IBM patents granted on 07 April 2015

161 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,003,559 Continuity check monitoring for microchip exploitation detection
2 9,003,555 Region-based sharing of pictures
3 9,003,547 Using data analytics and crowdsourcing to determine roles for a computer system
4 9,003,503 Virtual computer and service
5 9,003,494 Automatic authorization of users and configuration of software development environment
6 9,003,493 Automatic authorization of users and configuration of software development environment
7 9,003,483 Uniformly transforming the characteristics of a production environment
8 9,003,480 Classifying files on a mobile computer device
9 9,003,479 Uniformly transforming the characteristics of a production environment
10 9,003,433 Off-premise and codeless process-centric business mashup to integrate BPEL based processes and web 2.0 widgets
11 9,003,430 Dynamic transfer of selected business process instance state
12 9,003,428 Computer data communications in a high speed, low latency data communications environment
13 9,003,425 Optimizing workflow engines
14 9,003,420 Resolving RCU-scheduler deadlocks
15 9,003,417 Processor with resource usage counters for per-thread accounting
16 9,003,416 Predicting resource requirements for a computer application
17 9,003,415 Method and apparatus having resistance to forced termination attack on monitoring program for monitoring a predetermined resource
18 9,003,409 Common contiguous memory region optimized long distance virtual machine migration
19 9,003,407 Dynamically provisioning virtual machines
20 9,003,401 Intelligent and automated code deployment
21 9,003,399 Methods, systems and computer products for a dynamic repository
22 9,003,392 Use of cloning in maintenance of virtual appliances
23 9,003,373 Identification of performance bottlenecks
24 9,003,371 Recursive method call representation in a plot view of method execution performance
25 9,003,367 Specific debug trace collecting
26 9,003,364 Overriding system attributes and function returns in a software subsystem
27 9,003,359 User customizable queries to populate model diagrams
28 9,003,323 Method for management and broadcasting an event context
29 9,003,321 Application bar browsing of tabbed-view applications
30 9,003,304 Method and apparatus for moving an avatar in a virtual universe
31 9,003,300 Voice response unit proxy utilizing dynamic web interaction
32 9,003,285 Displaying readme text inside an application
33 9,003,282 Method and system for managing volumes within a compilation of content
34 9,003,274 Scheduling start-up and shut-down of mainframe applications using topographical relationships
35 9,003,272 Method and system of a user associating a first webpage link and second webpage link and viewing of the contents of the webpage links by the selection of the first webpage link
36 9,003,244 Dynamic built-in self-test system
37 9,003,239 Monitoring and resolving deadlocks, contention, runaway CPU and other virtual machine production issues
38 9,003,235 Indicating coverage of web application testing
39 9,003,228 Consistency of data in persistent memory
40 9,003,226 Core file limiter for abnormally terminating processes
41 9,003,223 Physical memory fault mitigation in a computing environment
42 9,003,222 Configuration fault localization in shared resource environments
43 9,003,218 Power shifting in multicore platforms by varying SMT levels
44 9,003,172 Intelligently controlling loading of legacy option ROMs in a computing system
45 9,003,169 Systems and methods for indirect register access using status-checking and status-setting instructions
46 9,003,161 Systems and methods for managing read-only memory
47 9,003,160 Active buffered memory
48 9,003,152 Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
49 9,003,151 Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
50 9,003,149 Transparent file system migration to a new physical location
51 9,003,146 Managing memory of a computer
52 9,003,142 Volume swapping of point-in-time read-only target volumes
53 9,003,135 Efficient allocation and reclamation of thin-provisioned storage
54 9,003,134 Emulation of a dynamic address translation with change record override on a machine of another architecture
55 9,003,127 Storing data in a system memory for a subsequent cache flush
56 9,003,125 Cache coherency protocol for allowing parallel data fetches and eviction to the same addressable index
57 9,003,124 Managing a region cache
58 9,003,110 Dividing incoming data into multiple data streams and transforming the data for storage in a logical data object
59 9,003,080 Managed access to peripherals of a service terminal
60 9,003,076 Identifying anomalies in original metrics of a system
61 9,003,068 Service channel for connecting a host computer to peripheral devices
62 9,003,064 Management of B2B communities
63 9,003,047 Optimizing electronic communication channels
64 9,003,045 Receiving an unlimited number of data items modified by a web transaction
65 9,003,030 Detecting relative crowd density via client devices
66 9,003,025 User identification using multifaceted footprints
67 9,003,014 Modular cloud dynamic application assignment
68 9,003,007 Administration of virtual machine affinity in a data center
69 9,002,970 Remote direct memory access socket aggregation
70 9,002,964 Criterion-dependent email display agent
71 9,002,960 Location estimation of social network users
72 9,002,954 Task management system associating with contact information and method thereof
73 9,002,941 Determining recommended recipients of a communication
74 9,002,939 Adaptive and dynamic replication management in cloud computing
75 9,002,938 Notifying electronic meeting participants of interesting information
76 9,002,912 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
77 9,002,911 Fileset masks to cluster inodes for efficient fileset management
78 9,002,905 Rapidly deploying virtual database applications using data model analysis
79 9,002,899 Method of merging and incremental construction of minimal finite state machines
80 9,002,893 Optimizing a clustered virtual computing environment
81 9,002,890 Rule-based access control list management
82 9,002,888 Minimization of epigenetic surprisal data of epigenetic data within a time series
83 9,002,877 Quick font match
84 9,002,865 Displaying ranked categories of data in a Venn diagram
85 9,002,855 Tag valuation within a collaborative tagging system
86 9,002,853 Generation of service specification of a service oriented architecture (SOA) solution
87 9,002,846 Ending tuple processing in a stream-based computing application
88 9,002,843 System and method for extraction of off-topic part from conversation
89 9,002,825 Estimating rows returned by recursive queries using fanout
90 9,002,807 Generating enumerated information in which a plurality of files are enumerated in a sequential medium
91 9,002,802 High throughput, reliable replication of transformed data in information systems
92 9,002,778 Designing aggregates based on access patterns in dimensions
93 9,002,773 Decision-support application and system for problem solving using a question-answering system
94 9,002,772 Scalable rule-based processing system with trigger rules and rule evaluator
95 9,002,763 Work-item notification classifier
96 9,002,702 Confidence level assignment to information from audio transcriptions
97 9,002,696 Data security system for natural language translation
98 9,002,695 Machine translation device, method of processing data, and program
99 9,002,693 Wire like link for cycle reproducible and cycle accurate hardware accelerator
100 9,002,668 Discovering an equipment power connection relationship
101 9,002,651 RTM seismic imaging without scratch data storage system and method
102 9,002,343 Disabling a mobile phone suspected of being a trigger for a bomb
103 9,002,201 Apparatus for testing an optical network
104 9,002,157 Method of manufacturing a three dimensional photonic device by two photon absorption polymerization
105 9,002,156 Vertically curved waveguide
106 9,002,154 Semiconductor through-wafer electrical signal-carrying virtual waveguide
107 9,002,117 Semantic parsing of objects in video
108 9,002,111 Determining scaling factors for devices
109 9,002,069 Social media event detection and content-based retrieval
110 9,002,060 Object retrieval in video data using complementary detectors
111 9,001,981 System and method for voicemail interruption
112 9,001,842 Parallel receiver interface with receiver redundancy
113 9,001,825 Virtual link aggregation using state machine
114 9,001,733 Offloading running a needed edge application to a neighboring basestation in a mobile data network
115 9,001,718 Key storage and retrieval in a breakout component at the edge of a mobile data network
116 9,001,696 Distributed dynamic virtual machine configuration service
117 9,001,609 Hybrid latch and fuse scheme for memory repair
118 9,001,574 Spin logic based on persistent spin helices
119 9,001,463 Magnetic recording head having protected reader sensors and near zero recessed write poles
120 9,001,462 Universal magnetic recording head chip
121 9,001,389 Manufacturing a physical medium configured to store data
122 9,001,347 Application management of printing requests through induced analytics
123 9,001,146 Automatically determining an object display mode to display objects
124 9,001,058 Computer action detection
125 9,000,950 Managing vehicle detection
126 9,000,837 Adjustable reference voltage generator for single-ended DRAM sensing devices
127 9,000,822 Programmable delay circuit
128 9,000,774 Non-contact conductivity measurement
129 9,000,752 Multi-conductor cable current and voltage sensors
130 9,000,594 Use of graphene to limit copper surface oxidation, diffusion and electromigration in interconnect structures
131 9,000,585 Structure, semiconductor structure and method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure and packaging thereof
132 9,000,564 Precision polysilicon resistors
133 9,000,556 Lateral etch stop for NEMS release etch for high density NEMS/CMOS monolithic integration
134 9,000,537 FinFET devices having recessed liner materials to define different fin heights
135 9,000,530 6T SRAM architecture for gate-all-around nanowire devices
136 9,000,522 FinFET with dielectric isolation by silicon-on-nothing and method of fabrication
137 9,000,499 Gate-all-around carbon nanotube transistor with selectively doped spacers
138 9,000,494 Micromechanical device and methods to fabricate same using hard mask resistant to structure release etch
139 9,000,489 Local interconnects for field effect transistor devices
140 9,000,413 Overlap capacitance nanowire
141 9,000,318 Identification of plastic material composition
142 9,000,148 Flame retardant cellulose acetate
143 8,999,846 Elongated via structures
144 8,999,831 Method to improve reliability of replacement gate device
145 8,999,815 Method to form finFET/trigate devices on bulk semiconductor wafers
146 8,999,804 Methods for fabricating a bipolar junction transistor with self-aligned terminals
147 8,999,799 Maskless dual silicide contact formation
148 8,999,795 Asymmetrical replacement metal gate field effect transistor
149 8,999,791 Formation of semiconductor structures with variable gate lengths
150 8,999,779 Locally raised epitaxy for improved contact by local silicon capping during trench silicide processings
151 8,999,774 Bulk fin-field effect transistors with well defined isolation
152 8,999,767 Electronic fuse having an insulation layer
153 8,999,764 Ionizing radiation blocking in IC chip to reduce soft errors
154 8,999,739 Field effect transistor-based bio-sensor
155 8,999,665 Trapping molecular segments in nano-gaps
156 8,999,625 Silicon-containing antireflective coatings including non-polymeric silsesquioxanes
157 8,999,624 Developable bottom antireflective coating composition and pattern forming method using thereof
158 8,999,458 Method and apparatus for fabricating or altering microstructures using local chemical alterations
159 8,999,130 Field effect based nanosensor for biopolymer manipulation and detection
160 8,999,107 Laser ashing of polyimide for semiconductor manufacturing
161 8,998,427 Three dimensional image projector