IBM patents granted on 08 March 2011

143 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,904,948 Systems for protecting subscriber identification between service and content providers
2 7,904,916 Managing multiple data processing systems using existing heterogeneous systems management software
3 7,904,912 Adaptive processor utilization reporting handling different processor frequencies
4 7,904,888 Method, system and computer program product for tracing software methods
5 7,904,887 Learning and cache management in software defined contexts
6 7,904,886 Method for executing an application in a virtual container forming a virtualized environment session
7 7,904,884 Identifying use of a restricted term in a source file
8 7,904,873 System-on-chip (SOC), design structure and method
9 7,904,872 System-on-chip (SOC), design structure and method
10 7,904,870 Method and apparatus for integrated circuit design model performance evaluation using basic block vector clustering and fly-by vector clustering
11 7,904,868 Structures including means for lateral current carrying capability improvement in semiconductor devices
12 7,904,865 Placement driven routing
13 7,904,861 Method, system, and computer program product for coupled noise timing violation avoidance in detailed routing
14 7,904,849 Ceramic package in which far end noise is reduced using capacitive cancellation by offset wiring
15 7,904,847 CMOS circuit leakage current calculator
16 7,904,840 Method and system to redistribute white space for minimizing wire length
17 7,904,839 System and method for controlling access to addressable integrated circuits
18 7,904,833 Electronic commerce GUI for displaying trading partners
19 7,904,829 User-defined assistive GUI glue
20 7,904,820 User management of display properties of shared display window in shared display window environment
21 7,904,819 Self-configuring component for recognizing and transforming host data
22 7,904,818 Summarizing portlet usage captured responsive to trigger events in a portal page
23 7,904,806 Hiding an XML source in metadata to solve reference problems normally requiring multiple XML sources
24 7,904,803 Method and system for converting user interface source code of a legacy application to web pages
25 7,904,800 Transforming a portion of a database into a custom spreadsheet
26 7,904,787 Pipelined cyclic redundancy check for high bandwidth interfaces
27 7,904,753 Method and system to eliminate disruptions in enterprises
28 7,904,752 Synchronizing device error information among nodes
29 7,904,747 Restoring data to a distributed storage node
30 7,904,743 Propagation by a controller of reservation made by a host for remote storage
31 7,904,741 Dynamic clock phase alignment between independent clock domains
32 7,904,737 Remote control save and sleep override
33 7,904,726 Systems and methods for securing event information within an event management system
34 7,904,700 Processing unit incorporating special purpose register for use with instruction-based persistent vector multiplexer control
35 7,904,699 Processing unit incorporating instruction-based persistent vector multiplexer control
36 7,904,697 Load register instruction short circuiting method
37 7,904,693 Full virtualization of resources across an IP interconnect using page frame table
38 7,904,691 Autonomically adjusting one or more computer program configuration settings when resources in a logical partition change
39 7,904,684 System and article of manufacture for consistent copying of storage volumes
40 7,904,682 Copying writes from primary storages to secondary storages across different networks
41 7,904,663 Secondary path for coherency controller to interconnection network(s)
42 7,904,662 System and program product for validating remotely cached dynamic content web pages
43 7,904,661 Data stream prefetching in a microprocessor
44 7,904,660 Page descriptors for prefetching and memory management
45 7,904,658 Structure for power-efficient cache memory
46 7,904,657 Cache residence prediction
47 7,904,612 Ticket mechanism for sharing computer resources
48 7,904,606 Transport control channel program chain linked branching
49 7,904,605 Computer command and response for determining the state of an I/O operation
50 7,904,591 Method and system for content similarity-based message routing and subscription matching
51 7,904,590 Routing information through a data processing system implementing a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
52 7,904,567 Method, apparatus and computer program product for integrating heterogeneous systems
53 7,904,564 Method and apparatus for migrating access to block storage
54 7,904,561 Brokering mobile web services
55 7,904,559 HTTP-based publish-subscribe service
56 7,904,552 Managing a server-based directory of web services
57 7,904,547 Method, system, and program product for optimizing monitoring and discovery services for a grid computing environment
58 7,904,540 System and method for deploying virtual machines in a computing environment
59 7,904,538 System and method for managing the performance of a computer system based on operational characteristics of the system components
60 7,904,529 Method and system for transmitting and recording synchronized data streams
61 7,904,525 Displaying or hiding folders in an e-mail client based on user defined timings
62 7,904,523 Intelligent delayed broadcast method and apparatus
63 7,904,522 Method, system, and storage medium for providing search and reference functions for a messaging system
64 7,904,515 Solution for managing multiple related discussion threads in an online collaboration environment
65 7,904,494 Random number generator with random sampling
66 7,904,471 Method, apparatus and computer program product for preserving privacy in data mining
67 7,904,469 Expanding the scope of an annotation to an entity level
68 7,904,467 Shortcut enabled, context aware information management
69 7,904,464 Virtual list view support in a distributed directory
70 7,904,459 Generating a recipient list for propagating contact information changes based on contact metrics involving a user and the recipients on the list
71 7,904,457 Semantic correlation for flow analysis in messaging systems
72 7,904,454 Database access security
73 7,904,438 Updating first data value before second data value
74 7,904,437 Managing an archived file system
75 7,904,436 Realtime-safe read copy update with lock-free readers
76 7,904,425 Generating backup sets to a specific point in time
77 7,904,416 Provisioning of software components via workflow management systems
78 7,904,415 Systems and computer program products to manage the display of data entities and relational database structures
79 7,904,413 Method and system to segment an OLAP set
80 7,904,403 Method for solving application failures using social collaboration
81 7,904,401 Scaleable ontology reasoning to explain inferences made by a tableau reasoner
82 7,904,399 Method and apparatus for determining decision points for streaming conversational data
83 7,904,397 System and method for scalable cost-sensitive learning
84 7,904,395 Consumer rating and customer service based thereon within a virtual universe
85 7,904,350 Network-based supply chain management method
86 7,904,324 Method and system for assessing schedule performance issues of a project
87 7,904,304 Method of facilitating management of service elements
88 7,904,302 Method and system for business process management
89 7,904,290 Method and apparatus for enhanced translation in an application simulation development environment
90 7,904,289 Method and system for testing functionality of a chip checker
91 7,904,287 Method and system for real-time prediction of power usage for a change to another performance state
92 7,904,286 Method and apparatus for scheduling test vectors in a multiple core integrated circuit
93 7,904,273 In-line depth measurement for thru silicon via
94 7,904,270 System for estimating and improving test case generation
95 7,904,269 Overhead traveling vehicle testing and calibration
96 7,904,264 Absolute duty cycle measurement
97 7,904,189 Programmable audio system
98 7,904,185 System and method for sensor replication for ensemble averaging in micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)
99 7,904,183 Methods and apparatus for implementing manual and hybrid control modes in automated graphical indicators and controls
100 7,903,911 Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
101 7,903,889 System and computer readable medium for the scaling down of data
102 7,903,812 Detection and handling of encryption key and initialization vector
103 7,903,800 Method and system for visually representing telephone call tree interface
104 7,903,746 Calibrating parameters in a storage subsystem with wide ports
105 7,903,687 Method for scheduling, writing, and reading data inside the partitioned buffer of a switch, router or packet processing device
106 7,903,674 Method and apparatus for managing multiple user sessions in an internet protocol (IP) multi media system (IMS)
107 7,903,673 Intelligent application management strategy
108 7,903,669 Enforced routing in switched network for FRU verification
109 7,903,656 Method and system for message routing based on privacy policies
110 7,903,579 Self-optimization and self-healing of voice quality problems utilizing service oriented architecture
111 7,903,543 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing mutual failover and load-balancing between interfaces in a network
112 7,903,493 Design structure for estimating and/or predicting power cycle length, method of estimating and/or predicting power cycle length and circuit thereof
113 7,903,450 Asymmetrical memory cells and memories using the cells
114 7,903,411 Cold plate stability
115 7,903,368 Tape cartridge having tape media with longitudinally shifted servo pattern for increased sampling rate
116 7,903,363 Same Wrap backhitchless write method to encode data on a tape storage medium
117 7,903,360 Recovering servo information from a synchronous servo channel
118 7,902,880 Transitioning digital integrated circuit from standby mode to active mode via backgate charge transfer
119 7,902,850 Versatile materials probe
120 7,902,682 Ultraviolet energy curable tape and method of making a semiconductor chip using the tape
121 7,902,629 Integrated BEOL thin film resistor
122 7,902,625 Metal-gate thermocouple
123 7,902,620 Suspended germanium photodetector for silicon waveguide
124 7,902,608 Integrated circuit device with deep trench isolation regions for all inter-well and intra-well isolation and with a shared contact to a junction between adjacent device diffusion regions and an underlying floating well section
125 7,902,606 Double gate depletion mode MOSFET
126 7,902,541 Semiconductor nanowire with built-in stress
127 7,902,540 Fast P-I-N photodetector with high responsitivity
128 7,902,323 Methods of fabricating plasticized, antiplasticized and crystalline conducting polymers and precursors thereof
129 7,902,069 Small area, robust silicon via structure and process
130 7,902,061 Interconnect structures with encasing cap and methods of making thereof
131 7,902,051 Method for fabrication of single crystal diodes for resistive memories
132 7,902,012 High speed lateral heterojunction MISFETs realized by 2-dimensional bandgap engineering and methods thereof
133 7,902,000 MugFET with stub source and drain regions
134 7,901,998 Packaging substrate having pattern-matched metal layers
135 7,901,980 Self-aligned in-contact phase change memory device
136 7,901,868 Photoresist topcoat for a photolithographic process
137 7,901,864 Radiation-sensitive composition and method of fabricating a device using the radiation-sensitive composition
138 7,901,588 MRAM wet etch method
139 7,901,490 Reducing introduction of foreign material to wafers
140 7,901,288 Embedded advertising enhancements in interactive computer game environments
141 7,901,250 Electrical adapter for a connector having a retention latch
142 7,900,809 Solder interconnection array with optimal mechanical integrity
143 7,900,764 Latching and securing mechanism for bill presenter of a currency dispensing machine