IBM patents granted on 08 June 2010

153 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,735,117 Context-sensitive confidentiality within federated environments
2 7,735,090 On demand software contract modification and termination in running component assemblies
3 7,735,086 Methods and arrangements for planning and scheduling change management requests in computing systems
4 7,735,080 Integrated system and method for the management of a complete end-to-end software delivery process
5 7,735,072 Method and apparatus for profiling computer program execution
6 7,735,069 Creating software debug breakpoints activated by specific call patterns
7 7,735,051 Method for replicating and synchronizing a plurality of physical instances with a logical master
8 7,735,046 E-fuse and method
9 7,735,042 Context aware sub-circuit layout modification
10 7,735,038 Design structure to reduce power consumption within a clock gated synchronous circuit and clock gated synchronous circuit
11 7,735,032 Early HSS Rx data sampling
12 7,735,031 Method and apparatus for self identification of circuitry
13 7,735,019 Method for providing functional context within an actively scrolling view pane
14 7,735,017 System and method for automating manual transactions between disjoint systems
15 7,735,013 Method and apparatus for tailoring content of information delivered over the internet
16 7,735,009 Conversion of plain text to XML
17 7,735,006 Method and system for defining page size when displaying a data list
18 7,734,998 Minimizing accesses to a repository during document reconstitution in a content management system
19 7,734,970 Self-resetting, self-correcting latches
20 7,734,968 Mechanism to provide test access to third-party macro circuits embedded in an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit)
21 7,734,961 Distributed logging apparatus system and method
22 7,734,955 Monitoring VRM-induced memory errors
23 7,734,954 Method, computer program product, and system for providing a multi-tiered snapshot of virtual disks
24 7,734,948 Recovery of a redundant node controller in a computer system
25 7,734,944 Mechanism for windaging of a double rate driver
26 7,734,928 Secure entry of a user-identifier in a publicly positioned device
27 7,734,927 Real-time voting based authorization in an autonomic workflow process using an electronic messaging system
28 7,734,921 System and method for guaranteeing software integrity via combined hardware and software authentication
29 7,734,918 Preventing rogue implementations of a security-sensitive class interface
30 7,734,916 Multi-level security systems
31 7,734,902 Addition of a hardware component to a running system
32 7,734,900 Computer configuration virtual topology discovery and instruction therefore
33 7,734,885 Execution of point-in-time copy operations in continuous mirroring environments
34 7,734,883 Method, system and program for forming a consistency group
35 7,734,881 Adapting RCU for real-time operating system usage
36 7,734,879 Efficiently boosting priority of read-copy update readers in a real-time data processing system
37 7,734,877 Method and data processing system for processor-to-processor communication in a clustered multi-processor system
38 7,734,876 Protecting ownership transfer with non-uniform protection windows
39 7,734,854 Device, system, and method of handling transactions
40 7,734,843 Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for stalling DMA operations during memory migration
41 7,734,842 Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing DMA write page faults using a pool of substitute pages
42 7,734,833 Method for scheduling operations called by a task on a real-time or non-real time processor
43 7,734,818 Method to add IPV6 and DHCP support to the network support package
44 7,734,812 Method and apparatus for processing outgoing internet protocol packets
45 7,734,785 On demand message based financial network integration middleware
46 7,734,776 Automatically detecting malicious computer network reconnaissance by updating state codes in a histogram
47 7,734,768 System and method for adaptively collecting performance and event information
48 7,734,753 Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating management of logical nodes through a single management module
49 7,734,750 Real-time feedback for policies for computing system management
50 7,734,745 Method and apparatus for maintaining internet domain name data
51 7,734,743 Method to enable infiniband network bootstrap
52 7,734,734 Document shadowing intranet server, memory medium and method
53 7,734,726 System and method for dynamically allocating processing on a network amongst multiple network servers
54 7,734,725 Method and apparatus for server side queuing to control page presentation on web enabled device
55 7,734,723 Deferred handling of a message
56 7,734,720 Apparatus and system for distributing block data on a private network without using TCP/IP
57 7,734,709 Controlling computer response message traffic
58 7,734,706 Line-plane broadcasting in a data communications network of a parallel computer
59 7,734,704 Method and system for identifying and automatically redisplaying unread instant messages
60 7,734,701 Method to write information to an information storage medium using a network attached storage device
61 7,734,695 Personal and timed chat interface
62 7,734,691 Providing collaboration services to a wireless device
63 7,734,686 Markup method for managing rich client code and experiences using multi-component pages
64 7,734,685 Method, system and program product for annotating a development artifact
65 7,734,679 Managing analysis of a degraded service in a grid environment
66 7,734,677 Method, system and program product for dynamically integrating backend systems into a J2EE application server environment
67 7,734,676 Method for controlling the number of servers in a hierarchical resource environment
68 7,734,667 System and method for reducing memory leaks in virtual machine programs
69 7,734,654 Method and system for linking digital pictures to electronic documents
70 7,734,653 Framework to allow one CMP EJB to connect to multiple data sources
71 7,734,646 Data model simplification through field fallout
72 7,734,645 Computerized method, system and program product for generating a data mining model
73 7,734,642 Method and system for automating purpose usage selection on web sites
74 7,734,639 Global query correlation attributes
75 7,734,628 Method and apparatus for displaying and interacting with hierarchical information and time varying rule priority
76 7,734,620 Optimizing a database query that fetches N rows
77 7,734,619 Method of presenting lineage diagrams representing query plans
78 7,734,615 Performance data for query optimization of database partitions
79 7,734,614 Search apparatus, search program, and search method
80 7,734,613 Enabling a user to create a mini information center thereby reducing the time needed for the user to obtain the desired information
81 7,734,592 Method for reducing a data repository
82 7,734,582 Apparatus, system, and method for cache synchronization
83 7,734,574 Intelligent system health indicator
84 7,734,561 System and method for providing autonomic management of a networked system using an action-centric approach
85 7,734,558 Transition between manual management and autonomic management of autonomic systems
86 7,734,516 Method for providing revisional delta billing and re-billing in a dynamic project environment
87 7,734,508 Method for managing an electronic-commerce shopping cart
88 7,734,498 Method and system for minimizing risk in contact center management contracts
89 7,734,497 Method, system, and storage medium for implementing transaction-based data exchange
90 7,734,487 Process driven quality measures
91 7,734,467 Techniques for aiding speech-to-speech translation
92 7,734,452 Method and system for performing ternary verification
93 7,734,444 Systems and arrangements to assess thermal performance
94 7,734,365 Supply consumption optimization and multiple component utilization
95 7,734,132 Optical spectral filtering and dispersion control for wavelength multiplexed laser sources using fiber Bragg gratings
96 7,734,117 System for scaling images using neural networks
97 7,734,091 Pattern-matching system
98 7,734,033 Ring-tone identification of urgent phone calls
99 7,733,984 Implementing phase rotator circuits with embedded polyphase filter network stage
100 7,733,980 Quadrature modulation circuits and systems supporting multiple modulation modes at gigabit data rates
101 7,733,964 Automatic adaptive equalization method for high-speed serial transmission link
102 7,733,903 Text transcriptions for voice communications
103 7,733,875 Transmit flow for network acceleration architecture
104 7,733,874 Communicating packets between devices involving the use of different communication protocols
105 7,733,873 Coordination of calendar searches in a network scheduler
106 7,733,810 System and method for communicating on a virtual ring in an internet protocol network
107 7,733,806 Method and apparatus for non-invasive discovery of relationships between nodes in a network
108 7,733,785 Method and system for dynamically adjusting packet size to decrease delays of streaming data transmissions on noisy transmission lines
109 7,733,722 Apparatus for implementing eFuse sense amplifier testing without blowing the eFuse
110 7,733,720 Method and system for determining element voltage selection control values for a storage device
111 7,733,689 Methods of operating and designing memory circuits having single-ended memory cells with improved read stability
112 7,733,655 Lid edge capping load
113 7,733,649 Real time adaptive active fluid flow cooling
114 7,733,640 Drive conversion enclosure
115 7,733,592 Methods for multi-channel data detection phase locked loop frequency error combination
116 7,733,247 Method and system for efficient data transmission with server side de-duplication
117 7,733,228 Wireless system to detect presence of child in a baby car seat
118 7,733,161 Voltage boost system, IC and design structure
119 7,733,144 Radiation hardened CMOS master latch with redundant clock input circuits and design structure therefor
120 7,733,137 Design structures including multiple reference frequency fractional-N PLL (phase locked loop)
121 7,733,109 Test structure for resistive open detection using voltage contrast inspection and related methods
122 7,732,949 System for method of predicting power events in an intermittent power environment and dispatching computational operations of an integrated circuit accordingly
123 7,732,932 Semiconductor chips with crack stop regions for reducing crack propagation from chip edges/corners
124 7,732,924 Semiconductor wiring structures including dielectric cap within metal cap layer
125 7,732,922 Simultaneous grain modulation for BEOL applications
126 7,732,894 Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
127 7,732,893 Electrical fuse structure for higher post-programming resistance
128 7,732,874 FinFET structure using differing gate dielectric materials and gate electrode materials
129 7,732,872 Integration scheme for multiple metal gate work function structures
130 7,732,866 Grounding front-end-of-line structures on a SOI substrate
131 7,732,865 Epitaxial imprinting
132 7,732,859 Graphene-based transistor
133 7,732,845 Pixel sensor with reduced image lag
134 7,732,841 Pixel sensor cell for collecting electrons and holes
135 7,732,835 Vertical P-N junction device and method of forming same
136 7,732,798 Programmable via structure for three dimensional integration technology
137 7,732,322 Dielectric material with reduced dielectric constant and methods of manufacturing the same
138 7,732,303 Method for recycling of ion implantation monitor wafers
139 7,732,295 Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
140 7,732,294 Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
141 7,732,293 Tunable semiconductor diodes
142 7,732,292 Bipolar transistor with self-aligned retrograde extrinsic base implant profile and self-aligned silicide
143 7,732,288 Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure
144 7,732,286 Buried biasing wells in FETs (Field Effect Transistors)
145 7,732,270 Device having enhanced stress state and related methods
146 7,732,119 Photosensitive self-assembled monolayer for selective placement of hydrophilic structures
147 7,732,104 System and method for eliminating the structure and edge roughness produced during laser ablation of a material
148 7,731,524 Blind docking electrical connector
149 7,731,146 Dual swivel in-line load node lock mechanism
150 7,731,089 Interactive physical mail content management
151 7,731,079 Cooling apparatus and method of fabrication thereof with a cold plate formed in situ on a surface to be cooled
152 7,731,077 Structure and method to gain substantial reliability improvements in lead-free BGAs assembled with lead-bearing solders
153 7,731,033 Six-sided corrugated rollover cushion