IBM patents granted on 08 May 2012

109 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,176,568 Tracing traitor coalitions and preventing piracy of digital content in a broadcast encryption system
2 8,176,560 Evaluation of tamper resistant software system implementations
3 8,176,540 Resource based non-interactive entity application proxy method and system
4 8,176,494 Alleviate denial-of-service conditions on a server
5 8,176,489 Use of rollback RCU with read-side modifications to RCU-protected data structures
6 8,176,487 Client partition scheduling and prioritization of service partition work
7 8,176,477 Method, system and program product for optimizing emulation of a suspected malware
8 8,176,470 Collaborative derivation of an interface and partial implementation of programming code
9 8,176,462 Method and apparatus for generating test patterns for use in at-speed testing
10 8,176,447 Formation of masks/reticles having dummy features
11 8,176,446 Method for compensating for variations in structures of an integrated circuit
12 8,176,444 Analyzing multiple induced systematic and statistical layout dependent effects on circuit performance
13 8,176,433 Application window area change surveillance
14 8,176,422 Method for aligning demonstrated user actions with existing documentation
15 8,176,421 Virtual universe supervisory presence
16 8,176,413 Method and apparatus for processing a parseable document
17 8,176,412 Generating formatted documents
18 8,176,411 Integrating an applet into a multi-page or multi-tasking web application to enable applet state to be automatically saved and restored
19 8,176,406 Hard error detection
20 8,176,405 Data integrity validation in a computing environment
21 8,176,391 System to improve miscorrection rates in error control code through buffering and associated methods
22 8,176,363 Efficient method and apparatus for keeping track of in flight data in a dual node storage controller
23 8,176,362 Online multiprocessor system reliability defect testing
24 8,176,355 Recovery from hardware access errors
25 8,176,354 Wave pipeline with selectively opaque register stages
26 8,176,339 Method and system for managing peripheral connection wakeup in a processing system supporting multiple virtual machines
27 8,176,333 Method and apparatus for protecting external call references
28 8,176,323 Radio frequency identification (RFID) based authentication methodology using standard and private frequency RFID tags
29 8,176,314 System startup with applications using configurable options
30 8,176,301 Millicode assist instructions for millicode store access exception checking
31 8,176,287 LAN-managed storage volume initialization for LAN-free storage operation
32 8,176,280 Use of test protection instruction in computing environments that support pageable guests
33 8,176,279 Managing use of storage by multiple pageable guests of a computing environment
34 8,176,272 Incremental backup using snapshot delta views
35 8,176,269 Managing metadata for data blocks used in a deduplication system
36 8,176,254 Specifying an access hint for prefetching limited use data in a cache hierarchy
37 8,176,243 Tape recording apparatus and method
38 8,176,235 Non-volatile memories with enhanced write performance and endurance
39 8,176,234 Multi-write coding of non-volatile memories
40 8,176,222 Early termination of an I/O operation in an I/O processing system
41 8,176,188 Billing adjustment for power on demand
42 8,176,187 Method, system, and program for enabling communication between nodes
43 8,176,185 Method of switching Internet personas based on URL
44 8,176,180 Dynamically matching data service capabilities to data service level objectives
45 8,176,166 Autonomic management of uniform resource identifiers in uniform resource identifier bookmark lists
46 8,176,161 Method and system for content-based routing of network traffic
47 8,176,160 Network management system accelerated event channel
48 8,176,152 System and method for optimizing synchronization
49 8,176,149 Ejection of storage drives in a computing network
50 8,176,133 System and method for extracting and managing message addresses
51 8,176,129 System and method of sending compressed html messages over telephony protocol
52 8,176,126 System, method and program to limit rate of transferring messages from suspected spammers
53 8,176,108 Method, apparatus and computer program product for network design and analysis
54 8,176,105 Automated file relocation
55 8,176,104 Space recovery with storage management coupled with a deduplicating storage system
56 8,176,100 System for storing and managing objects
57 8,176,097 Maintaining data coherency within related multi-perspective user interfaces via session-less queries
58 8,176,088 Incremental cardinality estimation for a set of data values
59 8,176,084 Structure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
60 8,176,081 Forms integration of an external data model not implemented through a document object model (DOM) accessible application programming interface (API)
61 8,176,076 Method and system for controlling accesses to a database
62 8,176,051 Search via fast case insensitive ASCII tree
63 8,176,039 Abstract classification field specification
64 8,176,035 Detecting and tracking monotonicity for accelerating range and inequality queries
65 8,176,026 Consolidating file system backend operations with access of data
66 8,176,019 Extending the sparcle privacy policy workbench methods to other policy domains
67 8,176,011 Method and system for maintaining profiles of information channels
68 8,175,986 System, method and computer program product for evaluating a storage policy based on simulation
69 8,175,979 Method and system for anonymous electronic transactions using a mobile device
70 8,175,923 Customer checkout accelerator
71 8,175,911 System and method for inferring and visualizing correlations of different business aspects for business transformation
72 8,175,906 Integrating performance, sizing, and provisioning techniques with a business process
73 8,175,882 Method and system for accent correction
74 8,175,853 Systems and methods for a combined matrix-vector and matrix transpose vector multiply for a block-sparse matrix
75 8,175,830 Frequency estimation of rare events by adaptive thresholding
76 8,175,756 System and method to manage power consumption
77 8,175,745 Method to audit portable cassettes removeably disposed in a data storage library comprising a pass-through accessor
78 8,175,650 Providing telephone services based on a subscriber voice identification
79 8,175,615 Location identification of a mobile terminal by employing radio frequency identification
80 8,175,581 Selective message notification system
81 8,175,332 Upper troposphere and lower stratosphere wind direction, speed, and turbidity monitoring using digital imaging and motion tracking
82 8,175,250 Dialed number service routing in a telephone network by reference to a database
83 8,175,225 Preventing emergency communication system notification congestion
84 8,175,094 Method and system for personalizing a multimedia program broadcasted through IP network
85 8,174,990 Mechanism and system for programmable measurement of aggregate metrics from a dynamic set of nodes
86 8,174,989 Method and apparatus for cost-effective design of large-scale sensor networks
87 8,174,841 Adaptive interconnect structure
88 8,174,826 Liquid cooling system for stackable modules in energy-efficient computing systems
89 8,174,681 Calibration of lithographic process models
90 8,174,541 Dividing three-dimensional space into location based virtual packets
91 8,174,406 Detecting and sharing road traffic condition information
92 8,174,329 Power management architecture and method of modulating oscillator frequency based on voltage supply
93 8,174,288 Voltage conversion and integrated circuits with stacked voltage domains
94 8,174,106 Through board stacking of multiple LGA-connected components
95 8,174,103 Enhanced architectural interconnect options enabled with flipped die on a multi-chip package
96 8,174,074 Asymmetric embedded silicon germanium field effect transistor
97 8,173,993 Gate-all-around nanowire tunnel field effect transistors
98 8,173,965 Thermally excited near-field source
99 8,173,541 Chip carrier substrate including capacitor and method for fabrication thereof
100 8,173,532 Semiconductor transistors having reduced distances between gate electrode regions
101 8,173,531 Structure and method to improve threshold voltage of MOSFETS including a high K dielectric
102 8,173,524 Process for epitaxially growing epitaxial material regions
103 8,173,331 Method and apparatus for sub-pellicle defect reduction on photomasks
104 8,173,071 Micro-fluidic test apparatus and method
105 8,172,474 Pen tether compressive disconnect
106 8,172,471 Ribbon cartridge for printing
107 8,172,399 Lumen optimized stereo projector using a plurality of polarizing filters
108 8,172,140 Doped implant monitoring for microchip tamper detection
109 8,171,630 Method of producing a land grid array interposer