IBM patents granted on 09 July 2013

112 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,484,760 Device comprising a cantilever and scanning system
2 8,484,747 Method and system for managing electronic messages
3 8,484,746 Method and system for managing electronic messages
4 8,484,745 Electronic calendar collaboration
5 8,484,702 Managing logical sockets
6 8,484,699 Context-sensitive confidentiality within federated environments
7 8,484,658 Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
8 8,484,655 Management of copy services relationships via policies specified on resource groups
9 8,484,654 Determining suitable network interface for partition deployment/re-deployment in a cloud environment
10 8,484,649 Amortizing costs of shared scans
11 8,484,648 Hardware multi-threading co-scheduling for parallel processing systems
12 8,484,644 Auto-restart processing in an IMS batch application
13 8,484,641 Implementing a versioned virtualized application runtime environment
14 8,484,639 Fine-grained cloud management control using nested virtualization
15 8,484,630 Code motion based on live ranges in an optimizing compiler
16 8,484,622 Defect predicate expression extraction
17 8,484,620 Implementing performance impact reduction of watched variables
18 8,484,617 Process-driven feedback of digital asset re-use
19 8,484,611 Method and system for simplified assembly of information processing applications
20 8,484,607 Decomposing layout for triple patterning lithography
21 8,484,604 Constructing a clock tree for an integrated circuit design
22 8,484,594 Routing-based pin placement
23 8,484,591 Enhancing redundancy removal with early merging
24 8,484,569 Saving and restoring collaborative applications in context
25 8,484,543 Fusebay controller structure, system, and method
26 8,484,529 Error correction and detection in a redundant memory system
27 8,484,521 Firmware monitoring of memory scrub coverage
28 8,484,507 Disaster recovery failback
29 8,484,503 Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
30 8,484,495 Power management in a multi-processor computer system
31 8,484,481 Chip lockout protection scheme for integrated circuit devices and insertion thereof
32 8,484,440 Performing an allreduce operation on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer
33 8,484,423 Method and apparatus for controlling cache using transaction flags
34 8,484,422 Maintaining data coherence by using data domains
35 8,484,420 Global and local counts for efficient memory page pinning in a multiprocessor system
36 8,484,419 Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
37 8,484,412 Power mode operation of a magnetic tape drive
38 8,484,408 Storage system cache with flash memory in a raid configuration that commits writes as full stripes
39 8,484,398 Multiple host support for remote expansion apparatus
40 8,484,360 Method and system for separating HTTP session
41 8,484,344 Communicating messages to proximate devices on a contact list responsive to an unsuccessful call
42 8,484,342 Organizing individual java client request flows into a single server transaction
43 8,484,341 Organizing individual java client request flows into a single server transaction
44 8,484,309 Owner controlled access to shared data resource
45 8,484,307 Host fabric interface (HFI) to perform global shared memory (GSM) operations
46 8,484,293 Managing delivery of electronic meeting content
47 8,484,288 Linking virtual worlds and collaboration platforms bi-directionally using a central identity management system
48 8,484,282 High-speed content transformation engine
49 8,484,276 Processing array data on SIMD multi-core processor architectures
50 8,484,258 Concurrent directory update in a cluster file system
51 8,484,256 Transformation of logical data objects for storage
52 8,484,252 Generation of a multidimensional dataset from an associative database
53 8,484,251 Multi-dimensional transform for distributed memory network
54 8,484,246 Discoverable applicability of dynamically deployable software modules
55 8,484,238 Automatically generating regular expressions for relaxed matching of text patterns
56 8,484,235 Dynamically switching the serialization method of a data structure
57 8,484,232 Method, computer arrangement, computer program and computer program product for checking for the presence of control statements in a data value
58 8,484,216 Conversation persistence in real-time collaboration system
59 8,484,213 Heterogenous high availability cluster manager
60 8,484,207 Providing graphical representations of search results in multiple related histograms
61 8,484,196 Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
62 8,484,189 Managing parameters in filter expressions
63 8,484,171 Duplicate filtering in a data processing environment
64 8,484,170 Scalable deduplication system with small blocks
65 8,484,158 Managing information about avatars across virtual worlds
66 8,484,157 Compensating for unbalanced hierarchies when generating OLAP queries from report specifications
67 8,484,141 Evaluating ontologies
68 8,484,108 Tracking entities during identity resolution
69 8,484,069 Forecasting discovery costs based on complex and incomplete facts
70 8,484,062 Assessment of skills of a user
71 8,484,061 Scheduling sessions of multi-speaker events
72 8,484,060 Project estimating system and method
73 8,484,040 Social analysis in multi-participant meetings
74 8,484,007 Method and apparatus of handling instruction rejects, partial rejects, stalls and branch wrong in a simulation model
75 8,483,868 Method to audit portable cassettes removeably disposed in a data storage library comprising a pass-through accessor
76 8,483,773 Telephone ring extender system and method
77 8,483,490 Calibration of video object classification
78 8,483,481 Foreground analysis based on tracking information
79 8,483,409 Volume adjustment for multiple voice over internet protocal streams
80 8,483,253 3D optoelectronic packaging
81 8,483,227 Controlling bandwidth reservations method and apparatus
82 8,483,099 Microphone expansion unit for teleconference phone calls
83 8,483,095 Configurable network socket retransmission timeout parameters
84 8,483,071 Self-healing fibre channel link
85 8,483,046 Virtual switch interconnect for hybrid enterprise servers
86 8,482,968 Non-volatile magnetic tunnel junction transistor
87 8,482,934 Implementing surface mount components with symmetric reference balance
88 8,482,575 Method for highlighting topic element and system thereof
89 8,482,562 Vision-based computer control
90 8,482,364 Differential cross-coupled power combiner or divider
91 8,482,352 Differential amplifier stage with integrated offset cancellation circuit
92 8,482,336 Variable impedance single pole double throw CMOS switch
93 8,482,132 Pad bonding employing a self-aligned plated liner for adhesion enhancement
94 8,482,101 Bipolar transistor structure and method including emitter-base interface impurity
95 8,482,084 SOI schottky source/drain device structure to control encroachment and delamination of silicide
96 8,482,078 Integrated circuit diode
97 8,482,076 Method and structure for differential silicide and recessed or raised source/drain to improve field effect transistor
98 8,482,075 Structure and method for manufacturing asymmetric devices
99 8,482,067 Lateral extended drain metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LEDMOSFET) with tapered dielectric plates to achieve a high drain-to-body breakdown voltage, a method of forming the transistor and a program storage device for designing the transistor
100 8,482,033 High throughput epitaxial liftoff for releasing multiple semiconductor device layers from a single base substrate
101 8,482,009 Silicon-on-insulator substrate with built-in substrate junction
102 8,481,912 Robust spectral analyzer for one-dimensional and multi-dimensional data analysis
103 8,481,852 Implementing flex circuit cable and connector with dual shielded air plenum
104 8,481,423 Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics
105 8,481,415 Self-aligned contact combined with a replacement metal gate/high-K gate dielectric
106 8,481,413 Doping of semiconductor substrate through carbonless phosphorous-containing layer
107 8,481,397 Polysilicon resistor and E-fuse for integration with metal gate and high-k dielectric
108 8,481,389 Method of removing high-K dielectric layer on sidewalls of gate structure
109 8,481,380 Asymmetric wedge JFET, related method and design structure
110 8,481,164 Materials having predefined morphologies and methods of formation thereof
111 8,480,302 Micro-electro-mechanical-system temperature sensor
112 8,479,388 Method of producing a land grid array interposer