IBM patents granted on 07 February 2017

211 US patents granted on 07 February 2017 and assigned to IBM

1 9,565,777 Security mesh and method of making
2 9,565,635 Activating a mobile terminal from mobile network side
3 9,565,599 Electronic devices with distributed radios
4 9,565,579 Sampling of device states for mobile software applications
5 9,565,533 Crowd congestion detection
6 9,565,524 Accessing location-based information on a mobile device
7 9,565,481 Event pop-ups for video selection
8 9,565,460 Dynamic video content contextualization
9 9,565,377 Multifunctional sky camera system for total sky imaging and spectral radiance measurement
10 9,565,266 Broker facilitated peer-to-peer publisher collaboration in a publish-subscription environment
11 9,565,253 Scalable approach to manage storage volumes across heterogenous cloud systems
12 9,565,252 Distributed storage network with replication control and methods for use therewith
13 9,565,248 Assigning user workloads to application servers
14 9,565,236 Automatic genre classification determination of web content to which the web content belongs together with a corresponding genre probability
15 9,565,210 Appliance for processing a session in network communications
16 9,565,206 Security management in a networked computing environment
17 9,565,196 Trust level modifier
18 9,565,193 Utilization of multiple keypads for password inputs
19 9,565,161 Automatically replacing localhost as hostname in URL with fully qualified domain name or IP address
20 9,565,154 Message management method
21 9,565,129 Resource provisioning planning for enterprise migration and automated application discovery
22 9,565,095 Take-over of network frame handling in a computing environment
23 9,565,094 I/O routing in a multidimensional torus network
24 9,565,060 Managing a network connection for use by a plurality of application program processes
25 9,565,026 System and method for providing location based services using collaborative networks
26 9,565,021 Shape actuation encapsulant of a cryptographic module
27 9,565,020 System and method for generating a server-assisted strong password from a weak secret
28 9,565,014 Initializing a descrambler
29 9,565,013 Controlling the state of duplexing of coupling facility structures
30 9,564,983 Enablement of a private phone conversation
31 9,564,945 Method and apparatus to determine electric power network anomalies using a coordinated information exchange among smart meters
32 9,564,925 Pipelined architecture for iterative decoding of product codes
33 9,564,919 Managing data records
34 9,564,918 Real-time reduction of CPU overhead for data compression
35 9,564,769 Wireless communication controlled battery charging station
36 9,564,671 Direct chip to waveguide transition including ring shaped antennas disposed in a thinned periphery of the chip
37 9,564,580 Double synthetic antiferromagnet using rare earth metals and transition metals
38 9,564,573 Trilayer josephson junction structure with small air bridge and no interlevel dielectric for superconducting qubits
39 9,564,526 Group III nitride integration with CMOS technology
40 9,564,523 Non-linear spin-orbit interaction devices and methods for current-to-spin conversion and amplification of spin-polarizations
41 9,564,514 Reducing direct source-to-drain tunneling in field effect transistors with low effective mass channels
42 9,564,506 Low end parasitic capacitance FinFET
43 9,564,502 Techniques for multiple gate workfunctions for a nanowire CMOS technology
44 9,564,501 Reduced trench profile for a gate
45 9,564,500 Fully-depleted SOI MOSFET with U-shaped channel
46 9,564,494 Enhanced defect reduction for heteroepitaxy by seed shape engineering
47 9,564,486 Self-aligned dual-height isolation for bulk FinFET
48 9,564,452 Fabrication of hybrid semiconductor circuits
49 9,564,446 SRAM design to facilitate single fin cut in double sidewall image transfer process
50 9,564,445 Dummy gate structure for electrical isolation of a fin DRAM
51 9,564,444 Method of forming integrated fin and strap structure for an access transistor of a trench capacitor
52 9,564,443 Dynamic random access memory cell with self-aligned strap
53 9,564,440 Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
54 9,564,439 Structure and method for advanced bulk fin isolation
55 9,564,438 Semiconductor structure containing semiconductor fins and insulating fence fins on a same substrate
56 9,564,437 Method and structure for forming FinFET CMOS with dual doped STI regions
57 9,564,429 Lateral bipolar sensor with sensing signal amplification
58 9,564,428 Forming metal-insulator-metal capacitor
59 9,564,386 Semiconductor package with structures for cooling fluid retention
60 9,564,379 Via chains for defect localization
61 9,564,373 Forming a CMOS with dual strained channels
62 9,564,372 Dual liner silicide
63 9,564,370 Effective device formation for advanced technology nodes with aggressive fin-pitch scaling
64 9,564,362 Interconnects based on subtractive etching of silver
65 9,564,358 Forming reliable contacts on tight semiconductor pitch
66 9,564,356 Self-forming metal barriers
67 9,564,335 Method for improving quality of spalled material layers
68 9,564,326 Lithography using interface reaction
69 9,564,310 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor fabrication with unitary sputtering process
70 9,564,197 Ferromagnetic device providing high domain wall velocities
71 9,564,188 Current-mode sense amplifier and reference current circuitry
72 9,564,175 Clustering crowdsourced videos by line-of-sight
73 9,564,171 Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) using reserved buffer
74 9,564,168 Adjustable interpolation sampling interval for tape systems
75 9,564,165 Laminating magnetic cores for on-chip magnetic devices
76 9,564,161 Method for controlling the lateral position of a tape head of a magnetic tape drive
77 9,564,160 Servo compensation control in a vibration environment
78 9,564,124 Displaying relevant information on wearable computing devices
79 9,564,115 Producing sounds in a virtual world and related sound card
80 9,564,063 Automated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation
81 9,564,046 Wearable input device
82 9,564,037 Mobile device loss prevention using audio and spatial indicia
83 9,563,983 Filtering information within augmented reality overlays
84 9,563,974 Aggregating graph structures
85 9,563,924 Managing time-substitutable electricity usage using dynamic controls
86 9,563,913 Luggage contents recommendations and tracking
87 9,563,896 Kinetic tracking in manufacturing to predict and prevent defects
88 9,563,880 Location aware personal scheduler
89 9,563,879 Providing accurate recipient lists by correlating tagged keywords to recipient lists
90 9,563,876 Control options for instant message display and notification
91 9,563,875 Automatically providing notifications regarding interesting content from shared sources based on important persons and important sources for a user
92 9,563,864 Detecting patterns that increase the risk of late delivery of a software project
93 9,563,858 Automated setup of presentation event agenda and logistics
94 9,563,846 Predicting and enhancing document ingestion time
95 9,563,844 Speculative asynchronous sub-population evolutionary computing utilizing a termination speculation threshold
96 9,563,842 Structural plasticity in spiking neural networks with symmetric dual of an electronic neuron
97 9,563,841 Globally asynchronous and locally synchronous (GALS) neuromorphic network
98 9,563,819 Visual comparisons using personal objects
99 9,563,792 Remote control of powering of electrical appliances
100 9,563,786 Inter-process access control
101 9,563,781 Directional optimization for policy evaluation
102 9,563,777 Security policy generation based on snapshots of similar virtual machines
103 9,563,758 Increasing security of a device and/or system via questioning about a characteristic of the device and/or system
104 9,563,753 Method for booting and dumping a confidential image on a trusted computer system
105 9,563,739 Technology for temperature sensitive components in thermal processing
106 9,563,736 Placement aware functional engineering change order extraction
107 9,563,732 In-plane copper imbalance for warpage prediction
108 9,563,724 Virtual power management multiprocessor system simulation
109 9,563,719 Self-monitoring object-oriented applications
110 9,563,711 Automated surfacing of tagged content in vertical applications
111 9,563,691 Providing search suggestions from user selected data sources for an input string
112 9,563,688 Categorizing users based on similarity of posed questions, answers and supporting evidence
113 9,563,685 Synchronized data changes
114 9,563,679 Adaptive warehouse data validation tool
115 9,563,673 Query method for a distributed database system and query apparatus
116 9,563,669 Closed itemset mining using difference update
117 9,563,661 Optimal analytic workflow
118 9,563,660 Coalescing operation for query processing
119 9,563,659 Generating question and answer pairs to assess understanding of key concepts in social learning playlist
120 9,563,657 Generating data queries using a graphical selection tree
121 9,563,636 Allowing writes to complete without obtaining a write lock to a file
122 9,563,635 Automated recognition of patterns in a log file having unknown grammar
123 9,563,631 Techniques for operating a storage network system
124 9,563,615 Dynamic modeling of geospatial words in social media
125 9,563,612 Accessing location-based information on a mobile device
126 9,563,609 Systems and methods for customizing appearance and behavior of electronic documents based on a multidimensional vector of use patterns
127 9,563,608 Data analysis results authoring and peer review
128 9,563,603 Providing known distribution patterns associated with specific measures and metrics
129 9,563,598 Dispersed storage network frame protocol header
130 9,563,594 Intercomponent data communication between multiple time zones
131 9,563,591 Peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) ping in a switch-based environment
132 9,563,572 Migrating buffer for direct memory access in a computer system
133 9,563,568 Hierarchical cache structure and handling thereof
134 9,563,563 Multi-stage translation of prefetch requests
135 9,563,559 Dynamic prioritization of cache access
136 9,563,558 Techniques for implementing barriers to efficiently support cumulativity in a weakly-ordered memory system
137 9,563,548 Error injection and error counting during memory scrubbing operations
138 9,563,539 Breakpoint continuation for stream computing
139 9,563,538 Code path tracking
140 9,563,537 Breakpoint for predicted tuple processing time in a streaming environment
141 9,563,536 Performance neutral isolation of runtime discrepancies in binary code
142 9,563,534 Debugger display of vector register contents after compiler optimizations for vector instructions
143 9,563,529 Selective monitoring of archive and backup storage
144 9,563,526 Test machine management
145 9,563,524 Multi level data recovery in storage disk arrays
146 9,563,516 Managing backup operations from a client system to a primary server and secondary server
147 9,563,515 Data backup or restore using main memory and non-volatile storage media
148 9,563,513 O(1) virtual machine (VM) snapshot management
149 9,563,512 Host recovery based on rapid indication of estimated recovery time
150 9,563,507 Rebuilding a data revision in a dispersed storage network
151 9,563,500 Storage integrity validator
152 9,563,490 Adaptive integration flow using automated service discovery
153 9,563,484 Concurrent computing with reduced locking requirements for shared data
154 9,563,482 Method for imposing policy modification constraints
155 9,563,481 Performing a logical partition migration utilizing plural mover service partition pairs
156 9,563,475 Merging connection pools to form a logical pool of connections during a preset period of time thereby more efficiently utilizing connections in connection pools
157 9,563,473 Concurrent workload deployment to synchronize activity in a design palette
158 9,563,472 Concurrent workload deployment to synchronize activity in a design palette
159 9,563,471 Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and program
160 9,563,470 Backfill scheduling for embarrassingly parallel jobs
161 9,563,468 Interprocessor memory status communication
162 9,563,467 Interprocessor memory status communication
163 9,563,464 Leveraging multiprocessor fabric link aggregation
164 9,563,462 Suspending and resuming virtual machines
165 9,563,461 Suspending and resuming virtual machines
166 9,563,458 Offloading and parallelizing translation table operations
167 9,563,454 Using a mobile device to transfer virtual machine between computers while preserving session
168 9,563,449 Mobilizing a web application to take advantage of a native device capability
169 9,563,448 Mobilizing a web application to take advantage of a native device capability
170 9,563,447 Sharing of classes for modular programs in a multi-tenant environment
171 9,563,442 Baseboard management controller and method of loading firmware
172 9,563,438 Mobile computing device reconfiguration in response to environmental factors including consumption of battery power at different rates
173 9,563,434 Mining dependencies from disk images
174 9,563,430 Dynamic thread sharing in branch prediction structures
175 9,563,428 Schedulers with load-store queue awareness
176 9,563,427 Relative offset branching in a fixed-width reduced instruction set computing architecture
177 9,563,422 Evaluating accessibility compliance of a user interface design
178 9,563,421 Refining data understanding through impact analysis
179 9,563,419 Managing deployment of application pattern based applications on runtime platforms
180 9,563,417 Patch management automation tool for UNIX, APARXML
181 9,563,405 Sharing of classes for modular programs in a multi-tenant environment
182 9,563,400 Optimized structure for hexadecimal and binary multiplier array
183 9,563,388 Sharing a hosted device in a computer network
184 9,563,380 Zoning of devices in a storage area network with LUN masking/mapping
185 9,563,379 Baseboard management controller (BMC) provided with sensor list
186 9,563,376 Low power storage array with metadata access
187 9,563,373 Detecting error count deviations for non-volatile memory blocks for advanced non-volatile memory block management
188 9,563,366 Using queues corresponding to attribute values associated with units of work and sub-units of the unit of work to select the units of work and their sub-units to process
189 9,563,361 Zero copy support by the virtual memory manager
190 9,563,360 Management of extent migration on tiered storage
191 9,563,359 System and method for transforming an in-use RAID array including migrating data using reserved extents
192 9,563,354 Detecting input based on multiple gestures
193 9,563,335 Predictive approach to URL determination
194 9,563,333 Controlling computer-based instances
195 9,563,325 Selective update of a page having a pegged area
196 9,563,271 Determining errors in forms using eye movement
197 9,563,261 Management of power consumption in large computing clusters
198 9,563,259 Apparatus and method for activating and shutting down individual enhanced pipeline stages based on stage priority and performance requirements
199 9,563,122 Method to harden photoresist for directed self-assembly processes
200 9,563,030 Connector for waveguide and alignment method
201 9,563,018 Tapered photonic waveguide to optical fiber proximity coupler
202 9,562,945 Modifying a scan chain for improved fault diagnosis of integrated circuits
203 9,562,852 Gas sensor with integrated optics and reference cell
204 9,562,824 Measuring moisture leakage through liquid-carrying hardware
205 9,562,786 Candidate path recommendation
206 9,562,775 Geographic space management
207 9,562,127 Methods of forming block polymers for directed self-assembly
208 9,561,852 In flight transfer of packages between aerial drones
209 9,561,810 Large-scale multi-detector predictive modeling
210 9,561,750 Communicating an alert notification to a particular vehicle
211 9,561,474 Composite membrane with multi-layered active layer