IBM patents granted on 09 June 2009

110 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,546,640 Fine-grained authorization by authorization table associated with a resource
2 7,546,639 Protection of information in computing devices
3 7,546,630 Methods, systems, and media to authenticate a user
4 7,546,617 Credit based media presentation
5 7,546,610 Method for managing multi-tier application complexes
6 7,546,608 Enhanced search expressions for information kit integration architecture
7 7,546,604 Program reactivation using triggering
8 7,546,601 Apparatus, system, and method for automatically discovering and grouping resources used by a business process
9 7,546,596 Non-disruptive method, system and program product for overlaying a first software module with a second software module
10 7,546,592 System and method for optimized swing modulo scheduling based on identification of constrained resources
11 7,546,591 Program conversion and data processor
12 7,546,589 Semi-automated desk checking system and method
13 7,546,588 Self-optimizable code with code path selection and efficient memory allocation
14 7,546,585 Method, system and computer program product for testing computer programs
15 7,546,583 Real options based iterative development program metrics
16 7,546,582 Managing dynamic configuration data for producer components in a computer infrastructure
17 7,546,565 Method for comparing two designs of electronic circuits
18 7,546,561 System and method of state point correspondence with constrained function determination
19 7,546,547 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing automatic reapportionment of graphical subwindows based upon sensed, dynamic changes
20 7,546,546 User defined contextual desktop folders
21 7,546,545 Emphasizing drop destinations for a selected entity based upon prior drop destinations
22 7,546,541 Method and apparatus for iterative refinement of generated user-interface markup
23 7,546,527 Method and apparatus for repurposing formatted content
24 7,546,523 Method in an electronic spreadsheet for displaying and/or hiding range of cells
25 7,546,519 Method and apparatus for detecting and correcting soft-error upsets in latches
26 7,546,504 System and method for advanced logic built-in self test with selection of scan channels
27 7,546,490 Control system, and program product employing an embedded mechanism for testing a system’s fault-handling capability
28 7,546,478 Apparatus and method to provide power to a plurality of data storage devices disposed in a data storage system
29 7,546,470 Selective computer component activation apparatus method and system
30 7,546,434 Method to write data to an information storage and retrieval system
31 7,546,417 Method and system for reducing cache tag bits
32 7,546,415 Apparatus, system, and method for integrating multiple raid storage instances within a blade center
33 7,546,412 Apparatus, system, and method for global metadata copy repair
34 7,546,410 Self timed memory chip having an apportionable data bus
35 7,546,406 Virtualization of a global interrupt queue
36 7,546,401 Byte to byte alignment of multi-path data
37 7,546,400 Data packet buffering system with automatic threshold optimization
38 7,546,398 System and method for distributing virtual input/output operations across multiple logical partitions
39 7,546,393 System for asynchronous DMA command completion notification wherein the DMA command comprising a tag belongs to a plurality of tag groups
40 7,546,386 Method for virtual resource initialization on a physical adapter that supports virtual resources
41 7,546,384 Maintaining relative time stamps when transferring files across network
42 7,546,382 Methods and systems for authoring of mixed-initiative multi-modal interactions and related browsing mechanisms
43 7,546,379 Application prioritization in a stateless protocol
44 7,546,377 Alternate stream signaling for adaptive stream selection
45 7,546,352 Method to automatically merge e-mail replies
46 7,546,336 Method and system for increasing server capacity
47 7,546,322 Generating unique name/version number pairs when names can be re-used
48 7,546,320 Computer implemented method, system and program product for reviewing a message associated with computer program code
49 7,546,315 Device for reporting software problem information
50 7,546,310 Expression detecting system, an expression detecting method and a program
51 7,546,292 Master-detail provider and method of providing master-detail functionality
52 7,546,281 Reduction of ternary rules with common priority and actions
53 7,546,275 Decentralized electronic certified payment
54 7,546,273 System and method for evaluating residual values of products
55 7,546,258 Method and device for calculating a forward price for using links in a network
56 7,546,255 Inventory system
57 7,546,250 Selectively deploying barriers for intra-order separation of purchased items
58 7,546,247 Dynamic resource allocation using projected future benefits
59 7,546,230 Electromagnetic response model with improved high frequency stability
60 7,546,187 Navigating a UAV having an on-board digital camera to capture desired geographic area
61 7,546,109 Gilbert mixers with improved isolation and methods therefor
62 7,546,094 Method and system for deploying a wireless repeater
63 7,545,990 System and program for using a reentry data set to decode compressed data
64 7,545,978 Methods and apparatus for filtering video packets for large-scale video stream monitoring
65 7,545,923 Conference call peer-driven degraded line detection and removal
66 7,545,809 Packet classification
67 7,545,747 Method, system and program product for actively managing central queue buffer allocation using a backpressure mechanism
68 7,545,737 Method for automatically managing a virtual output queuing system
69 7,545,690 Method for evaluating memory cell performance
70 7,545,671 Static random access memory cell with improved stability
71 7,545,667 Programmable via structure for three dimensional integration technology
72 7,545,664 Memory system having self timed daisy chained memory chips
73 7,545,648 Cooling structure using rigid movable elements
74 7,545,647 Compliant thermal interface structure utilizing spring elements
75 7,545,617 Slave mode thermal control with throttling and shutdown
76 7,545,497 Alignment routine for optically based tools
77 7,545,488 Apparatus for implementing a light-emitting diode meter
78 7,545,370 Automatic cleaning of useable surfaces of a portable computer device
79 7,545,361 Automatically switching input and display devices between multiple workstations
80 7,545,329 Apparatus and methods for constructing and packaging printed antenna devices
81 7,545,298 Design structure for a digital-to-analog converter using dual-gate transistors
82 7,545,297 Digital-to-analog converter using dual-gate transistors
83 7,545,261 Passive method and apparatus for alerting a driver of a vehicle of a potential collision condition
84 7,545,253 Electronic fuse with conformal fuse element formed over a freestanding dielectric spacer
85 7,545,252 Phase change MEMS switch
86 7,545,193 Voltage-controlled delay circuit using second-order phase interpolation
87 7,545,191 Method for dividing a high-frequency signal
88 7,545,176 Energy-saving circuit and method using charge equalization across complementary nodes
89 7,545,165 System architectures for and methods of scheduling on-chip and across-chip noise events in an integrated circuit
90 7,545,161 Method and apparatus to measure threshold shifting of a MOSFET device and voltage difference between nodes
91 7,545,119 Sensor incorporated into energy storage device package
92 7,545,041 Techniques for patterning features in semiconductor devices
93 7,545,007 MOS varactor with segmented gate doping
94 7,545,004 Method and structure for forming strained devices
95 7,544,994 Semiconductor structure with multiple fins having different channel region heights and method of forming the semiconductor structure
96 7,544,883 Integrated thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for fabricating same
97 7,544,800 Catalytic depolymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents
98 7,544,750 Top antireflective coating composition with low refractive index at 193nm radiation wavelength
99 7,544,610 Method and process for forming a self-aligned silicide contact
100 7,544,609 Method for integrating liner formation in back end of line processing
101 7,544,608 Porous and dense hybrid interconnect structure and method of manufacture
102 7,544,602 Method and structure for ultra narrow crack stop for multilevel semiconductor device
103 7,544,578 Structure and method for stochastic integrated circuit personalization
104 7,544,577 Mobility enhancement in SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors
105 7,544,546 Formation of carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials using molecular assemblies
106 7,544,527 Method and apparatus for providing optoelectronic communication with an electronic device
107 7,544,252 Spring actuated slotted DIMM contact cleaning device
108 7,544,064 Cyclindrical impedance matching connector standoff with optional common mode ferrite
109 7,543,859 Connector and spray shield assembly for liquid cooling of electronics
110 7,543,373 Gel package structural enhancement of compression system board connections