IBM patents granted on 09 February 2016

160 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,258,932 Data center thermal management
2 9,258,931 Liquid cooled data center with alternating coolant supply lines
3 9,258,925 Selective clamping of electronics card to coolant-cooled structure
4 9,258,911 Multi-rack retractable door apparatus
5 9,258,910 Multi-directional display console for an electronic equipment cabinet
6 9,258,666 State migration of edge-of-network applications
7 9,258,524 Streaming playback within a live video conference
8 9,258,512 Digital video recorder broadcast overlays
9 9,258,417 Interconnected voice response units
10 9,258,365 Remote direct memory access acceleration via hardware context in non-native applciations
11 9,258,364 Virtualization engine and method, system, and computer program product for managing the storage of data
12 9,258,360 Intelligent disaster recovery for database connection failures
13 9,258,356 Flow-directed collaborative communication
14 9,258,346 System, method and program for controlling MP3 player
15 9,258,339 Presenting data to electronic meeting participants
16 9,258,270 Selecting between domain name system servers of a plurality of networks
17 9,258,263 Dynamic granular messaging persistence
18 9,258,258 Implementing injection of formal numerical message identifiers in cloud stacks
19 9,258,233 Adjusting rate limits for transmission rates of data flows having a certain priority in a transmitter
20 9,258,231 Bandwidth allocation management
21 9,258,198 Dynamic generation of policy enforcement rules and actions from policy attachment semantics
22 9,258,196 Composite service pre-provisioning
23 9,258,177 Storing a data stream in a set of storage devices
24 9,258,169 Resilient messaging infrastructure
25 9,258,142 Message system for social networks
26 9,258,125 Generating evidence of web services transactions
27 9,258,109 Clock recovery method and apparatus
28 9,258,017 Input device switching an operating channel of a radio transceiver between first and second computer systems
29 9,257,764 Low insertion force connector utilizing directional adhesion
30 9,257,746 Phased-array transceiver for millimeter-wave frequencies
31 9,257,643 Phase change memory cell with improved phase change material
32 9,257,537 Finfet including improved epitaxial topology
33 9,257,527 Nanowire transistor structures with merged source/drain regions using auxiliary pillars
34 9,257,450 Semiconductor device including groups of stacked nanowires and related methods
35 9,257,433 Structure and method of forming enhanced array device isolation for implanted plate EDRAM
36 9,257,366 Auto-compensating temperature valve controller for electro-rheological fluid micro-channel cooled integrated circuit
37 9,257,359 System and method to process horizontally aligned graphite nanofibers in a thermal interface material used in 3D chip stacks
38 9,257,348 Methods of forming replacement gate structures for transistors and the resulting devices
39 9,257,334 Double self-aligned via patterning
40 9,257,308 Thermal interface material on package
41 9,257,307 Thermal interface material on package
42 9,257,289 Lowering parasitic capacitance of replacement metal gate processes
43 9,257,137 Magnetic writer having multiple gaps with more uniform magnetic fields across the gaps
44 9,257,052 Evaluating candidate answers to questions in a target knowledge domain
45 9,256,968 Method for modeling using sketches
46 9,256,908 Utility consumption disaggregation using low sample rate smart meters
47 9,256,900 Managing service demand load relative to infrastructure capacity in a networked computing environment
48 9,256,898 Managing shared inventory in a virtual universe
49 9,256,896 Virtual universe rendering based on prioritized metadata terms
50 9,256,862 Multi-tiered approach to E-mail prioritization
51 9,256,860 Tracking participation in a shared media session
52 9,256,857 Scheduling start-up and shut-down of mainframe applications using topographical relationships
53 9,256,854 Audible presentation and verbal interaction of HTML-like form constructs
54 9,256,851 Intelligent cloning of a business object graph
55 9,256,850 Orphan token management during in-flight process system migration
56 9,256,847 Detection, identification and integration of office squatters
57 9,256,842 Determining fuel economy by fuel source location
58 9,256,838 Scalable online hierarchical meta-learning
59 9,256,831 Match engine for detection of multi-pattern rules
60 9,256,827 Portable data management using rule definitions
61 9,256,825 Emotion script generating, experiencing, and emotion interaction
62 9,256,824 Guiding metaheuristic to search for best of worst
63 9,256,740 Method and system for analysis of security events in a managed computer network
64 9,256,737 System and method for triggering and performing scans to protect virtual environments
65 9,256,729 Address translation/specification field for hardware accelerator
66 9,256,714 Preserving integrity of messages in a messaging oriented middleware system
67 9,256,704 Efficient deployment of table lookup (TLU) in an enterprise-level scalable circuit simulation architecture
68 9,256,699 Method and system for low-redundancy e-mail handling
69 9,256,696 Dynamic selection of one of many available web browsers
70 9,256,689 Mining trajectory for spatial temporal analytics
71 9,256,687 Augmenting search results with interactive search matrix
72 9,256,686 Using a bloom filter in a web analytics application
73 9,256,672 Relevance content searching for knowledge bases
74 9,256,670 Visualizing conflicts in online messages
75 9,256,666 Linking of a plurality of items of a user interface to display new information inferred from the plurality of items that are linked
76 9,256,661 Indicating level of confidence in digital content
77 9,256,658 Ranging scalable time stamp data synchronization
78 9,256,656 Determining reliability of data reports
79 9,256,650 Using metaphors to present concepts across different intellectual domains
80 9,256,648 Data handling in a cloud computing environment
81 9,256,643 Technique for factoring uncertainty into cost-based query optimization
82 9,256,640 Streaming delay patterns in a streaming environment
83 9,256,633 Partitioning data for parallel processing
84 9,256,630 Managing ownership of redundant data
85 9,256,628 Efficient logging of processing peaks in control systems
86 9,256,626 Maintaining multiple copy versions of component values in a system
87 9,256,613 Systems, methods, and computer program products for secure multi-enterprise storage
88 9,256,610 File deduplication in a file system
89 9,256,604 Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
90 9,256,584 Rich text handling for a web application
91 9,256,583 Conversion of a presentation to Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
92 9,256,582 Conversion of a presentation to Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
93 9,256,574 Dynamic thread status retrieval using inter-thread communication
94 9,256,573 Dynamic thread status retrieval using inter-thread communication
95 9,256,571 Write operation dispersed storage network frame
96 9,256,559 Function transfer using virtualized mapping
97 9,256,553 Transactional processing based upon run-time storage values
98 9,256,550 Hybrid address translation
99 9,256,547 Memory switching protocol when switching optically-connected memory
100 9,256,546 Transparent code patching including updating of address translation structures
101 9,256,540 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system using a cache injection instruction
102 9,256,538 Acquiring remote shared variable directory information in a parallel computer
103 9,256,537 Coherent attached processor proxy supporting coherence state update in presence of dispatched master
104 9,256,534 Data shuffling in a non-uniform memory access device
105 9,256,533 Adjustment of destage rate based on read and write response time requirements
106 9,256,527 Logical to physical address mapping in storage systems comprising solid state memory devices
107 9,256,520 Using linked data to determine package quality
108 9,256,519 Using linked data to determine package quality
109 9,256,518 Automated data collection, computation and reporting of content space coverage metrics for software products
110 9,256,516 Business process execution language program simulation
111 9,256,511 Computer software application self-testing
112 9,256,510 Automatic rules based capturing of graphical objects for specified applications
113 9,256,489 Synchronized debug information generation
114 9,256,482 Determining whether to send an alert in a distributed processing system
115 9,256,481 Dynamic user interface aggregation through smart eventing with non-instantiated content
116 9,256,476 Expedited module unloading for kernel modules that execute read-copy update callback processing code
117 9,256,469 System and method for improving memory usage in virtual machines
118 9,256,464 Method and apparatus to replicate stateful virtual machines between clouds
119 9,256,463 Method and apparatus to replicate stateful virtual machines between clouds
120 9,256,461 Handling interrupt actions for inter-thread communication
121 9,256,460 Selective checkpointing of links in a data flow based on a set of predefined criteria
122 9,256,458 Conditionally updating shared variable directory (SVD) information in a parallel computer
123 9,256,454 Determining optimal methods for creating virtual machines
124 9,256,448 Process grouping for improved cache and memory affinity
125 9,256,442 Network updatable user trusted device
126 9,256,436 Branch prediction table install source tracking
127 9,256,434 Generalized bit manipulation instructions for a computer processor
128 9,256,430 Instruction scheduling approach to improve processor performance
129 9,256,428 Load latency speculation in an out-of-order computer processor
130 9,256,427 Tracking multiple conditions in a general purpose register and instruction therefor
131 9,256,423 Software product licensing based on a content space
132 9,256,417 Automatic quality assurance for software installers
133 9,256,415 Script generation engine
134 9,256,411 Strength reduction compiler optimizations
135 9,256,409 Building reusable function summaries for frequently visited methods to optimize data-flow analysis
136 9,256,407 Interleaving the XForms processing model with java server faces request processing
137 9,256,404 Extensible context based user interface simplification
138 9,256,402 End user programming for a mobile device
139 9,256,397 Fused multiply-adder with booth-encoding
140 9,256,382 Interface for management of data movement in a thin provisioned storage system
141 9,256,375 Level placement in solid-state memory
142 9,256,370 Average response time improvement from a file system for a tape library
143 9,256,367 Data storage and moving of relatively infrequently accessed data among storage of different types
144 9,256,357 Provisioning a portlet viewer for viewing drag-and-drop content in a portal environment
145 9,256,356 Method and system for providing feedback for docking a content pane in a host window
146 9,256,347 Routing a teleportation request based on compatibility with user contexts
147 9,256,346 Managing ephemeral locations in a virtual universe
148 9,256,286 Haptic accessory and methods for using same
149 9,256,273 Distributed power budgeting
150 9,256,272 Method and system for file relocation
151 9,256,222 Sensor virtualization through cloud storage and retrieval mechanisms
152 9,256,029 Surface-mount connector structure for embedded optical and electrical traces
153 9,256,014 Fabrication of a micro-optics device with curved surface defects
154 9,255,867 Wire-pull test location identification on a wire of a microelectronic package
155 9,255,827 Computer based fluid flow velocity estimation from concentrations of a reacting constituent for products and services
156 9,255,194 Methods and materials for depolymerizing polyesters
157 9,255,185 Flame retardant fillers prepared from bridged polysilsesquioxanes
158 9,255,182 Data storage medium and method for high density data storage
159 9,255,172 High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials
160 9,254,438 Apparatus and method to transition between a media presentation and a virtual environment