IBM patents granted on 09 December 2008

99 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,464,405 Method for preventing loading and execution of rogue operating systems in a logical partitioned data processing system
2 7,464,404 Method of responding to a truncated secure session attack
3 7,464,400 Distributed environment controlled access facility
4 7,464,384 Method for inter-object communication
5 7,464,375 Method for flattening hierarchically structured flows
6 7,464,374 System and method for error checking of failed I/O open calls
7 7,464,371 Computer-implemented method, system and program product for analyzing messages associated with computer program code
8 7,464,370 Creating a method from a block of code
9 7,464,359 Method for re-routing an interconnection array to improve switching behavior in a single net and an associated interconnection array structure
10 7,464,356 Method and apparatus for diffusion based cell placement migration
11 7,464,354 Method and apparatus for performing temporal checking
12 7,464,341 Canceling window close commands
13 7,464,322 System and method for detecting write errors in a storage device
14 7,464,321 Apparatus and method to transfer information from a first information storage and retrieval system to a second information storage and retrieval system
15 7,464,303 Autonomically adjusting configuration parameters for a server when a different server fails
16 7,464,302 Method and apparatus for expressing high availability cluster demand based on probability of breach
17 7,464,298 Method, system, and computer program product for multi-domain component management
18 7,464,294 Monitoring method with trusted corrective actions
19 7,464,263 Method, system and program product for associating event categorization and routing with security authorization roles
20 7,464,260 Method for alternatively activating a replaceable hardware unit
21 7,464,250 Method to reduce disk access time during predictable loading sequences
22 7,464,249 System and method for alias mapping of address space
23 7,464,246 System and method for dynamic sizing of cache sequential list
24 7,464,242 Method of load/store dependencies detection with dynamically changing address length
25 7,464,237 System and method for implementing a fast file synchronization in a data processing system
26 7,464,219 Apparatus, system, and storage medium for data protection by a storage device
27 7,464,217 Design structure for content addressable memory
28 7,464,211 Method of detecting and recovering a lost system management interrupt (SMI) in a multiprocessor (MP) environment
29 7,464,209 Controlling resource transfers using locks in a logically partitioned computer system
30 7,464,195 Method and apparatus for detecting a presence of a device
31 7,464,191 System and method for host initialization for an adapter that supports virtualization
32 7,464,190 Method and apparatus for a non-disruptive removal of an address assigned to a channel adapter with acknowledgment error detection
33 7,464,189 System and method for creation/deletion of linear block address table entries for direct I/O
34 7,464,182 Apparatus, method and computer program product for producing a resource descriptor
35 7,464,181 Method for caching lookups based upon TCP traffic flow characteristics
36 7,464,165 System and method for allocating resources on a network
37 7,464,163 Service provisioning via attribute-based subscription
38 7,464,161 Enabling and disabling byte code inserted probes based on transaction monitoring tokens
39 7,464,160 Provisioning grid services to maintain service level agreements
40 7,464,159 Managing analysis of a degraded service in a grid environment
41 7,464,158 Secure initialization of intrusion detection system
42 7,464,149 System and method for managing introspectable objects in an enterprise
43 7,464,147 Managing a cluster of networked resources and resource groups using rule – base constraints in a scalable clustering environment
44 7,464,142 Port type agnostic proxy support for web services intermediates
45 7,464,138 Mirror queue in a shared queue environment
46 7,464,126 Method for creating an application-consistent remote copy of data using remote mirroring
47 7,464,124 Method for autonomic data caching and copying on a storage area network aware file system using copy services
48 7,464,121 Apparatus for sending a sequence of asynchronous messages to the same member of a clustered consumer
49 7,464,118 Algorithm for maximizing application availability during automated enterprise deployments
50 7,464,114 Method and apparatus to capture and transmit dense diagnostic data of a file system
51 7,464,111 Applying a templated business graph to a business object
52 7,464,105 Method for performing semi-automatic dataset maintenance
53 7,464,084 Method for performing an inexact query transformation in a heterogeneous environment
54 7,464,082 Methods for de-serializing data objects on demand
55 7,464,080 Row-level security in a relational database management system
56 7,464,078 Method for automatically extracting by-line information
57 7,464,076 System and method and computer program product for ranking logical directories
58 7,464,073 Application of queries against incomplete schemas
59 7,464,068 System and method for continuous diagnosis of data streams
60 7,464,065 Object specific language extension interface for a multi-level data structure
61 7,464,062 Administering devices in dependence upon user metric vectors including generic metric spaces
62 7,464,044 Method and system for using emulation objects for developing point of sale
63 7,464,031 Speech recognition utilizing multitude of speech features
64 7,464,024 Chinese character-based parser
65 7,464,017 Time multiplexed interface for emulator system
66 7,463,950 Identification and characterization of recirculation in electronic systems
67 7,463,777 Method for the scaling down of data
68 7,463,723 Method to enable instant collaboration via use of pervasive messaging
69 7,463,593 Network host isolation tool
70 7,463,572 High density data storage medium
71 7,463,548 Method for performing a burn-in test
72 7,463,537 Global bit select circuit interface with dual read and write bit line pairs
73 7,463,488 Accessor movably disposed within an automated data storage and retrieval system
74 7,463,444 Head position detector with optical slit pattern
75 7,463,243 RFID wireless computer mouse
76 7,463,153 Locating a device in a given state
77 7,463,147 Method for identification, tracking, and notification of abandoned items in a store
78 7,463,112 Area efficient, differential T-coil impedance-matching circuit for high speed communications applications
79 7,463,083 Noise reduction in digital systems when the noise is caused by simultaneously clocking data registers
80 7,463,078 Level-shifting differential amplifier
81 7,463,047 Increase productivity at wafer test using probe retest data analysis
82 7,463,017 Functional and stress testing of LGA devices
83 7,462,916 Semiconductor devices having torsional stresses
84 7,462,915 Method and apparatus for increase strain effect in a transistor channel
85 7,462,858 Fabrication of phase change memory element with phase-change electrodes using conformal deposition
86 7,462,845 Removable liners for charged particle beam systems
87 7,462,547 Method of fabricating a bipolar transistor having reduced collector-base capacitance
88 7,462,528 CMOS (Complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology with leakage current mitigation
89 7,462,527 Method of forming nitride films with high compressive stress for improved PFET device performance
90 7,462,525 Enhancement of electron and hole mobilities in <110> Si under biaxial compressive strain
91 7,462,522 Method and structure for improving device performance variation in dual stress liner technology
92 7,462,509 Dual-sided chip attached modules
93 7,462,506 Carbon dioxide gettering method for a chip module assembly
94 7,462,294 Enhanced thermal conducting formulations
95 7,462,072 Apparatus for associating a cable with an electronic device and improving electromagnetic compatability shielding between the cable and the electronic device
96 7,462,039 LGA utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus having a slitted wall surface for venting gases
97 7,461,989 Pen retention apparatus
98 7,461,786 System and method for determining packaging preference
99 7,461,457 Precision corner post cutter