IBM patents granted on 07 March 2006

74 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,010,789 Independent net task identification for efficient partition and distribution
2 7,010,785 Eliminating cold register store/restores within hot function prolog/epilogs
3 7,010,778 Method, apparatus, and program for a state machine framework
4 7,010,776 Extending the range of lithographic simulation integrals
5 7,010,768 Transmission line bounding models
6 7,010,763 Method of optimizing and analyzing selected portions of a digital integrated circuit
7 7,010,750 Method, program product, and processing system for performing object editing through implicit object selection
8 7,010,738 Combinational circuit, and encoder, decoder and semiconductor device using this combinational circuit
9 7,010,735 Stuck-at fault scan chain diagnostic method
10 7,010,733 Parametric testing for high pin count ASIC
11 7,010,726 Method and apparatus for saving data used in error analysis
12 7,010,721 File system journal management
13 7,010,719 External storage device capable of selectively storing data in a semiconductor memory or a hard disk
14 7,010,710 Proximity sensor enhanced power management
15 7,010,689 Secure data storage and retrieval in a client-server environment
16 7,010,681 Method, system and apparatus for selecting encryption levels based on policy profiling
17 7,010,676 Last iteration loop branch prediction upon counter threshold and resolution upon counter one
18 7,010,654 Methods and systems for re-ordering commands to access memory
19 7,010,649 Performance of a cache by including a tag that stores an indication of a previously requested address by the processor not stored in the cache
20 7,010,645 System and method for sequentially staging received data to a write cache in advance of storing the received data
21 7,010,633 Apparatus, system and method for controlling access to facilities based on usage classes
22 7,010,630 Communicating to system management in a data processing system
23 7,010,626 DMA prefetch
24 7,010,614 System for computing cumulative amount of data received by all RDMA to determine when a complete data transfer has arrived at receiving device
25 7,010,610 Programmable agent workstation system and method
26 7,010,606 System and method for caching a network connection
27 7,010,596 System and method for the allocation of grid computing to network workstations
28 7,010,584 Changing the operating system in a computer operation without substantial interruption of operations through the use of a surrogate computer
29 7,010,581 Method and system for providing browser functions on a web page for client-specific accessibility
30 7,010,576 Efficient method of globalization and synchronization of distributed resources in distributed peer data processing environments
31 7,010,570 System and method for the controlled progressive disclosure of information
32 7,010,566 System for controlling transmission of information on the internet
33 7,010,564 Region calculation method, spatial data mining apparatus, geographical information display apparatus, spatial data mining system and storage medium
34 7,010,555 System and method for compacting a computer system heap
35 7,010,552 Optimizing command execution in database systems that provide support for updatable scrollable cursors
36 7,010,539 System and method for schema method
37 7,010,534 System and method for conducting adaptive search using a peer-to-peer network
38 7,010,532 Low overhead methods and apparatus for shared access storage devices
39 7,010,528 Mechanism for running parallel application programs on metadata controller nodes
40 7,010,526 Knowledge-based data mining system
41 7,010,525 Method and system for ensuring system awareness with data base connection on demand
42 7,010,520 Method and system for searching documents with numbers
43 7,010,517 Organization of SQL working memory in a transaction-bounded processing environment
44 7,010,498 Personal product locator on store-owned shopping aid
45 7,010,492 Method and apparatus for dynamic distribution of controlled and additional selective overlays in a streaming media
46 7,010,490 Method, system, and apparatus for limiting available selections in a speech recognition system
47 7,010,485 Method and system of audio file searching
48 7,010,469 Method of computing partial CRCs
49 7,010,377 Method, system, and storage medium for facilitating a transport scheme in an automated material handling system environment
50 7,010,360 Automatic conversion of dates and times for messaging
51 7,009,971 Methods and arrangements for multicasting a data stream at different data rates to groups of subscribers
52 7,009,938 Reduction of server overload
53 7,009,905 Method and apparatus to reduce bias temperature instability (BTI) effects
54 7,009,895 Method for skip over redundancy decode with very low overhead
55 7,009,844 Wire form heat sink retention module
56 7,009,839 Adjustable power supply housing with compensating air baffle
57 7,009,811 Surface planarization processes for the fabrication of magnetic heads and semiconductor devices
58 7,009,723 Method and apparatus for arranging a plurality of orders for printed articles
59 7,009,694 Indirect switching and sensing of phase change memory cells
60 7,009,600 Data processing system display screen including an image alteration area
61 7,009,597 Positioning control of a computer mouse
62 7,009,414 Atomic force microscope and method for determining properties of a sample surface using an atomic force microscope
63 7,009,280 Low-k interlevel dielectric layer (ILD)
64 7,009,265 Low capacitance FET for operation at subthreshold voltages
65 7,009,258 Method of building a CMOS structure on thin SOI with source/drain electrodes formed by in situ doped selective amorphous silicon
66 7,009,251 SOI device with reduced junction capacitance
67 7,009,237 Out of the box vertical transistor for eDRAM on SOI
68 7,008,871 Selective capping of copper wiring
69 7,008,852 Discontinuous dielectric interface for bipolar transistors
70 7,008,803 Method of reworking structures incorporating low-k dielectric materials
71 7,008,456 Computer with security function and method therefor
72 7,007,855 Wafer identification mark
73 7,007,380 TFI probe I/O wrap test method
74 7,007,378 Process for manufacturing a printed wiring board