IBM patents granted on 07 August 2012

119 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,239,964 On-demand physically secure data storage
2 8,239,959 Method and data processing system to prevent manipulation of computer systems
3 8,239,955 System and method for adjusting the security level of a removable medium
4 8,239,945 Intrusion detection using a network processor and a parallel pattern detection engine
5 8,239,902 Method and apparatus for bandwidth optimization of a content on demand service
6 8,239,884 Apparatus, system, and method for isolating a storage application from a network interface driver
7 8,239,879 Notification by task of completion of GSM operations at target node
8 8,239,877 Pre-population of meta data cache for resolution of data marshaling issues
9 8,239,871 Managing timeout in a multithreaded system by instantiating a timer object having scheduled expiration time and set of timeout handling information
10 8,239,870 Scheduling execution of work units with policy based extension of long-term plan
11 8,239,868 Computer system, servers constituting the same, and job execution control method and program
12 8,239,856 Sharing unresolved information between software components
13 8,239,849 Class loading delegation network
14 8,239,841 Prefetching irregular data references for software controlled caches
15 8,239,837 Remotely handling exceptions through STAF
16 8,239,828 Method of recovering from software failures using replanning
17 8,239,826 Automating modular manual tests including framework for test automation
18 8,239,825 Dynamic data restructuring method and system
19 8,239,818 Data structure for describing MBIST architecture
20 8,239,817 Method and tool for designing electronic circuits on a printed circuit board
21 8,239,811 System and method for wireless and dynamic intra-process measurement of integrated circuit parameters
22 8,239,810 Method and system for optimizing a device with current source models
23 8,239,804 Method for calculating capacitance gradients in VLSI layouts using a shape processing engine
24 8,239,794 System and method for estimating leakage current of an electronic circuit
25 8,239,791 Method of designing multi-state restore circuitry for restoring state to a power managed functional block
26 8,239,790 Methods and system for analysis and management of parametric yield
27 8,239,789 System and method of predicting problematic areas for lithography in a circuit design
28 8,239,776 Behavior detection and alert in virtual worlds based on spatial and temporal criteria
29 8,239,775 Method and apparatus for a computer simulated environment
30 8,239,774 Utilizing mood sensors in an electronic messaging environment
31 8,239,758 Truncating character strings to generate a list of unique character strings
32 8,239,756 Intelligent document filtering
33 8,239,715 Method and apparatus for a robust embedded interface
34 8,239,707 Replicated state machine
35 8,239,661 System and method for double-issue instructions using a dependency matrix
36 8,239,649 Clearing guest frames absent paging-in to host main storage
37 8,239,622 Data storage array scaling method and system with minimal data movement
38 8,239,583 Migrating domains from one physical data processing system to another
39 8,239,570 Using link send and receive information to select one of multiple links to use to transfer data for send and receive operations
40 8,239,524 Techniques for dynamically assigning jobs to processors in a cluster based on processor workload
41 8,239,519 Computer-implemented methods, systems, and computer program products for autonomic recovery of messages
42 8,239,493 Automated server controlled client-side logging
43 8,239,470 Schedule adjustment assisting apparatus, method and program
44 8,239,445 URL-based sticky routing tokens using a server-side cookie jar
45 8,239,439 Method and apparatus implementing a minimal area consumption multiple addend floating point summation function in a vector microprocessor
46 8,239,438 Method and apparatus for implementing a multiple operand vector floating point summation to scalar function
47 8,239,430 Accuracy improvement in CORDIC through precomputation of the error bias
48 8,239,406 Expression tree data structure for representing a database query
49 8,239,403 Enhancing soft file system links
50 8,239,400 Annotation of query components
51 8,239,390 Filtered remote journal
52 8,239,389 Persisting external index data in a database
53 8,239,383 System and method for managing execution of queries against database samples
54 8,239,382 Method and apparatus for creating an index of network data for a set of messages
55 8,239,368 Apparatus, system, and method for executing a distributed spatial data query
56 8,239,342 Method and apparatus for providing on-demand ontology creation and extension
57 8,239,294 Method of generating multiple recommendations for multi-objective available-to-sell (ATS) optimization problem
58 8,239,247 Correlated analytics for benchmarking in community shared data
59 8,239,245 Method and apparatus for end-to-end retail store site optimization
60 8,239,241 Method and apparatus for providing information about anticipated delays to customers at service centers, contact centers, or call centers
61 8,239,237 Adaptive product configuration model
62 8,239,141 Method for changing a target array, a method for analyzing a structure, and an apparatus, a storage medium and a transmission medium therefor
63 8,239,123 System and method for exchanging positioning information between vehicles in order to estimate road traffic
64 8,239,053 Method and system for setting rates and targets in a range management system
65 8,239,046 Sensor network controllers
66 8,238,946 Method for personalizing messages delivered to a communication terminal that preserves the privacy of the recipient of the message
67 8,238,677 Adaptive lossless data compression method for compression of color image data
68 8,238,644 Fast method to model photoresist images using focus blur and resist blur
69 8,238,624 Hybrid medical image processing
70 8,238,282 System, method and computer program for transferring information on network
71 8,238,190 Clock-gated model transformation for asynchronous testing of logic targeted for free-running, data-gated logic
72 8,238,168 VDD pre-set of direct sense DRAM
73 8,238,149 Methods and apparatus for reducing defect bits in phase change memory
74 8,238,032 Variable focus point lens
75 8,237,742 Simulation method and system
76 8,237,572 Self-powered RFID tag activated by a fluid and method for using such RFID tags
77 8,237,513 Phase locked loop with startup oscillator and primary oscillator
78 8,237,510 Implementing phase locked loop (PLL) with enhanced locking capability with a wide range dynamic reference clock
79 8,237,481 Low power programmable clock delay generator with integrated decode function
80 8,237,471 Circuit with stacked structure and use thereof
81 8,237,463 Method for managing circuit reliability
82 8,237,457 Replacement-gate-compatible programmable electrical antifuse
83 8,237,288 Enhanced electromigration resistance in TSV structure and design
84 8,237,286 Integrated circuit interconnect structure
85 8,237,283 Structure and method of reducing electromigration cracking and extrusion effects in semiconductor devices
86 8,237,279 Collar structure around solder balls that connect semiconductor die to semiconductor chip package substrate
87 8,237,278 Configurable interposer
88 8,237,271 Direct edge connection for multi-chip integrated circuits
89 8,237,247 CMOS devices incorporating hybrid orientation technology (HOT) with embedded connectors
90 8,237,246 Deep trench crackstops under contacts
91 8,237,243 On-chip capacitors with a variable capacitance for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
92 8,237,233 Field effect transistor having a gate structure with a first section above a center portion of the channel region and having a first effective work function and second sections above edges of the channel region and having a second effective work function
93 8,237,197 Asymmetric channel MOSFET
94 8,237,191 Heterojunction bipolar transistors and methods of manufacture
95 8,237,150 Nanowire devices for enhancing mobility through stress engineering
96 8,237,144 Polysilicon plug bipolar transistor for phase change memory
97 8,237,086 Removing material from defective opening in glass mold
98 8,236,710 Technique to create a buried plate in embedded dynamic random access memory device
99 8,236,709 Method of fabricating a device using low temperature anneal processes, a device and design structure
100 8,236,705 Deposition of viscous material
101 8,236,699 Contact patterning method with transition etch feedback
102 8,236,686 Dual metal gates using one metal to alter work function of another metal
103 8,236,683 Conductor structure including manganese oxide capping layer
104 8,236,663 Dual-damascene process to fabricate thick wire structure
105 8,236,662 Bipolar transistor with raised extrinsic self-aligned base using selective epitaxial growth for BiCMOS integration
106 8,236,661 Self-aligned well implant for improving short channel effects control, parasitic capacitance, and junction leakage
107 8,236,660 Monolayer dopant embedded stressor for advanced CMOS
108 8,236,655 Fuse link structures using film stress for programming and methods of manufacture
109 8,236,644 Trench structure and method of forming the trench structure
110 8,236,637 Planar silicide semiconductor structure
111 8,236,636 Hybrid orientation semiconductor structure with reduced boundary defects and method of forming same
112 8,236,634 Integration of fin-based devices and ETSOI devices
113 8,236,632 FET structures with trench implantation to improve back channel leakage and body resistance
114 8,236,615 Passivation layer surface topography modifications for improved integrity in packaged assemblies
115 8,236,610 Forming semiconductor chip connections
116 8,236,580 Copper contamination detection method and system for monitoring copper contamination
117 8,236,482 Photoresist compositions and methods of use in high index immersion lithography
118 8,236,476 Multiple exposure photolithography methods and photoresist compositions
119 8,235,593 Method and system for real-time estimation and prediction of the thermal state of a microprocessor unit