IBM patents granted on 09 December 2014

120 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,910,293 Determining the vulnerability of computer software applications to privilege-escalation attacks
2 8,910,291 Black-box testing of web applications with client-side code evaluation
3 8,910,260 System and method for real time secure image based key generation using partial polygons assembled into a master composite image
4 8,910,189 Methods and systems for automatically determining configuration parameters
5 8,910,187 Method and apparatus for non-intrusive web application integration to streamline enterprise business process
6 8,910,186 Feed-based promotion of service registry objects
7 8,910,185 Message queuing application access to specific API services through a generic API interface integrating a message queue
8 8,910,184 Application access to LDAP services through a generic LDAP interface integrating a message queue
9 8,910,180 Interdependent task management by executing tasks based on the “for all” task attributes and existence of semaphore in a task dependency chain
10 8,910,178 Performing a global barrier operation in a parallel computer
11 8,910,176 System for distributed task dispatch in multi-application environment based on consensus for load balancing using task partitioning and dynamic grouping of server instance
12 8,910,170 Managing execution of interdependent tasks of a task dependency chain based on a run-once task attribute
13 8,910,164 User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
14 8,910,162 User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
15 8,910,159 Processor exclusivity in a partitioned system
16 8,910,157 Optimization of virtual appliance deployment
17 8,910,148 Packaging an application with plurality of libraries
18 8,910,146 Automated time-to-value measurement
19 8,910,137 Code profiling of executable library for pipeline parallelization
20 8,910,136 Generating code that calls functions based on types of memory
21 8,910,126 Compiling source code for debugging with variable value restoration based on debugging user activity
22 8,910,125 Monitoring software performance
23 8,910,122 Validating translations of externalized content for inclusion in an application
24 8,910,118 Extracting business rules of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) system
25 8,910,117 Customizing and performing policy in version control
26 8,910,089 Printing process calibration and correction
27 8,910,058 Performing interactive collaboration within a virtual world
28 8,910,057 Accessing window pixel data for application sharing
29 8,910,043 Modifying spaces in virtual universes
30 8,910,012 Block-interleaved and error correction code (ECC)-encoded sub data set (SDS) format
31 8,909,994 Dynamic hardware trace supporting multiphase operations
32 8,909,993 Verifying speculative multithreading in an application
33 8,909,992 Dynamic concolic execution of an application
34 8,909,985 Multiple hyperswap replication sessions
35 8,909,954 Branch circuit power measurement and dynamic power distribution
36 8,909,944 Storage device
37 8,909,933 Decoupled cryptographic schemes using a visual channel
38 8,909,907 Reducing branch prediction latency using a branch target buffer with a most recently used column prediction
39 8,909,899 Emulating execution of a perform frame management instruction
40 8,909,893 Virtual logical volume for overflow storage of special data sets
41 8,909,891 Virtual logical volume for overflow storage of special data sets
42 8,909,890 Scalable performance-based volume allocation for time-based storage access services
43 8,909,884 Migrating virtual machines across sites
44 8,909,882 Concurrent data processing using snapshot technology
45 8,909,879 Counter-based entry invalidation for metadata previous write queue
46 8,909,878 Implementing timing alignment and synchronized memory activities of multiple memory devices accessed in parallel
47 8,909,877 Dynamic real storage usage control
48 8,909,876 Snapshots in a hybrid storage device comprising a magnetic disk and a solid state disk
49 8,909,874 Memory reorder queue biasing preceding high latency operations
50 8,909,871 Data processing system and method for reducing cache pollution by write stream memory access patterns
51 8,909,835 Computer system and method of controlling computer system
52 8,909,831 Logic device
53 8,909,827 Method to allow a host to replace logical path resources it owns
54 8,909,799 File system firewall
55 8,909,796 Storage procedures for application server session persistence
56 8,909,785 Smart cloud workload balancer
57 8,909,782 Method and system for dynamically rebalancing client sessions within a cluster of servers connected to a network
58 8,909,769 Determining optimal component location in a networked computing environment
59 8,909,765 Analyzing webpage users’ web access actions by using a defined focal region
60 8,909,745 Re-programming programmable hardware devices without system downtime
61 8,909,737 Caching provenance information
62 8,909,734 Migrating data between networked computing environments
63 8,909,730 Method of controlling filling levels of a plurality of storage pools
64 8,909,727 RDMA read destination buffers mapped onto a single representation
65 8,909,716 Administering truncated receive functions in a parallel messaging interface
66 8,909,715 References to history points in a chat history
67 8,909,703 System and computer program product for facilitating a real-time virtual interaction
68 8,909,698 Grid-enabled, service-oriented architecture for enabling high-speed computing applications
69 8,909,690 Performing arithmetic operations using both large and small floating point values
70 8,909,681 Gap detection in a temporally unique index in a relational database
71 8,909,663 Using historical information to improve search across heterogeneous indices
72 8,909,643 Inferring emerging and evolving topics in streaming text
73 8,909,635 Profiling content creation and retrieval in a content management system
74 8,909,632 System and method for maintaining persistent links to information on the Internet
75 8,909,621 Contextual search history in collaborative archives
76 8,909,611 Content management system
77 8,909,608 Reducing decompression latency in a compression storage system
78 8,909,607 Context sensitive reusable inline data deduplication
79 8,909,584 Minimizing rule sets in a rule management system
80 8,909,579 Identifying invariant candidates based on proofs
81 8,909,576 Neuromorphic event-driven neural computing architecture in a scalable neural network
82 8,909,571 Updating policy parameters under Markov decision process system environment
83 8,909,462 Context-based traffic flow control
84 8,909,383 Proactive cooling of chips using workload information and controls
85 8,909,214 Performance management for a telecommunication network
86 8,909,189 System, method and program product for maintaining deployed response team members synchronized
87 8,909,039 Optical cable testing and management
88 8,908,999 Information processor, method, and program for document proofreading
89 8,908,929 Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing anonymous biometric matching
90 8,908,923 Interior location identification
91 8,908,691 Virtual ethernet port aggregation (VEPA)-enabled multi-tenant overlay network
92 8,908,690 Addressing a workload partition
93 8,908,683 Fibre channel forwarder fabric login sequence
94 8,908,682 Switch discovery protocol for a distributed fabric system
95 8,908,553 IP flow based offload for subscriber data optimization and scheduling at the basestation in a mobile data network
96 8,908,486 Method for extended diagnostic overlay control for tape storage devices
97 8,908,485 Extended diagnostic overlay control for tape storage devices
98 8,908,425 Thermally-assisted MRAM with ferromagnetic layers with temperature dependent magnetization
99 8,908,334 Electrostatic discharge protection for a magnetoresistive sensor
100 8,908,313 Transport system for transporting magnetic tape
101 8,907,981 Method and system for dynamic composing and creating 3D virtual devices
102 8,907,503 Manufacturing an underfill in a semiconductor chip package
103 8,907,494 Electrical leakage reduction in stacked integrated circuits having through-silicon-via (TSV) structures
104 8,907,470 Millimeter wave wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) device and related method
105 8,907,458 Creation of vias and trenches with different depths
106 8,907,410 TSV structure with a built-in U-shaped FET transistor for improved characterization
107 8,907,405 Semiconductor structures with dual trench regions and methods of manufacturing the semiconductor structures
108 8,907,381 Reduced short channel effect of III-V field effect transistor via oxidizing aluminum-rich underlayer
109 8,906,809 Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
110 8,906,807 Single fin cut employing angled processing methods
111 8,906,799 Random local metal cap layer formation for improved integrated circuit reliability
112 8,906,793 Borderless contact for an aluminum-containing gate
113 8,906,779 Solar-powered energy-autonomous silicon-on-insulator device
114 8,906,759 Silicon nitride gate encapsulation by implantation
115 8,906,755 Active matrix using hybrid integrated circuit and bipolar transistor
116 8,906,754 Methods of forming a semiconductor device with a protected gate cap layer and the resulting device
117 8,906,751 Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR), methods of manufacture and design structures
118 8,906,734 Embedded junction in hetero-structured back-surface field for photovoltaic devices
119 8,906,591 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
120 8,906,215 Field effect based nanosensor for biopolymer manipulation and detection