IBM patents granted on 09 January 2007

31 US patents granted on 09 January 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,162,718 Language extension for light weight threading in a JVM
2 7,162,692 Differential dynamic content delivery
3 7,162,641 Weight based background discriminant functions in authentication systems
4 7,162,605 Method and system for obtaining memory usage information for a heap when a peak live count is updated
5 7,162,597 Backup technique for recording devices employing different storage forms
6 7,162,574 Transaction-based data storage for magnetic tape
7 7,162,526 Apparatus and methods for filtering content based on accessibility to a user
8 7,162,524 Gapless delivery and durable subscriptions in a content-based publish/subscribe system
9 7,162,505 Classification of data for insertion into a database
10 7,162,478 System and method for correlated fragmentations in databases
11 7,162,477 System and method for web or file system asset management
12 7,162,451 Information content distribution based on privacy and/or personal information
13 7,162,413 Rule induction for summarizing documents in a classified document collection
14 7,162,404 Method, system and program product for configuring a simulation model of a digital design
15 7,162,329 Automated data storage system including a moveable rail system and garage
16 7,162,250 Method and apparatus for load sharing in wireless access networks based on dynamic transmission power adjustment of access points
17 7,162,001 Charge pump with transient current correction
18 7,161,975 Enhancing CDMA multiuser detection by constraining soft decisions
19 7,161,961 STM-1 to STM-64 SDH/SONET framer with data multiplexing from a series of configurable I/O ports
20 7,161,954 Technique for controlling selection of a write adapter from multiple adapters connected to a high speed switch
21 7,161,772 Removable ESD protection device using diodes
22 7,161,764 Thin-film tape head having single groove formed in head body and corresponding process
23 7,161,587 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing keyboard assistance to a software application user
24 7,161,429 Multi-port cross-connected multi-level cascode differential amplifier
25 7,161,390 Dynamic latching logic structure with static interfaces for implementing improved data setup time
26 7,161,344 Method and structure for variable pitch microwave probe assembly
27 7,161,220 High speed photodiode with a barrier layer for blocking or eliminating slow photonic carriers and method for forming same
28 7,161,169 Enhancement of electron and hole mobilities in <110> Si under biaxial compressive strain
29 7,160,772 Structure and method for integrating MIM capacitor in BEOL wiring levels
30 7,160,771 Forming gate oxides having multiple thicknesses
31 7,160,665 Method for employing vertical acid transport for lithographic imaging applications