IBM patents granted on 09 August 2011

177 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,996,907 Data recording method, data recording system, data recording apparatus, data reading method, data reading system, counting method, counting system, method of supplying encryption key, system for supplying encryption key and program
2 7,996,893 Determining roles for automated tasks in a role-based access control environment
3 7,996,892 Method and apparatus for using a proxy to manage confidential information
4 7,996,891 Systems, methods and computer program products for generating anonymous assertions
5 7,996,887 Security of a network system
6 7,996,885 Password application
7 7,996,883 Centralized identity management for delegating resource management in a technology outsourcing environment
8 7,996,860 Apparatus for reducing sensitivity of an article to mechanical shock
9 7,996,856 Processing application data
10 7,996,854 Information processing apparatus, method, and program for controlling resource access by application program
11 7,996,851 Locally providing globally consistent information to communications layers
12 7,996,849 Method, apparatus and software for managing a transactional message queue
13 7,996,847 Method for correlating processor usage to customer billing in an on-demand server with real-time allocation/deallocation of processing resources
14 7,996,840 Method, system, and apparatus for scheduling pattern based web services
15 7,996,838 System and program storage device for facilitating workload management in a computing environment
16 7,996,835 System, method and program for managing communication with multiple configurations for virtual machine
17 7,996,830 Programming model generic application deployment
18 7,996,824 Benchmark synthesis using workload statistics
19 7,996,823 Mechanism to provide debugging and optimization in policy and knowledge controlled distributed computing systems, through the use of tagged policies and knowledge representation elements
20 7,996,822 User/process runtime system trace
21 7,996,820 Determining proportionate use of system resources by applications executing in a shared hosting environment
22 7,996,819 Generating functional test scripts
23 7,996,816 Method and apparatus for dynamically binding service component implementations for specific unit test cases
24 7,996,815 Method, system and computer storage medium for test tool development
25 7,996,812 Method of minimizing early-mode violations causing minimum impact to a chip design
26 7,996,810 System and method for designing a low leakage monotonic CMOS logic circuit
27 7,996,808 Computer readable medium, system and associated method for designing integrated circuits with loop insertions
28 7,996,807 Integrated test waveform generator (TWG) and customer waveform generator (CWG), design structure and method
29 7,996,803 Automated use of uninterpreted functions in sequential equivalence
30 7,996,801 Methods and systems for on-the-fly chip verification
31 7,996,800 Computer program product for design verification using sequential and combinational transformations
32 7,996,799 Verification technique
33 7,996,790 Button area having a mixed state button for collapsing and expanding user interface items
34 7,996,784 Method and apparatus for controlling tab indexes in a web page
35 7,996,773 Displaying and managing inherited values
36 7,996,770 Portal interaction using ontology-based dictionaries
37 7,996,768 Operations on document components filtered via text attributes
38 7,996,764 Apparatus, program and method for accepting a request from a client computer via a network and executing a web application
39 7,996,757 Low-latency, incremental rendering in a content framework
40 7,996,754 Consolidated content management
41 7,996,747 Forward error correction encoding for multiple link transmission compatible with 64B/66B scrambling
42 7,996,739 Avoiding race conditions at clock domain crossings in an edge based scan design
43 7,996,738 Semiconductor chip with a plurality of scannable storage elements and a method for scanning storage elements on a semiconductor chip
44 7,996,733 Identify indicators in a data processing system
45 7,996,730 Customizable system for the automatic gathering of software service information
46 7,996,722 Method for debugging a hang condition in a process without affecting the process state
47 7,996,716 Containment and recovery of software exceptions in interacting, replicated-state-machine-based fault-tolerant components
48 7,996,715 Multi nodal computer system and method for handling check stops in the multi nodal computer system
49 7,996,707 Method to recover from ungrouped logical path failures
50 7,996,706 System to recover a failed flash of a blade service processor in a server chassis
51 7,996,703 Method and apparatus to avoid power transients during a microprocessor test
52 7,996,693 Integrated circuit environment initialization according to information stored within the integrated circuit
53 7,996,687 Product for providing a scalable trusted platform module in a hypervisor environment
54 7,996,686 Branch trace methodology
55 7,996,685 Method for effective tamper resistance
56 7,996,679 System and method for performing a trust-preserving migration of data objects from a source to a target
57 7,996,674 LDAP user authentication
58 7,996,668 Distributed system and computer program product for establishing security in a publish/subscribe data processing broker network
59 7,996,655 Multiport execution target delay queue FIFO array
60 7,996,654 System and method for optimization within a group priority issue schema for a cascaded pipeline
61 7,996,643 Synchronizing logical systems
62 7,996,641 Structure for hub for supporting high capacity memory subsystem
63 7,996,629 Multiprocessor computing system with multi-mode memory consistency protection
64 7,996,628 Cross adapter shared address translation tables
65 7,996,621 Data cache invalidate with data dependent expiration using a step value
66 7,996,620 High performance pseudo dynamic 36 bit compare
67 7,996,618 Apparatus and method for using branch prediction heuristics for determination of trace formation readiness
68 7,996,614 Cache intervention on a separate data bus when on-chip bus has separate read and write data busses
69 7,996,609 System and method of dynamic allocation of non-volatile memory
70 7,996,594 Interrupt-driven link status feedback mechanism for embedded switches
71 7,996,593 Interrupt handling using simultaneous multi-threading
72 7,996,585 Method and system for state tracking and recovery in multiprocessing computing systems
73 7,996,564 Remote asynchronous data mover
74 7,996,563 Method for designating internet protocol addresses
75 7,996,545 System and method for scheduling digital information transmission and retransmission on a network during time slots
76 7,996,544 Technique of detecting denial of service attacks
77 7,996,542 Systems and media for sharing session data on a network
78 7,996,529 System for autonomic monitoring for web high availability
79 7,996,524 Controlling external communication of embedded device using proxy server
80 7,996,513 Monitoring operational data in data processing systems
81 7,996,509 Zoning of devices in a storage area network
82 7,996,507 Intelligent system control agent for managing jobs on a network by managing a plurality of queues on a client
83 7,996,497 Method of handling duplicate or invalid node controller IDs in a distributed service processor environment
84 7,996,473 Profile-based conversion and delivery of electronic messages
85 7,996,446 Scheduling and performing garbage collection in a real-time system with guaranteed space bounds
86 7,996,444 Creation of pre-filters for more efficient X-path processing
87 7,996,433 NUMA system resource descriptors including performance characteristics
88 7,996,432 Systems, methods and computer program products for the creation of annotations for media content to enable the selective management and playback of media content
89 7,996,431 Systems, methods and computer program products for generating metadata and visualizing media content
90 7,996,421 Method, computer program product, and system for coordinating access to locally and remotely exported file systems
91 7,996,414 Method and system for separating file system metadata from other metadata in virtual machine image format
92 7,996,411 Method, apparatus, and system for translating selected characters in a record processing system
93 7,996,409 System and method for content-based object ranking to facilitate information lifecycle management
94 7,996,408 Determination of index block size and data block size in data sets
95 7,996,407 System, method and computer executable program for information tracking from heterogeneous sources
96 7,996,405 Technique for managing data in association with tag information
97 7,996,403 Method and apparatus for assigning a cultural classification to a name using country-of-association information
98 7,996,401 Inserting new transactions into a transaction stream
99 7,996,394 System and method for performing advanced search in service registry system
100 7,996,386 Tracking premature termination of a database query
101 7,996,384 Query based rule optimization through rule combination
102 7,996,377 CIM data quarantine
103 7,996,370 System restoration apparatus and method for management of dependencies, ordering sensitivities, and database index rebuilds
104 7,996,365 Record level fuzzy backup
105 7,996,360 Coordinating updates to replicated data
106 7,996,359 Managing multi-node multi-version systems
107 7,996,354 Device, method and computer program product for evaluating a behavior of an entity
108 7,996,353 Policy-based management system with automatic policy selection and creation capabilities by using singular value decomposition technique
109 7,996,352 Distributed rule processing for ubiquitous computing environments
110 7,996,347 Adaptive information technology solution design and deployment
111 7,996,346 Method for autonomic workload distribution on a multicore processor
112 7,996,342 Systems, methods and computer program products for supervised dimensionality reduction with mixed-type features and labels
113 7,996,340 Method and system for L.sub.1-based robust distribution clustering of multinomial distributions
114 7,996,339 Method and system for generating object classification models
115 7,996,336 System and program storage device of object classification utilizing optimized boolean expressions
116 7,996,287 Allocating carbon offsets for printing tasks
117 7,996,281 Tiered on-demand location-based tracking service and infrastructure
118 7,996,274 Request type grid computing
119 7,996,271 Blocking orders during order processing
120 7,996,257 Collecting, calculating, and reporting quantifiable peer feedback on relative contributions of team members
121 7,996,242 Automatically developing neuropsychiatric treatment plans based on neuroimage data
122 7,996,229 System and method for creating and posting voice-based web 2.0 entries via a telephone interface
123 7,996,227 System and method for inserting a description of images into audio recordings
124 7,996,207 Bidirectional domain names
125 7,996,203 Method, system, and computer program product for out of order instruction address stride prefetch performance verification
126 7,996,190 Virtual cabling router
127 7,996,164 Managing energy usage by devices associated with a virtual universe resource conservation region
128 7,996,073 System and method for interpreting electrocardiograms
129 7,995,983 Gilbert mixers with improved isolation
130 7,995,802 Apparatus and methods for verifying identity using biometric information collected during a pre-enrollment phase
131 7,995,719 Coordination of a voicemail response with calendar scheduling
132 7,995,675 Apparatus and method to communicate information within a data storage library
133 7,995,660 Receiver termination circuit for a high speed direct current (DC) serial link
134 7,995,619 Methods and arrangements to model an asynchronous interface
135 7,995,598 Small form factor pluggable (SFP) status indicator
136 7,995,568 Capturing user interface switch states
137 7,995,474 Grid network throttle and load collector
138 7,995,472 Flexible network processor scheduler and data flow
139 7,995,444 Apparatus and method to store and retrieve information using an optical holographic data storage medium
140 7,995,443 Apparatus and method to store information in a holographic data storage medium
141 7,995,418 Method and computer program for controlling a storage device having per-element selectable power supply voltages
142 7,995,303 Overhead calculation in writing synchronized data to magnetic tape
143 7,995,300 Detection of defective tape drive by aggregating read error statistics
144 7,995,076 System and method for generating virtual images according to position of viewers
145 7,995,062 Methods for utilizing human perceptual systems for processing event log data
146 7,994,925 Monitoring access to controlled areas using electronic monitors
147 7,994,920 RFID security in an RFID-enabled medium
148 7,994,910 Directing a movement of visitors in an event venue for maximizing revenue
149 7,994,895 Heat sink for integrated circuit devices
150 7,994,846 Method and mechanism to reduce current variation in a current reference branch circuit
151 7,994,845 Switched-capacitor charge pumps
152 7,994,830 Systems and methods for PLL linearity measurement, PLL output duty cycle measurement and duty cycle correction
153 7,994,797 Implementing a coded time domain transmission distance meter
154 7,994,639 Microelectronic structure including dual damascene structure and high contrast alignment mark
155 7,994,612 FinFETs single-sided implant formation
156 7,994,575 Metal-oxide-semiconductor device structures with tailored dopant depth profiles
157 7,994,450 Debris minimization and improved spatial resolution in pulsed laser ablation of materials
158 7,994,434 Electromagnetic interference shielding apparatus and method
159 7,994,060 Dual exposure track only pitch split process
160 7,994,042 Techniques for impeding reverse engineering
161 7,994,028 Structures having lattice-mismatched single-crystalline semiconductor layers on the same lithographic level and methods of manufacturing the same
162 7,993,999 High-K/metal gate CMOS finFET with improved pFET threshold voltage
163 7,993,995 Metal-gated MOSFET devices having scaled gate stack thickness including gettering species in a buried oxide
164 7,993,990 Multiple crystallographic orientation semiconductor structures
165 7,993,989 Vertical spacer forming and related transistor
166 7,993,987 Surface cleaning using sacrificial getter layer
167 7,993,817 Structure with self aligned resist layer on an insulating surface and method of making same
168 7,993,816 Method for fabricating self-aligned nanostructure using self-assembly block copolymers, and structures fabricated therefrom
169 7,993,815 Line ends forming
170 7,993,812 Calixarene blended molecular glass photoresists and processes of use
171 7,993,535 Robust self-aligned process for sub-65nm current-perpendicular junction pillars
172 7,993,504 Backside unlayering of MOSFET devices for electrical and physical characterization
173 7,993,498 Apparatus and method of electrolytic removal of metals from a wafer surface
174 7,992,734 Semiconductor automation buffer storage identification system and method
175 7,992,627 Microjet module assembly
176 7,992,591 Magnetically actuated microfluidic mixers
177 7,992,454 Airflow bench with laminar flow element