IBM patents granted on 09 March 2010

111 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,676,835 System and method for regulating access to objects in a content repository
2 7,676,831 Role-based access control management for multiple heterogeneous application components
3 7,676,809 System, apparatus and method of enhancing priority boosting of scheduled threads
4 7,676,808 System and method for CPI load balancing in SMT processors
5 7,676,795 Error detection in a data processing system
6 7,676,794 Testing scenarios that sequentially execute a plurality of application program interfaces
7 7,676,780 Techniques for super fast buffer insertion
8 7,676,779 Logic block timing estimation using conesize
9 7,676,778 Circuit design optimization of integrated circuit based clock gated memory elements
10 7,676,776 Spare gate array cell distribution analysis
11 7,676,775 Method to determine the root causes of failure patterns by using spatial correlation of tester data
12 7,676,759 Method and apparatus for searching data
13 7,676,757 User customization of language of menu items
14 7,676,754 Method and program product for resolving ambiguities through fading marks in a user interface
15 7,676,742 System and method for processing of markup language information
16 7,676,739 Methods and apparatus for knowledge base assisted annotation
17 7,676,702 Preemptive data protection for copy services in storage systems and applications
18 7,676,687 Method, computer program product, and system for limiting access by a failed node
19 7,676,663 Method, system and program product for pipelined processor having a branch target buffer (BTB) table with a recent entry queue in parallel with the BTB table
20 7,676,656 Minimizing unscheduled D-cache miss pipeline stalls in a cascaded delayed execution pipeline
21 7,676,645 Method, system, and article of manufacture for reserving memory
22 7,676,641 Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
23 7,676,639 Separate handling of read and write of read-modify-write
24 7,676,637 Location-aware cache-to-cache transfers
25 7,676,635 Recoverable cache preload in clustered computer system based upon monitored preload state of cache
26 7,676,623 Management of proprietary devices connected to infiniband ports
27 7,676,622 System and method for improved bus communication
28 7,676,620 Portable computer systems with thermal enhancements and multiple power modes of operation
29 7,676,619 Portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
30 7,676,618 Controlling resource transfers in a logically partitioned computer system
31 7,676,616 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing asynchronous status messaging in a data storage system
32 7,676,609 Method and apparatus for non-disruptively unassigning an active address in a fabric
33 7,676,589 Automatic generation of portlets for visualizing data by exploiting object relationships
34 7,676,588 Programmable network protocol handler architecture
35 7,676,567 System and method for mapping a network
36 7,676,558 Configuring shared devices over a fabric
37 7,676,557 Dynamically adaptive portlet palette having user/context customized and auto-populated content
38 7,676,552 Automatic provisioning of services based on a high level description and an infrastructure description
39 7,676,545 Method and apparatus for composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
40 7,676,539 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for automated problem solving in a distributed, collaborative environment
41 7,676,505 System, method and computer program product for shared user tailoring of websites
42 7,676,498 Method and data processing system for managing user roles
43 7,676,492 Migration of database using serialized objects
44 7,676,484 System and method of performing an inverse schema mapping
45 7,676,472 Method and apparatus for accessing web services
46 7,676,471 Graphical, matrixed method for SAS fabric management
47 7,676,470 Self discovering adaptive security system and method
48 7,676,464 Page-ranking via user expertise and content relevance
49 7,676,462 Method, apparatus, and program for refining search criteria through focusing word definition
50 7,676,460 Techniques for providing suggestions for creating a search query
51 7,676,458 System and method for historical diagnosis of sensor networks
52 7,676,456 System and method for controlling database access
53 7,676,452 Method and apparatus for search optimization based on generation of context focused queries
54 7,676,445 Apparatus, system and method for developing failure prediction software
55 7,676,435 Method and system for triggering enhanced security verification in response to atypical selections at a service-oriented user interface terminal
56 7,676,359 System and method for synchronizing languages and data elements
57 7,676,358 System and method for the recognition of organic chemical names in text documents
58 7,676,357 Enhanced Chinese character/Pin Yin/English translator
59 7,676,354 Method of and system for simulating a light-emitting device
60 7,676,301 Identification and characterization of recirculation in electronic systems
61 7,676,282 Compression of servo control logging entries
62 7,676,220 Method and apparatus for dynamic voice response messages
63 7,676,203 Method and apparatus for dynamically tuning radio stations with user-defined play lists
64 7,676,200 Circuits and methods for high-efficiency on-chip power detection
65 7,676,086 Automatic coloring of pixels exposed during manipulation of image regions
66 7,676,069 Method and apparatus for rolling enrollment for signature verification
67 7,676,040 Changing encryption key of encrypted data
68 7,675,966 On-chip detection and measurement of data lock in a high-speed serial data link
69 7,675,949 Dynamic reconfiguration of solid state memory device to replicate and time multiplex data over multiple data interfaces
70 7,675,937 Virtual USB communications port
71 7,675,930 Chip circuit for combined and data compressed FIFO arbitration for a non-blocking switch
72 7,675,927 Trace information queueing system
73 7,675,876 Transport demultiplexor with bit maskable filter
74 7,675,874 Peer-to-peer instant messaging and chat system
75 7,675,865 Transfer of error-analysis and statistical data in a fibre channel input/output system
76 7,675,837 Device and method for mechanical data storage device operation and control
77 7,675,794 Design structure for improving performance of SRAM cells, SRAM cell, SRAM array, and write circuit
78 7,675,789 Programmable heavy-ion sensing device for accelerated DRAM soft error detection
79 7,675,754 Mechanically-assisted insertion and removal of modular device
80 7,675,744 Air distribution system compatible with disparate data storage systems
81 7,675,466 Antenna array feed line structures for millimeter wave applications
82 7,675,378 Multiple status e-fuse based non-volatile voltage control oscillator configured for process variation compensation, an associated method and an associated design structure
83 7,675,367 Design structure for an automated real-time frequency band selection circuit for use with a voltage controlled oscillator
84 7,675,342 On-chip electrically alterable resistor
85 7,675,338 Duty cycle correction circuit whose operation is largely independent of operating voltage and process
86 7,675,255 Back EMF reduction in a storage drive using pulse width modulation in a closed loop motor control system
87 7,675,164 Method and structure for connecting, stacking, and cooling chips on a flexible carrier
88 7,675,137 Electrical fuse having sublithographic cavities thereupon
89 7,675,121 SOI substrate contact with extended silicide area
90 7,675,118 Semiconductor structure with enhanced performance using a simplified dual stress liner configuration
91 7,675,097 Silicide strapping in imager transfer gate device
92 7,675,055 Strained complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) on rotated wafers and methods thereof
93 7,674,720 Stacking fault reduction in epitaxially grown silicon
94 7,674,705 Method of forming a semiconductor device
95 7,674,697 MOSFET with multiple fully silicided gate and method for making the same
96 7,674,691 Method of manufacturing an electrical antifuse
97 7,674,690 Inhibition of metal diffusion arising from laser dicing
98 7,674,686 Transplanted magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices on thermally-sensitive substrates using laser transfer and method of making the same
99 7,674,675 Method of forming an integrated SOI fingered decoupling capacitor
100 7,674,674 Method of forming a dual gated FinFET gain cell
101 7,674,667 CMOS structure including topographic active region
102 7,674,651 Mounting method for semiconductor parts on circuit substrate
103 7,674,637 Monitoring cool-down stress in a flip chip process using monitor solder bump structures
104 7,674,521 Materials containing voids with void size controlled on the nanometer scale
105 7,674,324 Exposures system including chemical and particulate filters containing chemically modified carbon nanotube structures
106 7,674,123 Floating cable connector retention module
107 7,674,054 System and method for indicating receipt paper supply in a receipt printer
108 7,673,791 Method and apparatus for creating and exposing order status within a supply chain having disparate systems
109 7,673,657 Method for operating and managing a re-fueling business
110 7,673,464 Method and apparatus for temperature based placement of an item within a storage unit
111 7,673,389 Cold plate apparatus and method of fabrication thereof with a controlled heat transfer characteristic between a metallurgically bonded tube and heat sink for facilitating cooling of an electronics component