IBM patents granted on 07 August 2007

70 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,254,815 Method and apparatus for implementing distributed event management in an embedded support processor computer system
2 7,254,810 Apparatus and method for using database knowledge to optimize a computer program
3 7,254,809 Compilation of unified parallel C-language programs
4 7,254,773 Automated spell analysis
5 7,254,754 Raid 3+3
6 7,254,745 Diagnostic probe management in data processing systems
7 7,254,739 Error recovery in a client/server application using two independent sockets for communication
8 7,254,733 Method of shutting down virtual machines in an orderly manner
9 7,254,700 Fencing off instruction buffer until re-circulation of rejected preceding and branch instructions to avoid mispredict flush
10 7,254,698 Multifunction hexadecimal instructions
11 7,254,697 Method and apparatus for dynamic modification of microprocessor instruction group at dispatch
12 7,254,694 Processors interconnect fabric with relay broadcasting and accumulation of partial responses
13 7,254,693 Selectively prohibiting speculative execution of conditional branch type based on instruction bit
14 7,254,686 Switching between mirrored and non-mirrored volumes
15 7,254,683 Speculative data mirroring apparatus method and system
16 7,254,678 Enhanced STCX design to improve subsequent load efficiency
17 7,254,671 File system layout and method of access for streaming media applications
18 7,254,669 Create virtual track buffers in NVS using customer segments to maintain newly written data across a power loss
19 7,254,663 Multi-node architecture with daisy chain communication link configurable to operate in unidirectional and bidirectional modes
20 7,254,656 Method and service and computer program code for broadcast of interface group bring-up in a multiprocessor computer system having multiple nodes
21 7,254,652 Autonomic configuration of port speeds of components connected to an interconnection cable
22 7,254,647 Network for decreasing transmit link layer core speed
23 7,254,642 Method and apparatus for local IP address translation
24 7,254,638 Method and apparatus for identifying slow links and for providing application-based responses to slow links in a distributed computer network
25 7,254,631 Method and system for distributing software features to a computer
26 7,254,630 Method and system for optimizing performance and availability of a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) service
27 7,254,602 Multicast enabled web content distribution
28 7,254,593 System and method for tracking annotations of data sources
29 7,254,589 Apparatus and method for managing and inferencing contextural relationships accessed by the context engine to answer queries received from the application program interface, wherein ontology manager is operationally coupled with a working memory
30 7,254,587 Method and apparatus for determining relative relevance between portions of large electronic documents
31 7,254,583 Framework for shared physical models in a multi-database installation
32 7,254,578 Concurrency classes for shared file systems
33 7,254,577 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for evaluating and using a resilient data representation
34 7,254,571 System and method for generating and retrieving different document layouts from a given content
35 7,254,568 Testing a database connection
36 7,254,565 Method and circuits to virtually increase the number of prototypes in artificial neural networks
37 7,254,542 Portal data passing through non-persistent browser cookies
38 7,254,539 Bi-directional natural language system for interfacing with multiple back-end applications
39 7,254,526 Apparatus and method for determining compatibility of web sites with designated requirements based on functional characteristics of the web sites
40 7,254,385 System and method of automatic conversion of units of measure in a wireless communication network
41 7,254,272 Browsing JPEG images using MPEG hardware chips
42 7,254,180 Discrete multitone transmission systems
43 7,254,139 Data transmission system with multi-memory packet switch
44 7,254,078 System and method for increasing reliability of electrical fuse programming
45 7,253,986 System and method for deconvolution of multiple data tracks
46 7,253,791 Selective viewing enablement system
47 7,253,734 System and method for altering or disabling RFID tags
48 7,253,650 Increase productivity at wafer test using probe retest data analysis
49 7,253,512 Organic dielectric electronic interconnect structures and method for making
50 7,253,510 Ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
51 7,253,482 Structure for reducing overlap capacitance in field effect transistors
52 7,253,431 Method and apparatus for solution processed doping of carbon nanotube
53 7,253,116 High ion energy and reative species partial pressure plasma ash process
54 7,253,106 Manufacturable CoWP metal cap process for copper interconnects
55 7,253,105 Reliable BEOL integration process with direct CMP of porous SiCOH dielectric
56 7,253,100 Reducing damage to ulk dielectric during cross-linked polymer removal
57 7,253,098 Maintaining uniform CMP hard mask thickness
58 7,253,096 Bipolar transistor having raised extrinsic base with selectable self-alignment and methods of forming same
59 7,253,073 Structure and method for hyper-abrupt junction varactors
60 7,253,070 Transistor structure with minimized parasitics and method of fabricating the same
61 7,253,066 MOSFET with decoupled halo before extension
62 7,253,065 Self-aligned nanotube field effect transistor and method of fabricating same
63 7,253,034 Dual SIMOX hybrid orientation technology (HOT) substrates
64 7,252,875 Diffusion barrier with low dielectric constant and semiconductor device containing same
65 7,252,858 System and method for abating the simultaneous flow of silane and arsine
66 7,252,852 Mg-Zn oxide tunnel barriers and method of formation
67 7,252,774 Selective chemical etch method for MRAM soft layers
68 7,252,515 Non-oriented wire in elastomer electrical contact
69 7,252,514 High density space transformer and method of fabricating same
70 7,251,872 Method for forming a chip package