IBM patents granted on 09 April 2013

146 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,418,234 Authentication of a principal in a federation
2 8,418,185 Memory maximization in a high input/output virtual machine environment
3 8,418,184 Use of constraint-based linear programming to optimize hardware system usage
4 8,418,180 Thread priority method for ensuring processing fairness in simultaneous multi-threading microprocessors
5 8,418,174 Enhancing the scalability of network caching capability in virtualized environment
6 8,418,166 Transparent update of adapter firmware for self-virtualizing input/output device
7 8,418,161 System and method for loading a called class file table with data indicating a highest version of a class file
8 8,418,160 Apparatus and method to selectively remove memoizing functions from program code
9 8,418,155 Generating parallel SIMD code for an arbitrary target architecture
10 8,418,154 Fast vector masking algorithm for conditional data selection in SIMD architectures
11 8,418,152 Scalable and improved profiling of software programs
12 8,418,151 Date and time simulation for time-sensitive applications
13 8,418,149 Differential comparison system and method
14 8,418,144 Fast rendering of unsigned applet jars in a web browser environment
15 8,418,141 Synchronization of work spaces
16 8,418,139 System and method for updating initialization parameters for application software from within a software development environment
17 8,418,138 Method, system and computer-usable medium for tracking and recording modifications to a software solution
18 8,418,130 Managing comments associated with computer code
19 8,418,127 Autonomic computing system, execution environment control program
20 8,418,126 Software factory semantic reconciliation of data models for work packets
21 8,418,125 Incremental model refinement and transformation in generating commerce applications using a model driven architecture
22 8,418,120 Solutions for netlist reduction for multi-finger devices
23 8,418,119 Logical circuit netlist reduction and model simplification using simulation results containing symbolic values
24 8,418,113 Consideration of local routing and pin access during VLSI global routing
25 8,418,110 Using port obscurity factors to improve routing
26 8,418,108 Accuracy pin-slew mode for gate delay calculation
27 8,418,107 Performing statistical timing analysis with non-separable statistical and deterministic variations
28 8,418,106 Techniques for employing retiming and transient simplification on netlists that include memory arrays
29 8,418,093 Method and system for design simplification through implication-based analysis
30 8,418,090 Method for computing the sensitivity of a VLSI design to both random and systematic defects using a critical area analysis tool
31 8,418,087 Analyzing multiple induced systematic and statistical layout dependent effects on circuit performance
32 8,418,081 Optimizing display space with expandable and collapsible user interface controls
33 8,418,077 File content navigation using binary search
34 8,418,069 Spinning off chat threads
35 8,418,066 Content personalization for web distributed content
36 8,418,060 Method, apparatus and computer program product for capturing and viewing stored web resource interactions
37 8,418,058 Graphical indication of signed content
38 8,418,047 Data bus system, its encoder/decoder and encoding/decoding method
39 8,417,997 Governance in work flow software
40 8,417,996 Facade for business risk minimization in change administration via risk estimation and mistake identification by ticket analysis
41 8,417,994 Severity map of change-induced pervasive services outages
42 8,417,992 Method, system and article of manufacture for system recovery
43 8,417,974 Power efficient stack of multicore microprocessors
44 8,417,973 Using a control policy to implement power saving features
45 8,417,925 Processor register recovery after flush operation
46 8,417,917 Processor core stacking for efficient collaboration
47 8,417,916 Perform frame management function instruction for setting storage keys and clearing blocks of main storage
48 8,417,913 Superpage coalescing which supports read/write access to a new virtual superpage mapping during copying of physical pages
49 8,417,912 Management of low-paging space conditions in an operating system
50 8,417,911 Associating input/output device requests with memory associated with a logical partition
51 8,417,910 Storage area network (SAN) forecasting in a heterogeneous environment
52 8,417,903 Preselect list using hidden pages
53 8,417,890 Managing cache coherency for self-modifying code in an out-of-order execution system
54 8,417,889 Two partition accelerator and application of tiered flash to cache hierarchy in partition acceleration
55 8,417,851 Polling of a target register within a peripheral device
56 8,417,849 Apparatus and method to adjust a multi-path device reservation
57 8,417,837 Set sampling controls instruction
58 8,417,832 Routing a session initiation protocol (SIP) message in a communication system
59 8,417,831 Method for IPv4 application transition over IPv6 networks
60 8,417,798 Deploying artifacts for packaged software application in cloud computing environment
61 8,417,785 Device, system, and method of electronic communication to facilitate collaboration and meeting
62 8,417,781 Personal video recording with messaging
63 8,417,778 Collective acceleration unit tree flow control and retransmit
64 8,417,773 Method and structure for automated layout director
65 8,417,765 Method and apparatus to enable protocol verification
66 8,417,764 Dynamic mashup creation from a set of resources and resource relationships
67 8,417,762 Mechanism for execution of multi-site jobs in a data stream processing system
68 8,417,761 Direct decimal number tripling in binary coded adders
69 8,417,725 Consolidating related task data in process management solutions
70 8,417,724 File server for extracting and displaying file list on client, method of providing display on client, and computer program executable on file server
71 8,417,710 Public relations and reputation mining via semantic analytics
72 8,417,709 Automatic refinement of information extraction rules
73 8,417,705 Graphically displaying a file system
74 8,417,702 Associating data records in multiple languages
75 8,417,701 Generation of a categorization scheme
76 8,417,694 System and method for constructing targeted ranking from multiple information sources
77 8,417,693 Enforcing native access control to indexed documents
78 8,417,691 Client and database problem determination and monitoring
79 8,417,690 Automatically avoiding unconstrained cartesian product joins
80 8,417,688 Converting two-tier resource mapping to one-tier resource mapping
81 8,417,682 Visualization of attributes of workflow weblogs
82 8,417,680 System for improving access efficiency in database and method thereof
83 8,417,676 Automated method for detecting and repairing configuration conflicts in a content management system
84 8,417,673 Method, system, and program for retaining versions of files
85 8,417,658 Deployment pattern realization with models of computing environments
86 8,417,649 Providing a seamless conversation service between interacting environments
87 8,417,648 Change analysis
88 8,417,555 Collaboration based capacity planning in a modular business setting
89 8,417,554 Tool for manager assistance
90 8,417,551 Scheduling sessions of multi-speaker events
91 8,417,525 Adaptive voice print for conversational biometric engine
92 8,417,524 Analysis of the temporal evolution of emotions in an audio interaction in a service delivery environment
93 8,417,514 System and method for finding the most likely answer to a natural language question
94 8,417,507 Formal verification of models using concurrent model-reduction and model-checking
95 8,417,503 System and method for target-based compact modeling
96 8,417,499 Enabling real-time testing of on-demand infrastructure to predict service level agreement compliance
97 8,417,489 Duration estimation of repeated directed graph traversal
98 8,417,447 Method and system for visualizing shared route information
99 8,417,364 Computer program product, apparatus and system for managing a manual assembly sequence
100 8,417,289 Embedded biometrics in telecommunication devices for feature extraction and context identification
101 8,417,239 Wireless device coverage mapping
102 8,417,092 System, method, and program for recording presentable data accessed through interactive links displayed by an interactive television program
103 8,417,035 Generating cohorts based on attributes of objects identified using video input
104 8,416,936 Conference call management
105 8,416,933 Trusted environment for communication between parties
106 8,416,928 Phone number extraction system for voice mail messages
107 8,416,900 Method and circuit for dynamically changing the frequency of clock signals
108 8,416,834 Spread spectrum wireless communication code for data center environments
109 8,416,811 Coordinated timing network having servers of different capabilities
110 8,416,785 Implementing ghost packet removal within a reliable meshed network
111 8,416,754 Network location based processing of data communication connection requests
112 8,416,714 Multimodal teleconferencing
113 8,416,663 Overwrite control for data in a tape recording apparatus
114 8,416,537 Recording head with tilted orientation
115 8,416,527 Methods for providing persistent lubrication to a magnetic tape head and systems thereof
116 8,416,526 Magnetic head with textured surfaces
117 8,416,519 Error burst detection and amelioration
118 8,416,300 Traffic system for enhancing driver visibility
119 8,416,281 Multipoint conference scalability for co-located participants
120 8,416,185 Operational object controlling device, system, method and program
121 8,416,121 Narrow-band wide-range frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) radar system
122 8,416,061 Controlling radio frequency identification tag signal range
123 8,416,057 Use of radio frequency identifier (RFID) tags for identification of an authentication status of an item
124 8,416,009 Solutions for controlling bulk bias voltage in an extremely thin silicon-on-insulator (ETSOI) integrated circuit chip
125 8,415,999 High frequency quadrature PLL circuit and method
126 8,415,969 Implementing screening for single FET compare of physically unclonable function (PUF)
127 8,415,935 Multiple branch alternative element power regulation
128 8,415,792 Electrical contact alignment posts
129 8,415,772 Method to prevent surface decomposition of III-V compound semiconductors
130 8,415,763 Tunable semiconductor device
131 8,415,748 Use of epitaxial Ni silicide
132 8,415,744 SOI CMOS circuits with substrate bias
133 8,415,743 ETSOI CMOS with back gates
134 8,415,677 Field-effect transistor device having a metal gate stack with an oxygen barrier layer
135 8,415,653 Single mask adder phase change memory element
136 8,415,620 Determining doping type and level in semiconducting nanostructures
137 8,415,260 Chip identification for organic laminate packaging and methods of manufacture
138 8,415,252 Selective copper encapsulation layer deposition
139 8,415,250 Method of forming silicide contacts of different shapes selectively on regions of a semiconductor device
140 8,415,248 Self-aligned dual damascene BEOL structures with patternable low-k material and methods of forming same
141 8,415,238 Three dimensional integration and methods of through silicon via creation
142 8,415,220 Constrained oxidation of suspended micro- and nano-structures
143 8,415,216 Multi-gate non-planar field effect transistor structure and method of forming the structure using a dopant implant process to tune device drive current
144 8,415,077 Simultaneous optical proximity correction and decomposition for double exposure lithography
145 8,414,399 User value transport mechanism across multiple virtual world environments
146 8,413,712 Cooling device