IBM patents granted on 07 June 2016

145 US patents granted on 07 June 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,363,924 Ground-based heat sink facilitating electronic system cooling
2 9,363,426 Automatic camera selection based on device orientation
3 9,363,330 Systems and methods for managed service delivery in 4G wireless networks
4 9,363,321 Analytics based scoping of HTML5 web storage attributes
5 9,363,312 Transparent header modification for reducing serving load based on current and projected usage
6 9,363,289 Instrumentation and monitoring of service level agreement (SLA) and service policy enforcement
7 9,363,284 Testing web applications for security vulnerabilities with metarequests
8 9,363,258 Secure digital signature system
9 9,363,229 Domain name resolution for a hybrid cloud cluster
10 9,363,226 Method for double IP address recovery
11 9,363,217 Indicating in an electronic message whether a user has previously accessed content provided by a resource
12 9,363,211 Automatically populating recipients in an instant messaging or other computer communication system
13 9,363,195 Configuring cloud resources
14 9,363,189 Credit based flow control in lossless ethernet networks
15 9,363,176 Virtual machine network controller
16 9,363,154 Prediction-based provisioning planning for cloud environments
17 9,363,153 Monitoring similar data in stream computing
18 9,363,151 Dynamically determining packet sampling rates
19 9,363,150 Policy driven auto-transitioning framework for governed objects in service registries
20 9,363,143 Selective computation using analytic functions
21 9,363,137 Faulty core recovery mechanisms for a three-dimensional network on a processor array
22 9,363,132 Maximizing throughput of streaming media by simultaneously connecting to streaming media server over multiple independent network connections
23 9,363,093 Utilizing eye tracking to determine attendee engagement
24 9,363,092 Selecting a video data stream of a video conference
25 9,363,075 Polymorphic encryption key matrices
26 9,363,008 Deployment criteria for unmanned aerial vehicles to improve cellular phone communications
27 9,362,946 Determination of encoding based on perceived code point classes
28 9,362,901 Controlling turn on FETs of a hot plug device
29 9,362,606 On-chip vertical three dimensional microstrip line with characteristic impedance tuning technique and design structures
30 9,362,444 Optoelectronics and CMOS integration on GOI substrate
31 9,362,440 60.times.120 cm.sup.2 prototype electrodeposition cell for processing of thin film solar panels
32 9,362,407 Symmetrical extension junction formation with low-K spacer and dual epitaxial process in FinFET device
33 9,362,400 Semiconductor device including dielectrically isolated finFETs and buried stressor
34 9,362,383 Highly scaled tunnel FET with tight pitch and method to fabricate same
35 9,362,362 FinFET with dielectric isolated channel
36 9,362,355 Nanosheet MOSFET with full-height air-gap spacer
37 9,362,354 Tuning gate lengths in semiconductor device structures
38 9,362,285 Structure and method to increase contact area in unmerged EPI integration for CMOS FinFETs
39 9,362,282 High-K gate dielectric and metal gate conductor stack for planar field effect transistors formed on type III-V semiconductor material and silicon germanium semiconductor material
40 9,362,281 Group III nitride integration with CMOS technology
41 9,362,223 Integrated circuit assembly with cushion polymer layer
42 9,362,182 Forming strained fins of different material on a substrate
43 9,362,179 Method to form dual channel semiconductor material fins
44 9,362,178 FinFET including varied fin height
45 9,362,177 Nanowire semiconductor device
46 9,362,170 Dielectric liner for a self-aligned contact via structure
47 9,361,984 Flash-based memory system with robust backup and restart features and removable modules
48 9,361,933 Reducing errors in sending file attachments
49 9,361,928 Dynamically controlling tape velocity
50 9,361,795 Regional driving trend modification using autonomous vehicles
51 9,361,724 Visual connectivity of widgets using event propagation
52 9,361,710 Defining a midlet region space
53 9,361,709 Interpreting texture in support of mobile commerce and mobility
54 9,361,654 Managing past activities based on relationship changes in a social network
55 9,361,651 Displaying quantitative trending of pegged data from cache
56 9,361,648 Rule authoring for events in a grid environment
57 9,361,642 Product evaluation system featuring user context analysis
58 9,361,629 Controlling simultaneous execution of multiple telecom campaigns
59 9,361,623 Preferred customer marketing delivery based on biometric data for a customer
60 9,361,595 On-demand cloud service management
61 9,361,588 Construction of tree-shaped bayesian network
62 9,361,587 Authoring system for bayesian networks automatically extracted from text
63 9,361,579 Large scale probabilistic ontology reasoning
64 9,361,455 Security management in a networked computing environment
65 9,361,442 Triggering actions on a user device based on biometrics of nearby individuals
66 9,361,409 Automatic driver modeling for integration of human-controlled vehicles into an autonomous vehicle network
67 9,361,397 Device data personalization
68 9,361,389 Method for providing a state-based guidance and technology view for an application
69 9,361,386 Clarification of submitted questions in a question and answer system
70 9,361,351 Data management via active and inactive table space containers
71 9,361,338 Offloaded, incremental database statistics collection and optimization
72 9,361,333 Reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems
73 9,361,332 Index record-level locking for file systems using a B+ tree structure
74 9,361,329 Managing time series databases
75 9,361,325 Governing information
76 9,361,323 Declarative specification of data integration workflows for execution on parallel processing platforms
77 9,361,307 Rejecting rows when scanning a collision chain that is associated with a page filter
78 9,361,300 Controlling filling levels of storage pools
79 9,361,299 RSS content administration for rendering RSS content on a digital audio player
80 9,361,293 Using renaming directives to bootstrap industry-specific knowledge and lexical resources
81 9,361,276 System and method for serving multiple data objects and formatting functions in a single request
82 9,361,274 Interaction detection for generalized linear models for a purchase decision
83 9,361,268 Splitable and scalable normalizer for vector data
84 9,361,267 Splitable and scalable normalizer for vector data
85 9,361,264 Systems and methods for access and control of hardware device resources using device-independent access interfaces
86 9,361,241 Grouping tracks for destaging
87 9,361,240 Dynamic reservations in a unified request queue
88 9,361,231 Implicit I/O send on cache operations
89 9,361,229 Distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
90 9,361,216 Thin provisioning storage resources associated with an application program
91 9,361,210 Capturing domain validations and domain element initializations
92 9,361,209 Capturing domain validations and domain element initializations
93 9,361,207 Framework for a software error inject tool
94 9,361,206 Code coverage framework
95 9,361,205 Code coverage framework
96 9,361,202 Filtering system noises in parallel computer systems during thread synchronization
97 9,361,195 Mirroring in three-dimensional stacked memory
98 9,361,193 Method, apparatus or software for transferring a storage replication system between storage systems
99 9,361,190 Recovery of a transaction after XA end
100 9,361,189 Optimizing disaster recovery systems during takeover operations
101 9,361,184 Selecting during a system shutdown procedure, a restart incident checkpoint of an incident analyzer in a distributed processing system
102 9,361,176 Detecting the use of stale data values due to weak consistency
103 9,361,175 Dynamic detection of resource management anomalies in a processing system
104 9,361,174 Processing main cause errors and sympathetic errors in devices in a system
105 9,361,166 Extensible data interface for shared service module
106 9,361,165 Automated merger of logically associated messages in a message queue
107 9,361,161 Workload routing for managing energy in a data center
108 9,361,160 Virtualization across physical partitions of a multi-core processor (MCP)
109 9,361,159 Runtime chargeback in a simultaneous multithreading (SMT) environment
110 9,361,154 Tunable computerized job scheduling
111 9,361,143 Placement of input/output adapter cards in a server
112 9,361,140 Isolating applications in server environment
113 9,361,137 Managing application parameters based on parameter types
114 9,361,134 Validating translations of externalized content for inclusion in an application
115 9,361,126 Device driver aggregation in operating system deployment
116 9,361,125 Dynamic reconfiguration of queue pairs
117 9,361,120 Pluggable cloud enablement boot device and method that determines hardware resources via firmware
118 9,361,115 Saving/restoring selected registers in transactional processing
119 9,361,108 Forming instruction groups based on decode time instruction optimization
120 9,361,095 Integrated exchange of search results in an integrated software development environment
121 9,361,092 Recommending upgrade actions during migration
122 9,361,089 Secure patch updates of a virtual machine image in a virtualization data processing system
123 9,361,087 Device driver aggregation in operating system deployment
124 9,361,086 Collating and intelligently sequencing installation documentation
125 9,361,081 Deploying an application in a cloud computing environment
126 9,361,078 Compiler method of exploiting data value locality for computation reuse
127 9,361,075 Contraction aware parsing system for domain-specific languages
128 9,361,068 System and method for using development objectives to guide implementation of source code
129 9,361,041 Hint instruction for managing transactional aborts in transactional memory computing environments
130 9,361,032 Management of server cache storage space
131 9,361,031 Software indications and hints for coalescing memory transactions
132 9,361,026 Selective copying of track data based on track data characteristics through map-mediated peer-to-peer remote copy
133 9,361,007 Graphical interface data fragment operations for data visualization
134 9,361,004 Indicating organization of visitor on user interface of user engaged in collaborative activity with visitor
135 9,360,982 Generating visualizations of facet values for facets defined over a collection of objects
136 9,360,885 Fabric multipathing based on dynamic latency-based calculations
137 9,360,855 Anomaly detection system for detecting anomaly in multiple control systems
138 9,360,644 Laser die and photonics die package
139 9,360,635 Dual-polymer fiber optic interface with melt-bond adhesive
140 9,360,525 Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications
141 9,360,343 Monitoring use of a single arm walking aid
142 9,360,338 Presenting the viewability of a point of interest on a map
143 9,360,021 Thermal control system based on nonlinear zonal fan operation and optimized fan power
144 9,359,687 Separation of alpha emitting species from plating baths
145 9,357,772 Antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates