IBM patents granted on 07 December 2010

90 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,849,516 Probe for scanning over a substrate and a data storage device
2 7,849,496 Providing enterprise management of amorphous communities
3 7,849,468 Enhanced browsing of messages in a message queue
4 7,849,459 Deploying java applications in resource constrained environments
5 7,849,456 Method, system and computer program product for synchronizing source code repositories
6 7,849,443 Method and apparatus for managing selective and subtractive merges in a software configuration
7 7,849,433 Integrated circuit with uniform polysilicon perimeter density, method and design structure
8 7,849,429 Methods for conserving memory in statistical static timing analysis
9 7,849,428 Formally deriving a minimal clock-gating scheme
10 7,849,427 Auto-router performing simultaneous placement of signal and return paths
11 7,849,426 Mechanism for detection and compensation of NBTI induced threshold degradation
12 7,849,404 System for determining whether screen displayed by program satisfies specification
13 7,849,403 Dynamically updating rendered content
14 7,849,396 Method and system for displaying prioritization of metric values
15 7,849,362 Method and system of coherent design verification of inter-cluster interactions
16 7,849,356 Parity data management system apparatus and method
17 7,849,347 System and method for updating a time-related state of a migrating logical partition
18 7,849,344 Method for improving accuracy in providing information pertaining to battery power capacity
19 7,849,326 Method and system for protecting master secrets using smart key devices
20 7,849,298 Enhanced processor virtualization mechanism via saving and restoring soft processor/system states
21 7,849,294 Sharing data in internal and memory representations with dynamic data-driven conversion
22 7,849,293 Method and structure for low latency load-tagged pointer instruction for computer microarchitechture
23 7,849,272 Dynamic memory management in an RDMA context
24 7,849,254 Create virtual track buffers in NVS using customer segments to maintain newly written data across a power loss
25 7,849,241 Memory compression method and apparatus for heterogeneous processor architectures in an information handling system
26 7,849,228 Mechanisms for creation/deletion of linear block address table entries for direct I/O
27 7,849,197 Sharing a shared resource across logical partitions or systems
28 7,849,188 End-to-end tracking of asynchronous long-running business process execution language processes
29 7,849,179 System and program for managing devices in a network
30 7,849,178 Grid computing implementation
31 7,849,167 Dynamic distributed adjustment of maximum use of a shared storage resource
32 7,849,164 Configuring a device in a network via steps
33 7,849,156 Method, apparatus and computer program product for discovering and prioritizing patterns of component usage in a virtual application container for enhancing prefetching
34 7,849,147 Method and apparatus for summarization of threads in electronic mail
35 7,849,138 Peer-to-peer multi-party voice-over-IP services
36 7,849,130 Dynamic service-on-demand delivery messaging hub
37 7,849,124 Method and system for detecting difference between plural observed results
38 7,849,114 Method, system, and program product for generating a virtual database
39 7,849,074 Annotation of query components
40 7,849,069 Method and system for federated resource discovery service in distributed systems
41 7,849,068 Remotely updating a status of a data record to cancel a workstation deployment
42 7,849,055 Method and system for limiting instances of a client-server program within a restricted distributed network
43 7,849,044 System and method for automatic task prioritization
44 7,849,028 Electrical package analysis gateway
45 7,848,988 Automated service level management in financial terms
46 7,848,973 Method, system, and program product for demographic reporting of billable project activity
47 7,848,970 System and method for synchronizing ledger accounts by company group
48 7,848,943 System and method for supporting purchase or production of products by potential demand prediction
49 7,848,916 System, method and program product for bidirectional text translation
50 7,848,915 Apparatus for providing feedback of translation quality using concept-based back translation
51 7,848,907 System and method for modeling stochastic behavior of a system of N similar statistical variables
52 7,848,901 Tracing thermal data via performance monitoring
53 7,848,612 Pausing media playback at appropriate intervals
54 7,848,441 Apparatus and method to generate convolution encoded data
55 7,848,355 Resource allocation in peer-to-peer streaming
56 7,848,341 Switching arrangement and method with separated output buffers
57 7,848,327 Methods and apparatus for creating addresses
58 7,848,260 System and method of unstructured analysis through the application of multiple structure maps
59 7,848,213 Data storage device
60 7,848,175 Calibration of memory driver with offset in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
61 7,848,135 Piezo-driven non-volatile memory cell with hysteretic resistance
62 7,848,128 Apparatus and method for implementing matrix-based search capability in content addressable memory devices
63 7,848,109 Assembly and method for ruggedizing computer racks and/or electronic cage assemblies
64 7,848,108 Heatsink with periodically patterned baseplate structure
65 7,847,959 Point of sale printers providing secure network tunneling
66 7,847,926 Defining a pattern on a substrate
67 7,847,799 Bi-level iso-surface compression
68 7,847,696 Detecting a blocker RFID tag
69 7,847,683 Emergency machine off feature with safety control interface
70 7,847,677 Method and system for providing auditory feedback for the visually impaired when defining visual models
71 7,847,641 Digital phase and frequency detector
72 7,847,618 Peak power reduction methods in distributed charge pump systems
73 7,847,605 Voltage detection circuit in an integrated circuit and method of generating a trigger flag signal
74 7,847,529 Dual loop linear voltage regulator with high frequency noise reduction
75 7,847,496 Dynamic tape drive calibration
76 7,847,435 Intrinsically balanced direct current uninterruptible power supply
77 7,847,409 Sacrificial inorganic polymer intermetal dielectric damascene wire and via liner
78 7,847,402 BEOL interconnect structures with improved resistance to stress
79 7,847,358 High performance strained CMOS devices
80 7,847,357 High performance CMOS devices comprising gapped dual stressors with dielectric gap fillers, and methods of fabricating the same
81 7,847,356 Metal gate high-K devices having a layer comprised of amorphous silicon
82 7,847,323 Methods for fabricating a semiconductor structure using a mandrel and semiconductor structures formed thereby
83 7,847,320 Dense chevron non-planar field effect transistors and method
84 7,847,222 Heater and memory cell, memory device and recording head including the heater
85 7,846,834 Interconnect structure and method for Cu/ultra low k integration
86 7,846,791 Structure for a trench capacitor
87 7,846,714 Synthesis of chemical tags
88 7,846,502 Method of positioning patterns from block copolymer self-assembly
89 7,845,567 Contactless card reader and information processing system
90 7,845,067 Actuator assembly method