IBM patents granted on 09 May 2006

52 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,043,721 Initial object capacity determination
2 7,043,714 Method, system, and program for using objects in data stores during execution of a workflow
3 7,043,712 Method for adaptive segment refinement in optical proximity correction
4 7,043,698 Method and system for profiling users based on their relationships with content topics
5 7,043,690 Method, system, and program for checking contact information
6 7,043,686 Data compression apparatus, database system, data communication system, data compression method, storage medium and program transmission apparatus
7 7,043,669 Simple scenario builder
8 7,043,665 Method, system, and program for handling a failover to a remote storage location
9 7,043,579 Ring-topology based multiprocessor data access bus
10 7,043,578 Method, system, and program for processing a packet including I/O commands and data
11 7,043,550 Method for controlling group membership in a distributed multinode data processing system to assure mutually symmetric liveness status indications
12 7,043,549 Method and system for probing in a network environment
13 7,043,547 Server availability reporting using asynchronous e-mail message
14 7,043,510 Determining the equivalence of two sets of simultaneous linear algebraic equations
15 7,043,504 System and method for parallel primary and secondary backup reading in recovery of multiple shared database data sets
16 7,043,503 Ditto address indicating true disk address for actual data blocks stored in one of an inode of the file system and subsequent snapshot
17 7,043,490 Method, system, and program product to support multiple content-management data models
18 7,043,488 Method and system for storing hierarchical content objects in a data repository
19 7,043,487 Method for storing XML documents in a relational database system while exploiting XML schema
20 7,043,476 Method and apparatus for data mining to discover associations and covariances associated with data
21 7,043,474 System and method for measuring image similarity based on semantic meaning
22 7,043,472 File system with access and retrieval of XML documents
23 7,043,469 Method and system for slow materialization of scrollable cursor result sets
24 7,043,460 Web browser-based object oriented application component test client
25 7,043,455 Method and apparatus for securing session information of users in a web application server environment
26 7,043,446 Method for determining the set of winning bids in a combinatorial auction
27 7,043,432 Method and system for text-to-speech caching
28 7,043,420 Trainable dynamic phrase reordering for natural language generation in conversational systems
29 7,043,419 Method and apparatus for publishing and monitoring entities providing services in a distributed data processing system
30 7,043,322 System and method for batch scheduling of lots based on flow time and number of batches
31 7,043,227 Data conversion in telecommunication systems
32 7,043,206 Fully integrated offset compensation feedback circuit
33 7,043,086 JPEG packed block data structure for enhanced image processing
34 7,043,077 System and method for efficient compression of raster image data
35 7,042,846 Restrictive costs in network systems
36 7,042,841 Controlling network congestion using a biased packet discard policy for congestion control and encoded session packets: methods, systems, and program products
37 7,042,776 Method and circuit for dynamic read margin control of a memory array
38 7,042,551 Method of patterning process metrology based on the intrinsic focus offset
39 7,042,471 Method and system for displaying descriptive information associated with a defined video object
40 7,042,442 Virtual invisible keyboard
41 7,042,277 Circuit and method for reducing jitter in a PLL of high speed serial links
42 7,041,748 Patternable low dielectric constant materials and their use in ULSI interconnection
43 7,041,607 Method for fabricating crystalline-dielectric thin films and devices formed using same
44 7,041,600 Methods of planarization
45 7,041,581 Method and structure for improving latch-up immunity using non-dopant implants
46 7,041,571 Air gap interconnect structure and method of manufacture
47 7,041,553 Process for forming a buried plate
48 7,041,552 Integrated metal-insulator-metal capacitor and metal gate transistor
49 7,041,538 Method of manufacturing a disposable reversed spacer process for high performance recessed channel CMOS
50 7,041,525 Three-dimensional island pixel photo-sensor
51 7,041,436 Method for the manufacture of micro structures
52 7,041,232 Selective etching of substrates with control of the etch profile