IBM patents granted on 09 August 2016

136 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 D763,208 Enclosure design panel
2 9,414,528 Thermal spreading for an externally pluggable electronic module
3 9,414,527 Thermal spreading for an externally pluggable electronic module
4 9,414,525 Coolant-cooled heat sink configured for accelerating coolant flow
5 9,414,523 Cooled electronic system with liquid-cooled cold plate and thermal spreader coupled to electronic component
6 9,414,519 Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
7 9,414,493 Assembly of printed circuit boards
8 9,414,351 Locating computer-controlled entities
9 9,414,296 Discovery of a set of nodes in a network
10 9,413,899 Message assistant via smart templates
11 9,413,864 Controlling mute function on telephone
12 9,413,857 System, method and program product for backing up data
13 9,413,855 Expanding an answer key to verify a question and answer system
14 9,413,849 Distributing an executable job load file to compute nodes in a parallel computer
15 9,413,833 Identity management in a networked computing environment
16 9,413,826 Concurrent file and object protocol access using space-efficient cloning
17 9,413,818 Deploying applications in a networked computing environment
18 9,413,786 Dynamic enterprise security control based on user risk factors
19 9,413,775 Macro grid governance and communication
20 9,413,757 Secure identity authentication in an electronic transaction
21 9,413,746 Extension point application and configuration of a login module
22 9,413,700 Operating a group chat session
23 9,413,684 Provisioning legacy systems network architecture resource communications through a group of servers in a data center
24 9,413,682 Provisioning legacy systems network architecture resource communications through a group of servers in a data center
25 9,413,669 Autonomic traffic load balancing in link aggregation groups
26 9,413,619 Prediction-based provisioning planning for cloud environments
27 9,413,598 Graph structures for event matching
28 9,413,554 Virtual network overlays
29 9,413,553 Network access control based on risk factor
30 9,413,534 Mobile device-based keypad for enhanced security
31 9,413,529 Distributed storage network and method for storing and retrieving encryption keys
32 9,413,393 Encoding multi-media content for a centralized digital video storage system
33 9,413,392 Post-decoding error check with diagnostics for product codes
34 9,412,891 Thermal receiver for high power solar concentrators and method of assembly
35 9,412,865 Reduced resistance short-channel InGaAs planar MOSFET
36 9,412,843 Method for embedded diamond-shaped stress element
37 9,412,840 Sacrificial layer for replacement metal semiconductor alloy contact formation
38 9,412,822 Methods of forming stressed channel regions for a FinFET semiconductor device and the resulting device
39 9,412,820 Semiconductor device with thinned channel region and related methods
40 9,412,815 Solution-assisted carbon nanotube placement with graphene electrodes
41 9,412,744 III-V CMOS integration on silicon substrate via embedded germanium-containing layer
42 9,412,740 Integrated circuit product with a gate height registration structure
43 9,412,718 3-D stacked and aligned processors forming a logical processor with power modes controlled by respective set of configuration parameters
44 9,412,682 Through-silicon via access device for integrated circuits
45 9,412,667 Asymmetric high-k dielectric for reducing gate induced drain leakage
46 9,412,664 Dual material finFET on single substrate
47 9,412,663 Dies for RFID devices and sensor applications
48 9,412,658 Constrained nanosecond laser anneal of metal interconnect structures
49 9,412,654 Graphene sacrificial deposition layer on beol copper liner-seed for mitigating queue-time issues between liner and plating step
50 9,412,643 Shallow trench isolation for end fin variation control
51 9,412,641 FinFET having controlled dielectric region height
52 9,412,596 Nitridation on HDP oxide before high-k deposition to prevent oxygen ingress
53 9,412,410 Track-dependent decoding
54 9,412,409 Controlling a tape speed to manage a tape drive buffer
55 9,412,393 Speech effectiveness rating
56 9,412,296 Display brightness adjustment
57 9,412,267 Auto-calibration for road traffic prediction
58 9,412,095 Status and time-based delivery services for instant messengers
59 9,412,094 User identifier management
60 9,412,091 Dynamic adaption of electronic routing slips for financial messaging
61 9,412,085 Management of an object
62 9,412,070 Automatically deriving context when extracting a business rule
63 9,412,063 Transform architecture for multiple neurosynaptic core circuits
64 9,412,011 Warning a user about adverse behaviors of others within an environment based on a 3D captured image stream
65 9,412,000 Relative positioning of a mobile computing device in a network
66 9,411,974 Managing document revisions
67 9,411,973 Secure isolation of tenant resources in a multi-tenant storage system using a security gateway
68 9,411,963 Visual display of risk-identifying metadata for identity management access requests
69 9,411,954 Managing software deployment
70 9,411,878 NLP duration and duration range comparison methodology using similarity weighting
71 9,411,877 Entity-driven logic for improved name-searching in mixed-entity lists
72 9,411,867 Method and apparatus for processing database data in distributed database system
73 9,411,865 Apparatus, system and method for data collection, import and modeling
74 9,411,861 Multiple result sets generated from single pass through a dataspace
75 9,411,838 Table organization using one or more queries
76 9,411,836 Facilitating consistency between a glossary and a repository
77 9,411,833 Generation of service specification of a service oriented architecture (SOA) solution
78 9,411,818 Command line interpreter for accessing a data object stored in a distributed storage network
79 9,411,813 Large tree view navigation
80 9,411,811 Coordinated point-in-time snapshots of multiple computing platforms
81 9,411,810 Method and apparatus for identifying data inconsistency in a dispersed storage network
82 9,411,806 Optimizing relational database queries with multi-table predicate expressions
83 9,411,805 Virtual cultural attache
84 9,411,794 Facilitating selection of objects on display screens
85 9,411,792 Document order management via binary tree projection
86 9,411,789 Clickable links within live collaborative web meetings
87 9,411,777 Performing a rooted-v collective operation by an operational group of compute nodes in a parallel computer
88 9,411,750 Efficient calibration of a low power parallel data communications channel
89 9,411,742 Use of differing granularity heat maps for caching and migration
90 9,411,738 Efficient processing of cache segment waiters
91 9,411,737 Clearing blocks of storage class memory
92 9,411,735 Counter-based wide fetch management
93 9,411,730 Private memory table for reduced memory coherence traffic
94 9,411,729 Salvaging lock elision transactions
95 9,411,711 Adopting an existing automation script to a new framework
96 9,411,709 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific event alerts
97 9,411,699 Prioritization metrics for efficient post-Si failure localization
98 9,411,698 Determining an availability score based on available resources of different resource types in a distributed computing environment of storage servers to determine whether to perform a failure operation for one of the storage servers
99 9,411,697 Creation of highly available pseudo-clone standby servers for rapid failover provisioning
100 9,411,672 Two stage log normalization
101 9,411,664 Fingerprint-based processor parameter management
102 9,411,661 Deadlock avoidance
103 9,411,654 Managing configuration and operation of an adapter as a virtual peripheral component interconnect root to expansion read-only memory emulation
104 9,411,645 Scheduling MapReduce tasks based on estimated workload distribution
105 9,411,638 Application startup page fault management in a hardware multithreading environment
106 9,411,630 Reducing virtual machine pre-emption in virtualized environment
107 9,411,629 Reducing virtual machine pre-emption in virtualized environment
108 9,411,627 Allocating storage for virtual machine instances based on input/output (I/O) usage rate of the disk extents stored in an I/O profile of a previous incarnation of the virtual machine
109 9,411,626 Optimizing runtime performance of an application workload by minimizing network input/output communications between virtual machines on different clouds in a hybrid cloud topology during cloud bursting
110 9,411,625 Apparatus and control method for hypervisor to obtain faulting instruction
111 9,411,621 Grouping and automatically propagating updates to equivalent online and offline virtual machines in a data center
112 9,411,611 Colocation and anticolocation in colocation data centers via elastic nets
113 9,411,606 Baseboard management controller (BMC) provided with sensor list
114 9,411,599 Operand fetching control as a function of branch confidence
115 9,411,598 Semi-exclusive second-level branch target buffer
116 9,411,591 Run-time instrumentation sampling in transactional-execution mode
117 9,411,589 Branch-free condition evaluation
118 9,411,588 Conditional transaction end instruction
119 9,411,587 Method of prefetch optimizing by measuring execution time of instruction sequence cycling through each selectable hardware prefetch depth and cycling through disabling each software prefetch instruction
120 9,411,585 Multi-addressable register files and format conversions associated therewith
121 9,411,580 Annotating a generator output stream
122 9,411,577 Visualizing a congruency of versions of an application across phases of a release pipeline
123 9,411,576 Software version management for executing replacement actions
124 9,411,567 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
125 9,411,565 Method of splitting register live ranges
126 9,411,564 Extraction of functional semantics and isolated dataflow from imperative object oriented languages
127 9,411,541 Adjustment of volume synchronization
128 9,411,539 Providing access information to a storage controller to determine a storage tier for storing data
129 9,411,536 Verifying a record as part of an operation to modify the record
130 9,411,519 Implementing enhanced performance flash memory devices
131 9,411,438 Utilization of multiple keypads for password inputs
132 9,411,397 Managing a portal application
133 9,411,106 Polarization-independent grating coupler for silicon on insulator
134 9,410,751 Controlled cooling of an electronic system for reduced energy consumption
135 9,409,264 Interleaved heat sink and fan assembly
136 9,409,230 Process scheduling system, method, and program