols selected from a universal library
18 7,516,397 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for characterizing web resources
19 7,516,393 System and method of error detection for unordered data delivery
20 7,516,370 Method, system, computer program product, and computer system for error monitoring of partitions in the computer system using partition status indicators
21 7,516,369 Method and computer program product for error monitoring of partitions in a computer system using supervisor partitions
22 7,516,367 Automated, distributed problem determination and upgrade planning tool
23 7,516,360 System and method for execution of a job in a distributed computing architecture
24 7,516,356 Method for transmitting input/output requests from a first controller to a second controller
25 7,516,354 Storing parity information for data recovery
26 7,516,352 Isolating a drive from disk array for diagnostic operations
27 7,516,350 Dynamic frequency scaling sequence for multi-gigahertz microprocessors
28 7,516,343 Enhancements to improve the functionality and efficiency of brick power adapters
29 7,516,332 Processing multi-key content
30 7,516,331 Tamper-resistant trusted java virtual machine and method of using the same
31 7,516,310 Method to reduce the number of times in-flight loads are searched by store instructions in a multi-threaded processor
32 7,516,309 Method and apparatus for conditional memory ordering
33 7,516,306 Computer program instruction architecture, system and process using partial ordering for adaptive response to memory latencies
34 7,516,304 Parsing-enhancement facility
35 7,516,299 Splat copying GPR data to vector register elements by executing lvsr or lvsl and vector subtract instructions
36 7,516,293 Increased performance using mixed memory types
37 7,516,289 Facilitating use of storage access keys to access storage
38 7,516,284 Method for removing alias addresses from an alias address pool
39 7,516,279 Method using stream prefetching history to improve data prefetching performance.
40 7,516,276 Runtime register allocator
41 7,516,275 Pseudo-LRU virtual counter for a locking cache
42 7,516,270 Memory controller and method for scrubbing memory without using explicit atomic operations
43 7,516,264 Programmable bank/timer address folding in memory devices
44 7,516,250 Apparatus and method for managing component identifiers in a data storage system
45 7,516,249 Method for automatically determining I/O connector configuration
46 7,516,248 Obtaining extended queue measurement data for a range of logical control unit queues
47 7,516,246 Communications channel method for verifying integrity of untrusted subsystem responses to a request
48 7,516,241 Method and system for processing a service request associated with a particular priority level of service in a network data processing system using parallel proxies
49 7,516,235 Application server and streaming server streaming multimedia file in a client specified format
50 7,516,220 Method and system for detecting and deterring robot access of web-based interfaces by using minimum expected human response time
51 7,516,208 Event database management method and system for network event reporting system
52 7,516,195 Method of handling a web service call
53 7,516,186 Thread based view and archive for simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) clients devices and methods
54 7,516,166 Resource loading
55 7,516,155 method to validate consistency of component business model maps
56 7,516,152 System and method for generating and selecting data mining models for data mining applications
57 7,516,142 System, method, and program product for optimizing a research and grant portfolio
58 7,516,138 Method for optimized parameter binding
59 7,516,131 Method and apparatus for ranking-based information processing
60 7,516,128 Method for cleansing sequence-based data at query time
61 7,516,123 Page rank for the semantic web query
62 7,516,120 Decision support implementation for workflow applications
63 7,516,117 Method for accelerating range queries using periodic monotonic properties of non-monotonic functions
64 7,516,115 Method and system for optimizing performance in non-relational databases
65 7,516,114 Visual structuring of multivariable data
66 7,516,108 Block allocation times in a computer system
67 7,516,093 Method and system for auction of assets with non-exclusivity of use
68 7,516,081 Adaptive estimation of gain and revenue
69 7,516,071 Method of modeling single-enrollment classes in verification and identification tasks
70 7,516,068 Optimized collection of audio for speech recognition
71 7,516,062 Language converter with enhanced search capability
72 7,516,048 Externalized metric calculation engine
73 7,516,013 Method for gathering mobile consumer-initiated business service look-up requests
74 7,515,983 Method for resource allocation and re-grouping recognizing competing priorities which vary by date
75 7,515,951 Assembly, system, and method for optimizing image quality
76 7,515,899 Distributed grid computing method utilizing processing cycles of mobile phones
77 7,515,873 Responding to recipient rated wirelessly broadcast electronic works
78 7,515,793 Waveguide photodetector
79 7,515,758 Black white image compression having print density control
80 7,515,717 Security containers for document components
81 7,515,703 Method and system for determining conference call embellishment tones and transmission of same
82 7,515,694 Apparatus for personalizing computerized customer service
83 7,515,666 Method for dynamically changing the frequency of clock signals
84 7,515,589 Method and apparatus for providing network virtualization
85 7,515,553 Group synchronization by subgroups
86 7,515,532 Method, system, and storage medium for preventing duplication and loss of exchanges, sequences, and frames
87 7,515,502 Memory array peripheral structures and use
88 7,515,498 Electronic fuse apparatus and methodology including addressable virtual electronic fuses
89 7,515,491 Method for evaluating leakage effects on static memory cell access time
90 7,515,489 SRAM having active write assist for improved operational margins
91 7,515,449 CAM asynchronous search-line switching
92 7,515,430 Conductive hook and loop shockmount system
93 7,515,429 Retractable operator control panel with universal hinge design and dual orientation features
94 7,515,410 Hard disk drive carrier converter apparatus
95 7,515,407 Vibration damping carrier for a disk drive
96 7,515,382 Tape guide roller with zoned non-smooth surface
97 7,515,178 Method of correcting distortions in digital images captured by a digital camera system
98 7,515,152 Adaptive sampling of a static data set
99 7,515,136 Collaborative and situationally aware active billboards
100 7,515,105 Method for mapping machine rooms and locating machines within machine rooms
101 7,515,101 Method and system to alert user of local law via the Global Positioning System (GPS)
102 7,515,065 Early warning system for approaching emergency vehicles
103 7,515,048 Method and system for using RFID to automatically lock and unlock a mobile computing device
104 7,514,947 Method of and system for functionally testing multiple devices in parallel in a burn-in-environment
105 7,514,705 Phase change memory cell with limited switchable volume
106 7,514,623 Music performance correlation and autonomic adjustment
107 7,514,370 Compressive nitride film and method of manufacturing thereof
108 7,514,361 Selective thin metal cap process
109 7,514,356 Ribs for line collapse prevention in damascene structures
110 7,514,339 Method for fabricating shallow trench isolation structures using diblock copolymer patterning
111 7,514,327 Electronically scannable multiplexing device
112 7,514,323 Vertical SOI trench SONOS cell
113 7,514,290 Chip-to-wafer integration technology for three-dimensional chip stacking
114 7,514,276 Aligning stacked chips using resistance assistance
115 7,514,271 Method of forming high density planar magnetic domain wall memory
116 7,514,063 Method for the purification of semiconducting single walled carbon nanotubes
117 7,513,705 Toolless thermal print head mounting apparatus
118 7,513,579 Adjustable rack mountable computer terminal mounting system
119 7,513,410 Air bearing gap control for injection molded solder heads