IBM patents granted on 08 April 2014

116 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,695,102 Controlling execution of executables between partitions in a multi-partitioned data processing system
2 8,695,101 Data privacy engine
3 8,695,098 Detecting security vulnerabilities in web applications
4 8,695,094 Detecting secondary infections in virus scanning
5 8,695,089 Method and system for resilient packet traceback in wireless mesh and sensor networks
6 8,695,088 Dynamically constructed capability for enforcing object access order
7 8,695,081 Method to apply network encryption to firewall decisions
8 8,695,056 Method for information tracking in multiple interdependent dimensions
9 8,695,015 Application message conversion using a feed adapter
10 8,695,014 Distributed function execution for hybrid systems
11 8,695,011 Mixed operating performance modes including a shared cache mode
12 8,695,010 Privilege level aware processor hardware resource management facility
13 8,694,996 Application initiated negotiations for resources meeting a performance parameter in a virtualized computing environment
14 8,694,995 Application initiated negotiations for resources meeting a performance parameter in a virtualized computing environment
15 8,694,992 Traversing memory structures to parse guest operating system instrumentation information in a hypervisor
16 8,694,990 Utilizing system configuration information to determine a data migration order
17 8,694,980 Efficient egonet computation in a weighted directed graph
18 8,694,979 Efficient egonet computation in a weighted directed graph
19 8,694,971 Scalable property-sensitive points-to analysis for program code
20 8,694,969 Analyzing factory processes in a software factory
21 8,694,965 Generating customized documentation for a software product
22 8,694,962 Aspect-oriented parallel programming language extensions
23 8,694,936 Terminal metal connection inspection
24 8,694,918 Conveying hierarchical elements of a user interface
25 8,694,911 Manipulating hidden data entries via representative markers
26 8,694,908 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
27 8,694,905 Model-driven display of metric annotations on a resource/relationship graph
28 8,694,897 Layout converter, layout conversion program, and layout conversion method
29 8,694,891 Log collector in a distributed computing system
30 8,694,886 Providing dynamic context assist for a command line interface
31 8,694,884 Screen capture
32 8,694,863 High-speed memory system
33 8,694,835 System health monitoring
34 8,694,834 Preventing log wrap with debug scripts
35 8,694,832 Assist thread analysis and debug mechanism
36 8,694,827 Job migration in response to loss or degradation of a semi-redundant component
37 8,694,825 Protecting storage fabrics from errant device causing single point of failure
38 8,694,822 Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment
39 8,694,821 Generation of standby images of applications
40 8,694,810 Server power management with automatically-expiring server power allocations
41 8,694,801 Method and computer program for securely storing data
42 8,694,799 System and method for protection of content stored in a storage device
43 8,694,786 Virtual machine images encryption using trusted computing group sealing
44 8,694,777 Securely identifying host systems
45 8,694,756 Starting other processing elements (OPEs) responsive to a determination that currently-running OPEs are inadequate to invoke a library for a multi-library application
46 8,694,751 Defer separating children in parallel copying garbage collection
47 8,694,734 Expiring virtual content from a cache in a virtual universe
48 8,694,732 Enhanced coherency tracking with implementation of region victim hash for region coherence arrays
49 8,694,729 Methods for managing ownership of redundant data and systems thereof
50 8,694,708 Expander to control multipaths in a storage network
51 8,694,690 External evironment sensitive predictive application and memory initiation
52 8,694,685 Migrating virtual machines with adaptive compression
53 8,694,681 Dynamic content configuration for serving content to microbrowsers
54 8,694,667 Video data filtering method and system
55 8,694,625 Selective registration for remote event notifications in processing node clusters
56 8,694,603 Geospatial visualization performance improvement for contiguous polylines with similar dynamic characteristics
57 8,694,595 Low latency, high bandwidth data communications between compute nodes in a parallel computer
58 8,694,586 Maintaining corresponding relationships between chat transcripts and related chat content
59 8,694,584 Speculative and coordinated data access in a hybrid memory server
60 8,694,582 Providing a web page to a client
61 8,694,576 Event processing
62 8,694,539 System and method for naming dimension members in a data analyzing system
63 8,694,527 Simplified query generation from prior query results
64 8,694,497 Method, system, and computer program product for enabling file system tagging by applications
65 8,694,486 Deadline-driven parallel execution of queries
66 8,694,443 System and method for automatically distinguishing between customers and in-store employees
67 8,694,428 Consumer oriented services system and method
68 8,694,365 Generating targeted group based offers to increase sales
69 8,694,356 Augmenting service oriented architecture governance maturity
70 8,694,354 Transition phase trouble detection in services delivery management
71 8,694,333 Cohort driven medical diagnostic tool
72 8,694,319 Dynamic prosody adjustment for voice-rendering synthesized data
73 8,694,280 Servo control circuit for detecting analytes via nanoparticle-labeled substances with electromagnetic read-write heads
74 8,694,156 Automated paper consumption tracking and auditing
75 8,694,027 Determining a position of a mobile device
76 8,693,990 System, method, and apparatus for proximity-based authentication for managing personal data
77 8,693,988 System, method, and apparatus for proximity-based authentication for managing personal data
78 8,693,725 Reliability in detecting rail crossing events
79 8,693,654 Location sensitive caller and callee based call prioritization
80 8,693,615 RAM-based event counters using transposition
81 8,693,483 Adjusting MSS of packets sent to a bridge device positioned between virtual and physical LANS
82 8,693,371 Inferred discovery of a data communications device
83 8,693,309 Fail to wire removable module for network communication link
84 8,693,200 Semiconductor device cooling module
85 8,693,199 Structural configuration of a heat exchanger door for an electronics rack
86 8,693,198 Structural configuration of a heat exchanger door for an electronics rack
87 8,693,129 Transport speed adjustment device, transport speed adjustment method and transport speed adjustment program for adjusting transport speed of tape medium
88 8,693,128 Apparatus and method for writing data to tape medium
89 8,693,127 Writing timing-based servo patterns in perpendicular and non-oriented magnetic media
90 8,692,825 Parallelized streaming accelerated data structure generation
91 8,692,789 Establishing an authenticated wireless connection between short-range wireless terminals more conveniently
92 8,692,696 Generating a code alphabet of symbols to generate codewords for words used with a program
93 8,692,692 Identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot
94 8,692,673 Locating a device in a given state
95 8,692,649 Asset management infrastructure
96 8,692,600 Multi-protocol driver slew rate calibration system for calibration slew rate control signal values
97 8,692,561 Implementing chip to chip calibration within a TSV stack
98 8,692,375 Interconnect structure containing various capping materials for programmable electrical fuses
99 8,692,307 Lateral epitaxial grown SOI in deep trench structures and methods of manufacture
100 8,692,291 Passive devices for FinFET integrated circuit technologies
101 8,692,290 Silicon controlled rectifier structure with improved junction breakdown and leakage control
102 8,692,288 Heterojunction bipolar transistors and methods of manufacture
103 8,692,276 Parallel optical transceiver module
104 8,692,246 Leakage measurement structure having through silicon vias
105 8,692,229 Replacement contacts for all-around contacts
106 8,691,697 Self-aligned devices and methods of manufacture
107 8,691,691 TSV pillar as an interconnecting structure
108 8,691,690 Contact formation method incorporating preventative etch step reducing interlayer dielectric material flake defects
109 8,691,687 Superfilled metal contact vias for semiconductor devices
110 8,691,685 Prevention and control of intermetallic alloy inclusions that form during reflow of Pb free, Sn rich, solders in contacts in microelectronic packaging in integrated circuit contact structures where electroless Ni(P) metallization is present
111 8,691,675 Vapor phase deposition processes for doping silicon
112 8,691,650 MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions
113 8,691,608 Semiconductor devices having nanochannels confined by nanometer-spaced electrodes
114 8,691,067 Charged entities as locomotive to control motion of polymers through a nanochannel
115 8,689,861 Hybrid air and liquid coolant conditioning unit for facilitating cooling of one or more electronics racks of a data center
116 8,689,437 Method for forming integrated circuit assembly