IBM patents granted on 09 October 2007

55 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,281,235 Computer controlled system for modularizing the information technology structure of a business enterprise into a structure of holonic self-contained modules
2 7,281,219 Blended learning experience tool and method
3 7,281,217 System and method for user driven interactive application integration
4 7,281,182 Method and circuit using boundary scan cells for design library analysis
5 7,281,177 Autonomic parity exchange
6 7,281,153 Apparatus, system, and method for transactional peer recovery in a data sharing clustering computer system
7 7,281,142 Apparatus, system, and method for securely providing power supply commands
8 7,281,120 Apparatus and method for decreasing the latency between an instruction cache and a pipeline processor
9 7,281,118 Sending thread message generated using DCR command pointed message control block storing message and response memory address in multiprocessor
10 7,281,115 Method, system and program product for clearing selected storage translation buffer entries
11 7,281,092 System and method of managing cache hierarchies with adaptive mechanisms
12 7,281,075 Virtualization of a global interrupt queue
13 7,281,070 Multiple master inter integrated circuit bus system
14 7,281,068 Wireless-boot diskless mobile computing
15 7,281,052 Data tracing identifiers
16 7,281,045 Provisioning manager for optimizing selection of available resources
17 7,281,022 System, method, and service for segmenting a topic into chatter and subtopics
18 7,281,006 System and method for dividing data into predominantly fixed-sized chunks so that duplicate data chunks may be identified
19 7,281,004 Method, system and program for optimizing compression of a workload processed by a database management system
20 7,280,982 System and method for a fee address system
21 7,280,974 Method and system for selecting potential purchasers using purchase history
22 7,280,969 Method and apparatus for producing natural sounding pitch contours in a speech synthesizer
23 7,280,968 Synthetically generated speech responses including prosodic characteristics of speech inputs
24 7,280,967 Method for detecting misaligned phonetic units for a concatenative text-to-speech voice
25 7,280,939 System and method of analyzing timing effects of spatial distribution in circuits
26 7,280,931 Method and system for calibrating an electrical device
27 7,280,843 Plug-and-play mass storage reflector
28 7,280,738 Method and system for specifying a selection of content segments stored in different formats
29 7,280,684 Method and system for ongoing performance monitoring of a character recognition system
30 7,280,658 Systems, methods, and computer program products for accelerated dynamic protection of data
31 7,280,527 Logically grouping physical ports into logical interfaces to expand bandwidth
32 7,280,477 Token-based active queue management
33 7,280,474 Weighted fair queue having adjustable scaling factor
34 7,280,307 Track following servo actuator offset calibration for tape drive
35 7,280,297 Optical storage system using an antenna for recording information data to a phase-change type medium
36 7,280,294 Tri-state servowriter driver with slow return to zero
37 7,280,293 Multi-level mapping of tape error recoveries
38 7,280,209 Method and apparatus for improved ellipsometric measurement of ultrathin films
39 7,280,055 Method and apparatus for encoding binary data as a zero terminated string
40 7,279,996 Method of functionality testing for a ring oscillator
41 7,279,950 Method and system for high frequency clock signal gating
42 7,279,949 Programmable delay element
43 7,279,798 High wireability microvia substrate
44 7,279,758 N-channel MOSFETs comprising dual stressors, and methods for forming the same
45 7,279,746 High performance CMOS device structures and method of manufacture
46 7,279,426 Like integrated circuit devices with different depth
47 7,279,413 High-temperature stable gate structure with metallic electrode
48 7,279,411 Process for forming a redundant structure
49 7,278,853 Power card connection structure
50 7,278,790 Fiber-optic cable connector
51 7,278,459 Common carrier
52 7,278,322 Semiconductor based pressure sensor
53 7,278,300 Gas filled reactive atomic force microscope probe
54 7,278,207 Method of making an electronic package
55 D552,603 Wireless microphone and transmitter with strap