IBM patents granted on 09 June 2015

185 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,055,703 Sidewalls of electroplated copper interconnects
2 9,055,701 Method and system for improving alignment precision of parts in MEMS
3 9,055,681 Method for attaching a flexible structure to a device and a device having a flexible structure
4 9,055,420 Mediation and presentation of communications
5 9,055,419 Mobile terminal to recommend a short message recipient
6 9,055,412 Route navigation for optimal mobile coverage
7 9,055,386 Endpoint-hosted hypervisor management
8 9,055,320 Transferring a broadcast transmission to a remote device
9 9,055,150 Skills based routing in a standards based contact center using a presence server and expertise specific watchers
10 9,055,146 Social network based call management
11 9,055,118 Edge caching using HTTP headers
12 9,055,115 Content volume throttling in feed aggregators
13 9,055,089 Associating communications in collaboration sessions
14 9,055,088 Managing a communication session with improved session establishment
15 9,055,078 Token-based flow control of messages in a parallel computer
16 9,055,054 Session management technique
17 9,055,041 Device certificate based appliance configuration
18 9,055,018 Related message detection and indication
19 9,055,009 Hybrid arrival-occupancy based congestion management
20 9,055,003 Regulating network bandwidth in a virtualized environment
21 9,054,999 Static TRILL routing
22 9,054,989 Management of a distributed fabric system
23 9,054,971 Policy management of multiple security domains
24 9,054,968 Business intelligence-infused smart retransmission processing
25 9,054,950 Updating zone information in a distributed switch of data forwarders
26 9,054,949 Updating zone information in a distributed switch of data forwarders
27 9,054,947 Port membership table partitioning
28 9,054,914 Transmitting device, receiving device, circuit device, communication method and program
29 9,054,898 Processing electronic messages according to sender classification
30 9,054,884 Proximity initiated co-browsing sessions
31 9,054,862 Access control key management in a virtual world
32 9,054,797 Testing an optical network
33 9,054,793 Structure, system and method for device radio frequency (RF) reliability
34 9,054,682 Wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution
35 9,054,671 Tunable filter structures and design structures
36 9,054,666 Operation of a noise cancellation device
37 9,054,300 Thermally assisted MRAM with a multilayer encapsulant for low thermal conductivity
38 9,054,299 Registering a common information model provider to a common information model object manager
39 9,054,218 Method of manufacturing a FinFET device using a sacrificial epitaxy region for improved fin merge and FinFET device formed by same
40 9,054,211 Compressively stressed FET device structures
41 9,054,192 Integration of Ge-containing fins and compound semiconductor fins
42 9,054,160 Interconnect structure and method for fabricating on-chip interconnect structures by image reversal
43 9,054,157 High performance on-chip vertical coaxial cable, method of manufacture and design structure
44 9,054,156 Non-lithographic hole pattern formation
45 9,054,127 Robust replacement gate integration
46 9,054,126 Recessed single crystalline source and drain for semiconductor-on-insulator devices
47 9,054,124 Electrostatic discharge resistant diodes
48 9,054,109 Corrosion/etching protection in integration circuit fabrications
49 9,054,108 Random local metal cap layer formation for improved integrated circuit reliability
50 9,054,074 One-dimensional hierarchical nested channel design for continuous feed manufacturing processes
51 9,054,069 Variable capacitance integrated circuit
52 9,054,034 Semiconductor stack incorporating phase change material
53 9,054,020 Double density semiconductor fins and method of fabrication
54 9,053,992 Contact resistance test structure and method suitable for three-dimensional integrated circuits
55 9,053,982 Local tailoring of fingers in multi-finger fin field effect transistors
56 9,053,981 Hybrid CMOS nanowire mesh device and PDSOI device
57 9,053,970 Patterned strained semiconductor substrate and device
58 9,053,965 Partially isolated Fin-shaped field effect transistors
59 9,053,956 Trench capacitor with spacer-less fabrication process
60 9,053,946 MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions
61 9,053,939 Heterojunction bipolar transistor with epitaxial emitter stack to improve vertical scaling
62 9,053,930 Heterogeneous integration of group III nitride on silicon for advanced integrated circuits
63 9,053,926 Cyclical physical vapor deposition of dielectric layers
64 9,053,889 Electronic fuse cell and array
65 9,053,850 Implementing adjustable size ferrite core for EMI cable noise suppression
66 9,053,811 Memory device refresh
67 9,053,785 Phase-change memory cell
68 9,053,770 Dynamic cascode-managed high-voltage word-line driver circuit
69 9,053,748 Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) using reserved buffer
70 9,053,745 Method for writing file on tape medium that can be read at high speed
71 9,053,744 Tape storage system
72 9,053,738 Inventory management for automated data storage libraries
73 9,053,723 Magnetic recording head having quilted-type coating
74 9,053,708 System, method and program product for providing automatic speech recognition (ASR) in a shared resource environment
75 9,053,632 Real-time traffic prediction and/or estimation using GPS data with low sampling rates
76 9,053,594 Monitoring objects in motion along a static route using sensory detection devices
77 9,053,580 Data processing environment integration control interface
78 9,053,576 Identifying reroutable data columns in an ETL process
79 9,053,551 Vessel identification using shape and motion mapping for coronary angiogram sequences
80 9,053,532 Automatic filtering of SEM images
81 9,053,508 Personalized customer shopping experience
82 9,053,467 Calendaring system for managing follow-up appointments
83 9,053,466 Publishing and subscribing to calendar events information via categorical mapping methodology
84 9,053,460 Rule management using a configuration database
85 9,053,459 Time tracking system and method of user
86 9,053,450 Automated business process modeling
87 9,053,446 Dynamically quantifying the demand of each software component of each software stack deployed in the cloud environment
88 9,053,443 Adaptive customized presentation of business intelligence information
89 9,053,442 Multiple project areas in a development environment
90 9,053,440 Adaptive customized presentation of business intelligence information
91 9,053,437 Extracting enterprise information through analysis of provenance data
92 9,053,429 Mapping neural dynamics of a neural model on to a coarsely grained look-up table
93 9,053,425 Utilizing failures in question and answer system responses to enhance the accuracy of question and answer systems
94 9,053,344 Securing sensitive data for cloud computing
95 9,053,333 Managing confidential information
96 9,053,285 Thermally aware pin assignment and device placement
97 9,053,282 Mesh planes with alternating spaces for multi-layered ceramic packages
98 9,053,277 Clock tree construction across clock domains
99 9,053,263 Scheduling discrete event simulation
100 9,053,240 Computer program testing
101 9,053,239 Systems and methods for synchronizing software execution across data processing systems and platforms
102 9,053,238 Tool-independent automated testing of software
103 9,053,230 Framework and repository for analysis of software products
104 9,053,229 Integrating compiler warnings into a debug session
105 9,053,226 Administering connection identifiers for collective operations in a parallel computer
106 9,053,223 Modular refrigeration unit health monitoring
107 9,053,221 Promotion of performance parameters in distributed data processing environment
108 9,053,220 Method, system, and computer program for monitoring performance of applications in a distributed environment
109 9,053,207 Adaptive query expression builder for an on-demand data service
110 9,053,192 Minimization of surprisal context data through application of customized surprisal context filters
111 9,053,184 On-demand generation of correlated collections of mashable data from distributed, non-homogeneous data sources
112 9,053,182 System and method for making user generated audio content on the spoken web navigable by community tagging
113 9,053,180 Identifying common data objects representing solutions to a problem in different disciplines
114 9,053,170 Relationship discovery in business analytics
115 9,053,164 Method, system, and program product for using analysis views to identify data synchronization problems between databases
116 9,053,161 Database table format conversion based on user data access patterns in a networked computing environment
117 9,053,143 Allowing updates to database objects
118 9,053,141 Serialization of access to data in multi-mainframe computing environments
119 9,053,139 Forming configuration information about components of systems which include components for which acquisition of configuration information is restricted
120 9,053,138 Merging compressed data arrays
121 9,053,137 Identifying database triggers
122 9,053,122 Real-time identification of data candidates for classification based compression
123 9,053,121 Real-time identification of data candidates for classification based compression
124 9,053,119 Navigation of faceted data
125 9,053,113 Autonomic generation of document structure in a content management system
126 9,053,111 Interaction-based management of contact entries
127 9,053,110 Interaction-based management of contact entries
128 9,053,108 File system extended attribute support in an operating system with restricted extended attributes
129 9,053,102 Generation of synthetic context frameworks for dimensionally constrained hierarchical synthetic context-based objects
130 9,053,099 Method for validating equivalent data structures
131 9,053,086 Electronic document source ingestion for natural language processing systems
132 9,053,085 Electronic document source ingestion for natural language processing systems
133 9,053,081 Creating, updating, saving, and propagating customized views of table and grid information
134 9,053,069 Efficient communication of producer/consumer buffer status
135 9,053,067 Distributed data scalable adaptive map-reduce framework
136 9,053,053 Efficiently determining identical pieces of memory used by virtual machines
137 9,053,049 Translation management instructions for updating address translation data structures in remote processing nodes
138 9,053,037 Allocating cache for use as a dedicated local storage
139 9,053,031 System and method for handling data access
140 9,053,026 Intelligently responding to hardware failures so as to optimize system performance
141 9,053,018 Compressed memory page selection based on a population count of a dataset
142 9,053,002 Thick and thin data volume management
143 9,052,990 Techniques for managing pinned memory
144 9,052,984 Exception declaration refactoring to reduce memory footprint
145 9,052,983 Source code patches
146 9,052,981 System and method to map defect reduction data to organizational maturity profiles for defect projection modeling
147 9,052,979 Program code library searching and selection in a networked computing environment
148 9,052,974 Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
149 9,052,972 Determining the processing order of a plurality of events
150 9,052,971 Scalable event-driven system
151 9,052,968 Methods and systems for linking objects across a mixed computer environment
152 9,052,964 Device operability enhancement with alternative device utilization
153 9,052,963 Cloud computing data center machine monitor and control
154 9,052,954 Predicting resource requirements for a computer application
155 9,052,950 Selective constant complexity dismissal in task scheduling
156 9,052,946 Constrained transaction execution
157 9,052,945 Transaction begin/end instructions
158 9,052,943 Using gathered system activity statistics to determine when to schedule a procedure
159 9,052,940 System for customized virtual machine for a target hypervisor by copying image file from a library, and increase file and partition size prior to booting
160 9,052,932 Hybrid virtual machine configuration management
161 9,052,923 Object replacement method, system and computer program product
162 9,052,918 Management of multiple software images with shared memory blocks
163 9,052,910 Efficiency of short loop instruction fetch
164 9,052,906 Modularized customization of a model in a model driven development environment
165 9,052,905 Minimizing power consumption for fixed-frequency processing unit operation
166 9,052,891 Declarative configuration and execution of card content management operations for trusted service manager
167 9,052,889 Load pair disjoint facility and instruction therefor
168 9,052,888 Vectorization in an optimizing compiler
169 9,052,881 Discovering thermal relationships in data processing environments
170 9,052,880 Multi-level interconnect apparatus
171 9,052,879 Mapping assurance method and apparatus for integrating systems
172 9,052,867 Feedback mechanism
173 9,052,840 Accessing additional memory space with multiple processors
174 9,052,837 Processing communication data in a ships passing condition
175 9,052,833 Protection of former primary volumes in a synchronous replication relationship
176 9,052,828 Optimal volume placement across remote replication relationships
177 9,052,793 Lightweight observable values for multiple grids
178 9,052,724 Electro-rheological micro-channel anisotropic cooled integrated circuits and methods thereof
179 9,052,722 Dynamically limiting energy consumed by cooling apparatus
180 9,052,617 Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) multilayer defect compensation and EUV masks
181 9,052,356 Embedded photon emission calibration (EPEC)
182 9,052,338 Inert gas delivery system for electrical inspection apparatus
183 9,052,234 Dipole antenna with reflectors having low thermal mass for detection of Terahertz radiation
184 9,052,222 Monitoring water consumption
185 9,050,984 Anomalous railway component detection