IBM patents granted on 07 July 2009

60 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,559,066 CICS BMS (basic message service) meta model
2 7,559,063 Program flow control in computer systems
3 7,559,061 Simultaneous multi-threading control monitor
4 7,559,057 Alignment and generalization of demonstrated procedure traces
5 7,559,052 Meta-model for associating multiple physical representations of logically equivalent entities in messaging and other applications
6 7,559,033 Method and system for improving selection capability for user interface
7 7,559,021 Folding text
8 7,559,002 Multi-thread parallel segment scan simulation of chip element performance
9 7,558,999 Learning based logic diagnosis
10 7,558,989 Implementing persistence and refreshing of validation error messages based upon hierarchical refresh levels
11 7,558,964 Cued one-time passwords
12 7,558,948 Method for providing zero overhead looping using carry chain masking
13 7,558,929 Instant copy of data in a cache memory via an atomic command
14 7,558,921 Method for data set replacement in 4-way or greater locking cache
15 7,558,914 Data object processing of storage drive buffers
16 7,558,908 Structure of sequencers that perform initial and periodic calibrations in a memory system
17 7,558,893 Latency optimized data alignment racheting scheme
18 7,558,887 Method for supporting partial cache line read and write operations to a memory module to reduce read and write data traffic on a memory channel
19 7,558,886 Method and apparatus for controlling data flows in distributed storage systems
20 7,558,874 Energy efficient ethernet via dynamic adapter driver link speed negotiation
21 7,558,864 Method, system and product for identifying, reserving, and logically provisioning resources in provisioning data processing systems
22 7,558,850 Method for managing input/output (I/O) performance between host systems and storage volumes
23 7,558,845 Modifying a DHCP configuration for one system according to a request from another system
24 7,558,830 Method for tagging and tracking non-hypertext markup language based e-mail
25 7,558,825 Dynamic current device status
26 7,558,786 Method for storing text annotations with associated type information in a structured data store
27 7,558,785 Extrapolating continuous values for comparison with discrete valued data
28 7,558,770 Method and system to detect application non-conformance
29 7,558,768 Topological motifs discovery using a compact notation
30 7,558,764 Methods for multi-class cost-sensitive learning
31 7,558,758 Business event triggered, policy-driven payment management
32 7,558,734 Using web FAQ data for creating self-service speech applications
33 7,558,642 Method, apparatus, and product for optimizing manufacturing tests by integrating part and test objects in the same order configuration application
34 7,558,547 Radio receiver that changes function according to the output of an internal voice-only detector
35 7,558,426 Device for outputting character recognition results, character recognition device, and program therefor
36 7,558,425 Finding structures in multi-dimensional spaces using image-guided clustering
37 7,558,271 Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with defined priorities for different networks
38 7,558,248 Fanning route generation technique for multi-path networks
39 7,558,210 Publish-subscribe looping detection and correction
40 7,558,186 High density data storage medium, method and device
41 7,558,185 Storage device having flexible architecture and free scalability
42 7,558,138 Bypass circuit for memory arrays
43 7,558,136 Internally asymmetric methods and circuits for evaluating static memory cell dynamic stability
44 7,558,132 Implementing calibration of DQS sampling during synchronous DRAM reads
45 7,558,068 Apparatus and system, to secure a heat sink
46 7,558,066 System and method for cooling a module
47 7,558,039 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for detecting excess current flow in a pluggable component
48 7,558,018 Head position detector with optical slit pattern
49 7,557,728 Using audio to detect changes to the performance of an application
50 7,557,616 Limited switch dynamic logic cell based register
51 7,557,614 Topology for a n-way XOR/XNOR circuit
52 7,557,597 Stacked chip security
53 7,557,424 Reversible electric fuse and antifuse structures for semiconductor devices
54 7,557,023 Implantation of gate regions in semiconductor device fabrication
55 7,556,979 Negative thermal expansion system (NTEs) device for TCE compensation in elastomer composites and conductive elastomer interconnects in microelectronic packaging
56 7,556,972 Detection and characterization of SiCOH-based dielectric materials during device fabrication
57 7,556,517 Attenuation of an electrostatic charge on a cable prior to coupling the cable with an electronic system
58 7,556,377 System and method of detecting eye fixations using adaptive thresholds
59 7,556,194 Method and apparatus to indicated proximity of a medium and update a user inventory
60 7,556,193 Method and apparatus for affinity card consolidation