IBM patents granted on 08 September 2009

53 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,587,767 Systems and methods of transferring computer hardware
2 7,587,765 Automatic virus fix
3 7,587,723 Restarting a shared virtual resource
4 7,587,708 Method for testing converted source code
5 7,587,706 Method to provide secure multi-vendor system sizings
6 7,587,702 Step-walk relaxation method for global optimization of masks
7 7,587,664 Method and system for profiling users based on their relationships with content topics
8 7,587,628 System, method and computer program product for copying data
9 7,587,621 Computer system management and throughput maximization in the presence of power constraints
10 7,587,615 Utilizing hardware transactional approach to execute code after initially utilizing software locking by employing pseudo-transactions
11 7,587,604 Watermark signal generating method
12 7,587,596 Method and apparatus for updating information stored in multiple information handling systems
13 7,587,575 Communicating with a memory registration enabled adapter using cached address translations
14 7,587,573 System and computer program product for shrinking a file system
15 7,587,570 System and method for providing automated storage provisioning
16 7,587,564 System, method and computer program product for managing data versions
17 7,587,559 Systems and methods for memory module power management
18 7,587,546 Device, method, and program product for controlling a tape data storage drive
19 7,587,543 Apparatus, method and computer program product for dynamic arbitration control
20 7,587,531 Multiple logical input/output subsystem facility
21 7,587,528 Control of information units in fibre channel communications
22 7,587,516 Class network routing
23 7,587,515 Method and system for restrictive caching of user-specific fragments limited to a fragment cache closest to a user
24 7,587,505 Data communication method, data communication system, and program
25 7,587,491 Method and system for enroll-thru operations and reprioritization operations in a federated environment
26 7,587,490 Interception method and system for compensating disadvantageous characteristics of a communication protocol
27 7,587,453 Method and system for determining application availability
28 7,587,447 Systems, methods and computer programs for implementing and accessing web services
29 7,587,421 Method, system, and article of manufacture for generating device specific requests
30 7,587,418 System and method for effecting information governance
31 7,587,407 System and method for creation, representation, and delivery of document corpus entity co-occurrence information
32 7,587,394 Methods and apparatus for query rewrite with auxiliary attributes in query processing operations
33 7,587,383 Redundant join elimination and sub-query elimination using subsumption
34 7,587,376 Reformulation of constraint satisfaction problems for stochastic search
35 7,587,366 Secure information vault, exchange and processing system and method
36 7,587,298 Diagnostic method for root-cause analysis of FET performance variation
37 7,587,185 Automatic broadcast channel tuning apparatus and method
38 7,587,020 High performance, low power, dynamically latched up/down counter
39 7,586,936 Host Ethernet adapter for networking offload in server environment
40 7,586,901 Data instance routing with configurable user profile
41 7,586,806 SRAM active write assist method for improved operational margins
42 7,586,139 Photo-sensor and pixel array with backside illumination and method of forming the photo-sensor
43 7,585,773 Non-conformal stress liner for enhanced MOSFET performance
44 7,585,765 Formation of oxidation-resistant seed layer for interconnect applications
45 7,585,764 VIA bottom contact and method of manufacturing same
46 7,585,758 Interconnect layers without electromigration
47 7,585,740 Fully silicided extrinsic base transistor
48 7,585,722 Integrated circuit comb capacitor
49 7,585,716 High-k/metal gate MOSFET with reduced parasitic capacitance
50 7,585,704 Method of producing highly strained PECVD silicon nitride thin films at low temperature
51 7,585,614 Sub-lithographic imaging techniques and processes
52 7,585,609 Bilayer film including an underlayer having vertical acid transport properties
53 7,585,601 Method to optimize grating test pattern for lithography monitoring and control