IBM patents granted on 07 October 2008

72 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,434,230 Method and system for time bounding notification delivery in an event driven system
2 7,434,225 Context information associated with message flows in a messaging system
3 7,434,215 Mechanism for loading plugin classes at an appropriate location in the class loader hierarchy
4 7,434,214 Method for determining a close approximate benefit of reducing memory footprint of a Java application
5 7,434,212 Method and apparatus to guarantee type and initialization safety in multithreaded programs
6 7,434,196 Renesting interaction map into design for efficient long range calculations
7 7,434,193 Method, system and program product for specifying a configuration for a digital system utilizing dial biasing weights
8 7,434,186 Method and system for calculating high frequency limit capacitance and inductance for coplanar on-chip structure
9 7,434,185 Method and apparatus for parallel data preparation and processing of integrated circuit graphical design data
10 7,434,182 Method for testing sub-systems of a system-on-a-chip using a configurable external system-on-a-chip
11 7,434,172 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
12 7,434,158 Presenting multimodal web page content on sequential multimode devices
13 7,434,130 Using clock gating or signal gating to partition a device for fault isolation and diagnostic data collection
14 7,434,129 Partial good integrated circuit and method of testing same
15 7,434,127 eFuse programming data alignment verification apparatus and method
16 7,434,101 Highly specialized scenarios in random test generation
17 7,434,060 Secure entry of a user-identifier in a publicly positioned device
18 7,434,050 Efficient method for providing secure remote access
19 7,434,037 System for target branch prediction using correlation of local target histories including update inhibition for inefficient entries
20 7,434,035 Method and system for processing instructions in grouped and non-grouped modes
21 7,434,033 Placing a processor into a gradual slow mode of operation in response to a detected livelock condition within a processor pipeline
22 7,434,011 Apparatus, system, and method for modifying data storage configuration
23 7,433,960 Systems, methods and computer products for profile based identity verification over the internet
24 7,433,957 Group access privatization in clustered computer system
25 7,433,956 Method, device and system for sharing application session information across multiple-channels
26 7,433,955 Apparatus and method for processing sequenced records across multiple network connections
27 7,433,950 Method and mechanism to multiplex multiple application server requests over a single database connection
28 7,433,945 Dynamic configuration and self-tuning of inter-nodal communication resources in a database management system
29 7,433,940 Schema management
30 7,433,930 System and method for distributing a media content file over a network
31 7,433,924 Interceptor for non-subscribed bulk electronic messages
32 7,433,914 Aggregating service processors as a cluster
33 7,433,902 Non-disruptive backup copy in a database online reorganization environment
34 7,433,901 Apparatus, system, and method for using multiple criteria to determine collocation granularity for a data source
35 7,433,899 Apparatus, system, and method for managing multiple copy versions
36 7,433,894 Method and system for searching a multi-lingual database
37 7,433,892 Method, system and program product for imposing policy modification constraints
38 7,433,877 System and method to dynamically check string length
39 7,433,866 Systems, methods, and media for awarding credits based on provided usage information
40 7,433,861 Byte-code representations of actual data to reduce network traffic in database transactions
41 7,433,857 Techniques for reconstructing supply chain networks using pair-wise correlation analysis
42 7,433,856 Optimization with unknown objective function
43 7,433,820 Asynchronous Hidden Markov Model method and system
44 7,433,782 Method and system for providing directions for driving
45 7,433,690 Conversion of voice-over-IP media control messaging into mobile control channel signaling using a voice-over IP gateway
46 7,433,582 Personal video recording with machine learning for messaging
47 7,433,530 Scaling of multi-dimensional data in a hybrid domain
48 7,433,529 Faster transforms using early aborts and precision refinements
49 7,433,405 Method and system for the error resilient transmission of predictively encoded signals
50 7,433,356 Methods and apparatus for creating addresses
51 7,433,306 Method for identifying selected applications utilizing a single existing available bit in frame headers
52 7,433,225 Scalable magnetic random access memory device
53 7,433,146 Method for reducing occurrences of tape stick conditions in magnetic tape
54 7,433,142 Using at least one servo channel to provide timing recovery and timing information to data channels
55 7,432,925 Techniques for representing 3D scenes using fixed point data
56 7,432,908 Controller, system and method for controlling a cursor
57 7,432,834 RLL encoding for LTO-5 tape
58 7,432,805 Notifying users of device events in a networked environment
59 7,432,797 Prefetching manifest data in an RFID system
60 7,432,755 Programming current stabilized electrical fuse programming circuit and method
61 7,432,730 Time based driver output transition (slew) rate compensation
62 7,432,675 Method of removing foreign particles from heat transfer surfaces of heat sinks
63 7,432,591 Thermal enhanced plastic ball grid array with heat sink attachment option
64 7,432,567 Metal gate CMOS with at least a single gate metal and dual gate dielectrics
65 7,432,553 Structure and method to optimize strain in CMOSFETs
66 7,432,550 Semiconductor structure including mixed rare earth oxide formed on silicon
67 7,432,514 Method and apparatus for surface potential reflection electron mask lithography
68 7,432,454 Nutrition intake tracker
69 7,431,640 Self-brushing air moving device
70 7,430,895 Apparatus and method for inspecting quality of molded foam parts
71 7,430,800 Apparatus and method for far end noise reduction using capacitive cancellation by offset wiring
72 7,430,799 Apparatus for deforming flexible cable sections extending between rigid printed circuit boards