IBM patents granted on 07 October 2014

196 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 RE45,184 Sectional E-mail transmission
2 8,856,946 Security filter for context-based data gravity wells
3 8,856,945 Dynamic security question compromise checking based on incoming social network postings
4 8,856,943 Dynamic security question compromise checking based on incoming social network postings
5 8,856,935 Automatic synthesis of unit tests for security testing
6 8,856,932 Rootkit monitoring agent built into an operating system kernel
7 8,856,919 Authorization of server operations
8 8,856,904 Enhancing password protection
9 8,856,874 Method and apparatus for serving content elements of a markup language document protected against cross-site scripting attack
10 8,856,809 Controlling navigation of application logic using annotated application code
11 8,856,806 Dynamic Java bean for visualage for Java
12 8,856,802 Application hibernation
13 8,856,801 Techniques for executing normally interruptible threads in a non-preemptive manner
14 8,856,799 Managing resources for maintenance tasks in computing systems
15 8,856,793 System, method and program for scheduling computer program jobs
16 8,856,787 On-boarding applications to a cloud
17 8,856,785 Predicting and generating a quantity of image clones
18 8,856,776 Updating firmware without disrupting service
19 8,856,775 Unstacking software components for migration to virtualized environments
20 8,856,771 Protection for unauthorized firmware and software upgrades to consumer electronic devices
21 8,856,766 Generating layouts for graphs of data flow applications
22 8,856,765 Analyzing a pointer in an analysis target program or a partial program
23 8,856,764 Distributed static analysis of computer software applications
24 8,856,763 Compiler optimization based on collectivity analysis
25 8,856,762 Loop detection apparatus, loop detection method, and loop detection program
26 8,856,758 Automatic license entitlement calculation
27 8,856,757 Automatic license entitlement calculation
28 8,856,755 Dominant-state-based coverage metric
29 8,856,753 Granular measurement of processor performance in executing sections of software code
30 8,856,750 Task-based evaluation of user interfaces
31 8,856,746 Managing graphical user interface (GUI) objects in a testing environment
32 8,856,742 Distributed debugging
33 8,856,738 System and method for transplanting source code
34 8,856,720 Test coverage of integrated circuits with masking pattern selection
35 8,856,709 Systems and methods for correlated parameters in statistical static timing analysis
36 8,856,695 Method for generating post-OPC layout in consideration of top loss of etch mask layer
37 8,856,693 Method for designing optical lithography masks for directed self-assembly
38 8,856,669 Method for selective erasure based on historical input
39 8,856,664 Prompting of recipient expertise in collaboration environment
40 8,856,620 Dynamic graduated memory device protection in redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) systems
41 8,856,602 Multi-core processor with internal voting-based built in self test (BIST)
42 8,856,579 Memory interface having extended strobe burst for read timing calibration
43 8,856,576 Energy capture of time-varying energy sources by varying computational workload
44 8,856,567 Management of thermal condition in a data processing system by dynamic management of thermal loads
45 8,856,563 Remote power down control of a device
46 8,856,557 Digital power balancing controller
47 8,856,532 Digital signatures of composite resource documents
48 8,856,524 Cryptographic methods, host system, trusted platform module, computer arrangement, computer program product and computer program
49 8,856,520 Secure key management
50 8,856,519 Start method for application cryptographic keystores
51 8,856,514 Renewal processing of digital certificates in an asynchronous messaging environment
52 8,856,495 Automatically routing super-compute interconnects
53 8,856,491 Garbage collection implemented in hardware
54 8,856,490 Optimizing TLB entries for mixed page size storage in contiguous memory
55 8,856,479 Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with hardware operations completion coalescence
56 8,856,476 Systems, methods, and physical computer storage media to optimize data placement in multi-tiered storage systems
57 8,856,472 Restore in cascaded copy environment
58 8,856,470 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
59 8,856,467 Management of metadata in a storage subsystem
60 8,856,462 Reducing run time in seismic imaging computing
61 8,856,461 Request controlling
62 8,856,455 Data cache block deallocate requests
63 8,856,453 Persistent prefetch data stream settings
64 8,856,450 Systems for managing a cache in a multi-node virtual tape controller
65 8,856,445 Byte caching with chunk sizes based on data type
66 8,856,444 Data caching method
67 8,856,436 Locating host data records on a physical stacked volume
68 8,856,419 Register access in distributed virtual bridge environment
69 8,856,417 Memory module connector with auxiliary power cable
70 8,856,412 System and method to display information on a hard disk drive assembly
71 8,856,409 Systems and methods for compression of data for block mode access storage
72 8,856,396 Recognition techniques to enhance automation in a computing environment
73 8,856,382 On-boarding services to a cloud environment
74 8,856,370 Concurrent flashing of data processing units in hierarchical networks
75 8,856,368 Method for distributing a plurality of data portions
76 8,856,348 On-demand network connection
77 8,856,347 Efficient selection of a messaging multiplexed channel instance
78 8,856,343 Managing computer resources in a distributed computing system
79 8,856,342 Efficiently relating adjacent management applications managing a shared infrastructure
80 8,856,340 Multi-adapter link aggregation for adapters with hardware based virtual bridges
81 8,856,338 Efficiently relating adjacent management applications managing a shared infrastructure
82 8,856,336 Moving a partition between computers
83 8,856,332 Integrated capacity and architecture design tool
84 8,856,321 System to improve operation of a data center with heterogeneous computing clouds
85 8,856,320 Locating a target computer device in an array
86 8,856,313 Systems and methods for using provenance information for data retention in stream-processing
87 8,856,312 Method and system for monitoring transaction based system
88 8,856,303 Server virtualization
89 8,856,286 Optimized peer-to-peer file transfers on a multi-node computer system
90 8,856,284 Processing a spreadsheet for storage in a database
91 8,856,280 Methods and apparatus for interactive specification of context-sensitive service level agreements; for provisioning of resources required during service delivery events regulated by service level agreements; and for monitoring compliance with service level agreements during service delivery events
92 8,856,276 Method, system and program product for collecting web metric data
93 8,856,275 Optimized peer-to-peer file transfers on a multi-node computer system
94 8,856,265 Event notification based on subscriber profiles
95 8,856,261 Network support for system initiated checkpoints
96 8,856,259 Multi-domain co-browsing utilizing localized state management
97 8,856,254 Providing a collaborative status message in an instant messaging system
98 8,856,223 Limiting access to instant messaging content on a display screen
99 8,856,206 Maintaining message versions at nodes in a network
100 8,856,194 Efficient garbage collection in virtualization environment
101 8,856,187 Data management for data aggregation
102 8,856,183 Database access using partitioned data areas
103 8,856,158 Secured searching
104 8,856,155 Management of configuration data structures in multi-layer data models
105 8,856,154 Data tranformations between a source application and service-oriented target applications supporting different data formats
106 8,856,144 Typed relevance scores in an identity resolution system
107 8,856,119 Holistic disambiguation for entity name spotting
108 8,856,103 Predicate pushdown with late materialization in database query processing
109 8,856,102 Modifying structured query language statements
110 8,856,100 Displaying browse sequence with search results
111 8,856,086 Ensuring integrity of security event log upon download and delete
112 8,856,085 Automatic consistent sampling for data analysis
113 8,856,082 Policy based population of genealogical archive data
114 8,856,076 Rendering tape file system information in a graphical user interface
115 8,856,072 Method for providing of content data to a client
116 8,856,070 Consistent replication of transactional updates
117 8,856,068 Replicating modifications of a directory
118 8,856,064 Method and system for information workflows
119 8,856,061 User experience adjustment in controllable events
120 8,856,060 Creating stream processing flows from sets of rules
121 8,856,055 Reconfigurable and customizable general-purpose circuits for neural networks
122 8,856,052 System and method for domain adaption with partial observation
123 8,856,050 System and method for domain adaption with partial observation
124 8,856,048 Method, system, and computer program product for automatically applying a predictive temporal profile to computer resource management decisions
125 8,856,034 Intelligent point of sale system
126 8,856,023 Methods and apparatus for interactive specification of context-sensitive service level agreements; for provisioning of resources required during service delivery events regulated by service level agreements; and for monitoring compliance with service level agreements during service delivery events
127 8,856,021 Scoring of crowd-computing inputs
128 8,856,002 Distance metrics for universal pattern processing tasks
129 8,855,998 Parsing culturally diverse names
130 8,855,993 Integrated circuit design simulation matrix interpolation
131 8,855,975 Adjusting wheel diameter
132 8,855,969 Frequency guard band validation of processors
133 8,855,963 Discovering thermal relationships in data processing environments
134 8,855,959 Integrated cross-tester analysis and real-time adaptive test
135 8,855,957 Method for calibrating read sensors of electromagnetic read-write heads
136 8,855,938 Minimization of surprisal data through application of hierarchy of reference genomes
137 8,855,900 System and method for self-optimizing traffic flow using shared vehicle information
138 8,855,801 Automated integration of feedback from field failure to order configurator for dynamic optimization of manufacturing test processes
139 8,855,615 Short messaging service for extending customer service delivery channels
140 8,855,467 Content recorder multi-angle viewing and playback
141 8,855,452 Silicon photonic chip optical coupling structures
142 8,855,401 Methods and systems involving measuring complex dimensions of silicon devices
143 8,855,281 Systems for retrieving content in a unified communications environment
144 8,855,135 Method and system for processing session initiation protocol messages
145 8,855,128 Enhancement of end-to-end network QoS
146 8,855,010 Assigning gateways for heterogeneous wireless mobile networks
147 8,854,996 Accelerating data packet parsing
148 8,854,973 Sliced routing table management with replication
149 8,854,952 Reallocating secondary destinations on a network switch
150 8,854,872 Drift mitigation for multi-bits phase change memory
151 8,854,868 Sense amplifier
152 8,854,849 Power-saving voltage converter system
153 8,854,815 Apparatus for externally changing the direction of air flowing through electronic equipment
154 8,854,808 Fitting for flexible manifold system
155 8,854,759 Combined soft detection/soft decoding in tape drive storage channels
156 8,854,391 Method and system for providing images of a virtual world scene and method and system for processing the same
157 8,854,237 Modulation encoding and decoding
158 8,854,230 Traffic signal broadcasting, reproducing
159 8,854,219 System, method and program product for providing populace movement sensitive weather forecasts
160 8,854,182 Opening management through gait detection
161 8,854,073 Methods and apparatus for margin testing integrated circuits using asynchronously timed varied supply voltage and test patterns
162 8,853,862 Contact structures for semiconductor transistors
163 8,853,857 3-D integration using multi stage vias
164 8,853,856 Methodology for evaluation of electrical characteristics of carbon nanotubes
165 8,853,847 Stacked chip module with integrated circuit chips having integratable and reconfigurable built-in self-maintenance blocks
166 8,853,796 High-K metal gate device
167 8,853,790 Semiconductor nanowire structure reusing suspension pads
168 8,853,789 Structure and method of latchup robustness with placement of through wafer via within CMOS circuitry
169 8,853,788 Replacement gate electrode with planar work function material layers
170 8,853,781 Rare-earth oxide isolated semiconductor fin
171 8,853,751 Reducing the inversion oxide thickness of a high-K stack fabricated on high mobility semiconductor material
172 8,853,750 FinFET with enhanced embedded stressor
173 8,853,746 CMOS devices with stressed channel regions, and methods for fabricating the same
174 8,853,700 Cross-coupling of gate conductor line and active region in semiconductor devices
175 8,853,693 Test structure for determination of TSV depth
176 8,853,662 Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor
177 8,853,529 Flexible III-V solar cell structure
178 8,853,524 Silicon solar cell with back surface field
179 8,853,095 Hybrid hard mask for damascene and dual damascene
180 8,853,085 Grapho-epitaxy DSA process with dimension control of template pattern
181 8,853,084 Self-adjusting gate hard mask
182 8,853,076 Self-aligned contacts
183 8,853,047 Self aligned fin-type programmable memory cell
184 8,853,043 Silicon germanium (SiGe) heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT)
185 8,853,040 Strained thin body CMOS device having vertically raised source/drain stressors with single spacer
186 8,853,038 Raised source/drain structure for enhanced strain coupling from stress liner
187 8,853,035 Tucked active region without dummy poly for performance boost and variation reduction
188 8,853,034 Doped graphene films with reduced sheet resistance
189 8,853,007 In-plane silicon heat spreader and method therefor
190 8,852,985 Graphene pressure sensors
191 8,852,762 Magnetic random access memory with synthetic antiferromagnetic storage layers and non-pinned reference layers
192 8,852,677 Magnetic random access memory with synthetic antiferromagnetic storage layers and non-pinned reference layers
193 8,852,408 Electrochemical liquid cell apparatus
194 8,852,407 Electron beam sculpting of tunneling junction for nanopore DNA sequencing
195 8,852,342 Formation of a vicinal semiconductor-carbon alloy surface and a graphene layer thereupon
196 8,850,699 Method of forming a land grid array with discrete pads