IBM patents granted on 09 November 2010

89 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,832,015 Method and system for providing access to computer resources that utilize distinct protocols for receiving security information and providing access based on received security information
2 7,832,007 Method of managing and mitigating security risks through planning
3 7,832,001 Identification system and method
4 7,831,980 Scheduling threads in a multi-processor computer
5 7,831,977 Shared file system cache in a virtual machine or LPAR environment
6 7,831,976 Method, system and program product for predicting computer system resource consumption
7 7,831,972 Method and apparatus for scheduling jobs on a network
8 7,831,971 Method and apparatus for presenting a visualization of processor capacity and network availability based on a grid computing system simulation
9 7,831,958 Systems and methods for distributing updated information
10 7,831,946 Clock distribution network wiring structure
11 7,831,941 CA resistance variability prediction methodology
12 7,831,937 Method and system for reduction of XOR/XNOR subexpressions in structural design representations
13 7,831,936 Structure for a system for controlling access to addressable integrated circuits
14 7,831,935 Method and architecture for power management of an electronic device
15 7,831,929 Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
16 7,831,923 Providing visual keyboard guides according to a programmable set of keys
17 7,831,910 Computer aided authoring, electronic document browsing, retrieving, and subscribing and publishing
18 7,831,906 Virtually bound dynamic media content for collaborators
19 7,831,879 Generating test coverage bin based on simulation result
20 7,831,868 Process for software support resource allocation based on analysis of categorized field problems
21 7,831,867 Apparatus and method to integrate hardware adapter tracing with a host OS tracing through signaling
22 7,831,866 Link failure detection in a parallel computer
23 7,831,863 Method for enhancing the diagnostic accuracy of a VLSI chip
24 7,831,812 Method and apparatus for operating an age queue for memory request operations in a processor of an information handling system
25 7,831,808 Queue design system supporting dependency checking and issue for SIMD instructions within a general purpose processor
26 7,831,805 Coupling a general purpose processor to an application specific instruction set processor
27 7,831,803 Executing multiple instructions multiple date (`MIMD`) programs on a single instruction multiple data (`SIMD`) machine
28 7,831,802 Executing Multiple Instructions Multiple Data (`MIMD`) programs on a Single Instruction Multiple Data (`SIMD`) machine
29 7,831,798 Method to achieve partial structure alignment
30 7,831,796 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically allocating main memory among a plurality of applications
31 7,831,775 System and method for tracking changes in L1 data cache directory
32 7,831,774 Pipelining D states for MRU steerage during MRU-LRU member allocation
33 7,831,771 System and method for managing cachable entities
34 7,831,759 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for routing packets utilizing a unique identifier, included within a standard address, that identifies the destination host computer system
35 7,831,724 Services layer model for providing standards-based communications
36 7,831,710 Communication of offline status between computer systems
37 7,831,708 Method and system to aggregate evaluation of at least one metric across a plurality of resources
38 7,831,692 Method and system for automatically associating an address with a target device
39 7,831,675 Method for interacting with infrastructure devices via instant messaging
40 7,831,670 GUI interface for subscribers to subscribe to topics of messages published by a Pub/Sub service
41 7,831,656 Effortless association between services in a communication system and methods thereof
42 7,831,632 Method and system for reconstruction of object model data in a relational database
43 7,831,631 Content framework system
44 7,831,623 Method, system, and article of manufacture for storing device information
45 7,831,620 Managing execution of a query against a partitioned database
46 7,831,619 Method of and system for maximizing the return rate of dynamic inquiries into a population
47 7,831,608 Service identification in legacy source code using structured and unstructured analyses
48 7,831,601 Method for automatically searching for documents related to calendar and email entries
49 7,831,592 System and method for updating database statistics according to query feedback
50 7,831,589 Method for retrieving constant values using regular expressions
51 7,831,576 File plan import and sync over multiple systems
52 7,831,571 Anonymizing selected content in a document
53 7,831,569 Preserving a query plan cache
54 7,831,563 Active storage and retrieval systems and methods
55 7,831,556 Differential rendering and refreshing a portal page with a page delta
56 7,831,541 System and method for implementing browser milestone navigation in a data processing system
57 7,831,537 System and method of adaptive generation of problem determination decision procedures
58 7,831,525 Automated energy transfer calculation and compensation
59 7,831,481 E-commerce transaction aggregation and processing
60 7,831,469 Verifying audio output at a client device
61 7,831,462 Method and apparatus for distributing targeted audible advertisements as ringtones
62 7,831,432 Audio menus describing media contents of media players
63 7,831,424 Target specific data filter to speed processing
64 7,831,395 Quantification of adsorbed molecular contaminant using thin film measurement
65 7,831,043 System and method for cryptographically authenticating data items
66 7,831,040 DES hardware throughput for short operations
67 7,831,006 Circuit to reduce transient current swings during mode transitions of high frequency/high power chips
68 7,830,901 Reliable network packet dispatcher with interleaving multi-port circular retry queue
69 7,830,890 Method of doing business over a network by transmission and retransmission of digital information on a network during time slots
70 7,830,751 Apparatus and method for handling calendar dates in a non-calendar system specific manner
71 7,830,737 SMI memory read data capture margin characterization circuits and methods
72 7,830,727 Apparatus and method for low power, single-ended sensing in a multi-port SRAM using pre-discharged bit lines
73 7,830,664 Cooling apparatuses with discrete cold plates compliantly coupled between a common manifold and electronics components of an assembly to be cooled
74 7,830,552 Black white image scaling having print density control and polarity detection
75 7,830,537 System and method for controlling copying of documents
76 7,830,195 Self-test design methodology and technique for root-gated clocking structure
77 7,830,019 Via bottom contact and method of manufacturing same
78 7,830,010 Surface treatment for selective metal cap applications
79 7,829,965 Touching microlens structure for a pixel sensor and method of fabrication
80 7,829,945 Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with asymmetric gate dielectric profile
81 7,829,939 MOSFET including epitaxial halo region
82 7,829,926 Demultiplexers using transistors for accessing memory cell arrays
83 7,829,883 Vertical carbon nanotube field effect transistors and arrays
84 7,829,452 Terminal pad structures and methods of fabricating same
85 7,829,427 Method of fabricating a high Q factor integrated circuit inductor
86 7,829,407 Method of fabricating a stressed MOSFET by bending SOI region
87 7,828,986 Forming surface features using self-assembling masks
88 7,828,211 Electronic inventory tracking system
89 7,827,846 Monitoring of wearing surface layer thickness