IBM patents granted on 07 June 2011

143 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,958,559 Method, device and computer program product for determining a malicious workload pattern
2 7,958,552 System to establish trust between policy systems and users
3 7,958,547 Single sign-on method for web-based applications
4 7,958,546 Identity access management system
5 7,958,545 Multiple identity management in an electronic commerce site
6 7,958,517 Apparatus, system, and method for executing functions in an event driven environment from a co-routine environment
7 7,958,514 Apparatus, system, and method for managing tray devices
8 7,958,513 Method, system and program product for communicating among processes in a symmetric multi-processing cluster environment
9 7,958,509 Method and system for scheduling of jobs
10 7,958,504 Distributing software features to a computer
11 7,958,494 Rapid on-boarding of a software factory
12 7,958,487 Apparatus, system, and method for modifying an integration software template
13 7,958,484 Affinity-based clustering of vectors for partitioning the columns of a matrix
14 7,958,482 Stitched circuitry region boundary identification for stitched IC chip layout
15 7,958,477 Structure, failure analysis tool and method of determining white bump location using failure analysis tool
16 7,958,471 Structure for couple noise characterization using a single oscillator
17 7,958,469 Design structure for a phase locked loop with stabilized dynamic response
18 7,958,460 Method for predictive drag and drop operation to improve accessibility
19 7,958,449 Method and apparatus for displaying and processing input fields from a document
20 7,958,447 Method and system for page navigating user interfaces for electronic devices
21 7,958,440 Bursting multiple elements in a single object in a content management system
22 7,958,432 Verification of non volatile storage storing preserved unneeded data
23 7,958,406 Verifying a record as part of an operation to modify the record
24 7,958,402 Generate diagnostic data for overdue thread in a data processing system
25 7,958,400 Detecting unexpected impact of software changes using coverage analysis
26 7,958,398 Reference state information generation
27 7,958,393 Conditional actions based on runtime conditions of a computer system environment
28 7,958,392 Assigning a processor to a logical partition
29 7,958,384 Backup power source used in indicating that server may leave network
30 7,958,381 Energy conservation in multipath data communications
31 7,958,340 Monitoring software pipeline performance on a network on chip
32 7,958,334 Method and apparatus for an efficient multi-path trace cache design
33 7,958,327 Performing an asynchronous memory move (AMM) via execution of AMM store instruction within the instruction set architecture
34 7,958,325 Handling temporary files in a file system with snapshots
35 7,958,317 Cache directed sequential prefetch
36 7,958,316 Dynamic adjustment of prefetch stream priority
37 7,958,315 Prefetching in a virtual memory system based upon repeated accesses across page boundaries
38 7,958,314 Target computer processor unit (CPU) determination during cache injection using input/output I/O) hub/chipset resources
39 7,958,313 Target computer processor unit (CPU) determination during cache injection using input/output (I/O) adapter resources
40 7,958,311 Cache line replacement techniques allowing choice of LFU or MFU cache line replacement
41 7,958,310 Apparatus, system, and method for selecting a space efficient repository
42 7,958,309 Dynamic selection of a memory access size
43 7,958,293 Virtualized serial attached SCSI adapter
44 7,958,289 Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
45 7,958,274 Heuristic status polling
46 7,958,263 Address reduction for data storage enclosures
47 7,958,257 Message filtering and demultiplexing system
48 7,958,244 Imposed policies for handling instant messages
49 7,958,241 Method and system for optimally allocating a network service
50 7,958,221 Service processing apparatus, system, and recording medium
51 7,958,218 System for determining unreturned standby resource usage
52 7,958,215 System management using real time collaboration
53 7,958,206 Controlling access rights to network resources based on a hierarchical arrangement of security sets
54 7,958,200 Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses for providing remote client access to exported file systems
55 7,958,197 Dynamic type-ahead for lists of prior specified addressees
56 7,958,195 Method and apparatus for improving data transfers in peer-to-peer networks
57 7,958,188 Transaction-initiated batch processing
58 7,958,184 Network virtualization in a multi-node system with multiple networks
59 7,958,183 Performing collective operations using software setup and partial software execution at leaf nodes in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
60 7,958,182 Providing full hardware support of collective operations in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
61 7,958,180 Multiplier engine
62 7,958,172 Apparatus for implementing container managed uses, ownerships, and references in an enterprise javabean environment
63 7,958,162 Method and system for generating analogous fictional data from non-fictional data
64 7,958,158 Aggregating database queries
65 7,958,154 Apparatus, system, and method for command manager support for pluggable data formats
66 7,958,152 Elimination of redundant objects in storage systems
67 7,958,150 Method for implementing fine-grained access control using access restrictions
68 7,958,149 Computer program and product for append mode insertion of rows into tables in database management systems
69 7,958,145 Creating multiple MBeans from a factory MBean
70 7,958,131 Method for data management and data rendering for disparate data types
71 7,958,113 Automatically and adaptively determining execution plans for queries with parameter markers
72 7,958,105 System and method for filtering database results using dynamic composite queries
73 7,958,094 Management of deletion requests for related documents in a content management system
74 7,958,093 Optimizing a storage system to support short data lifetimes
75 7,958,090 Method, system, and computer program product for implementing back up history cleanup operations for a database management system
76 7,958,082 Application data replication between computers
77 7,958,074 Method and structure for domain-independent modular reasoning and relation representation for entity-relation based information structures
78 7,958,068 Method and apparatus for model-shared subspace boosting for multi-label classification
79 7,958,065 Resilient classifier for rule-based system
80 7,958,058 System, method, and service for migrating an item within a workflow process
81 7,958,055 Method and apparatus for temporary ownership of digital items in a network data processing system
82 7,958,032 Generating event messages corresponding to event indicators
83 7,958,031 Apparatus, system, and method for automated identity relationship maintenance
84 7,958,020 Efficient inventory management for providing distinct service qualities for multiple demand groups
85 7,958,016 Method and apparatus for specifying product characteristics by combining characteristics of products
86 7,958,014 Method and apparatus for building commercial distributed computing networks via computer cost subsidization
87 7,957,996 Market expansion through optimized resource placement
88 7,957,995 Method for project preparing a procurement and accounts payable system
89 7,957,994 Defining service funding for a service oriented architecture
90 7,957,992 Modification of a diagram for business process optimization
91 7,957,954 System and computer program product for national language support using a multi-language property file
92 7,957,943 Method and system for modeling effects visually
93 7,957,917 Copper contamination detection method and system for monitoring copper contamination
94 7,957,848 Support of deep power savings mode and partial good in a thermal management system
95 7,957,826 Methods for normalizing error in photolithographic processes
96 7,957,775 Low battery notification service for wireless device users
97 7,957,529 Procurement and audit of digital rights management event data
98 7,957,413 Method, system and program product for outsourcing resources in a grid computing environment
99 7,957,387 Packet classification
100 7,957,372 Automatically detecting distributed port scans in computer networks
101 7,957,363 System, method, and service for dynamically selecting an optimum message pathway
102 7,957,288 Method and system of efficient packet reordering
103 7,957,271 Using mobile traffic history to minimize transmission time
104 7,957,227 System for preventing excessive skipping on audio disks
105 7,957,149 Top actuated, force limiting heatsink retention system
106 7,957,148 Low profile computer processor retention device
107 7,957,144 Heat exchange system for blade server systems and method
108 7,957,089 Servo pattern architecture and method using same to improve LPOS encoding efficiency
109 7,957,088 Track compensation and skew compensation for drives having flangeless rollers and systems thereof
110 7,957,032 Defect and maintenance detection for image capture device
111 7,956,873 Image rotation with substantially no aliasing error
112 7,956,747 Managing electrical device power state
113 7,956,688 Common mode cancellation in differential networks
114 7,956,671 Circuit structure and method for programming and re-programming a low power, multiple states, electronic fuse (e-fuse)
115 7,956,669 High-density low-power data retention power gating with double-gate devices
116 7,956,628 Chip-based prober for high frequency measurements and methods of measuring
117 7,956,579 Battery charge management system for charging a battery bank that includes a plurality of batteries
118 7,956,466 Structure for interconnect structure containing various capping materials for electrical fuse and other related applications
119 7,956,463 Large grain size conductive structure for narrow interconnect openings
120 7,956,458 Metal clad fiber optics for enhanced heat dissipation
121 7,956,417 Method of reducing stacking faults through annealing
122 7,956,415 SOI transistor having a carrier recombination structure in a body
123 7,956,412 Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with a trench field plate
124 7,956,348 Complementary logic circuit
125 7,955,988 Photoresist trimming process
126 7,955,971 Hybrid metallic wire and methods of fabricating same
127 7,955,967 Method of fabricating ultra-deep vias and three-dimensional integrated circuits using ultra-deep vias
128 7,955,966 Injection molded solder ball method
129 7,955,958 Method for fabrication of polycrystalline diodes for resistive memories
130 7,955,955 Using crack arrestor for inhibiting damage from dicing and chip packaging interaction failures in back end of line structures
131 7,955,952 Crackstop structures and methods of making same
132 7,955,950 Semiconductor-on-insulator substrate with a diffusion barrier
133 7,955,940 Silicon-on-insulator substrate with built-in substrate junction
134 7,955,936 Semiconductor fabrication process including an SiGe rework method
135 7,955,931 Method and apparatus for fabricating a carbon nanotube transistor
136 7,955,928 Structure and method of fabricating FinFET
137 7,955,926 Structure and method to control oxidation in high-k gate structures
138 7,955,921 Full silicide gate for CMOS
139 7,955,909 Strained ultra-thin SOI transistor formed by replacement gate
140 7,955,887 Techniques for three-dimensional circuit integration
141 7,955,585 Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
142 7,955,160 Glass mold polishing method and structure
143 7,954,393 Linear actuator with wear-resistant ceramic bushing