IBM patents granted on 10 April 2007

52 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,203,927 SQL debugging using XML dataflows
2 7,203,916 System, method and program product for positioning I/O pads on a chip
3 7,203,915 Method for retiming in the presence of verification constraints
4 7,203,905 System and method for platform independent desktop lockdown
5 7,203,882 Clustering-based approach for coverage-directed test generation
6 7,203,876 Method and apparatus for controlling AC power during scan operations in scannable latches
7 7,203,839 Method for providing secure access to information held in a shared repository
8 7,203,834 Method of updating encryption keys in a data communication system
9 7,203,815 Multi-level page cache for enhanced file system performance via read ahead
10 7,203,811 Non-fenced list DMA command mechanism
11 7,203,804 Process, apparatus, and system for passing data between partitions in a storage device
12 7,203,802 System and method for using a buffer to facilitate log catchup for online operations
13 7,203,794 Destructive-read random access memory system buffered with destructive-read memory cache
14 7,203,790 Flexible techniques for associating cache memories with processors and main memory
15 7,203,769 Bootstrapping technique for distributed object client systems
16 7,203,763 Server cluster interconnection using network processor
17 7,203,756 Mechanism to cache references to Java RMI remote objects implementing the unreferenced interface
18 7,203,748 Method for detecting the quick restart of liveness daemons in a distributed multinode data processing system
19 7,203,735 Files transfer between a remote home server and a local server
20 7,203,722 Optimistic processing of network frames to reduce latency
21 7,203,719 Method and system to measure distributed system’s relative size
22 7,203,713 Method and apparatus for optimizing extent size
23 7,203,712 Algorithm to find LOB value in a relational table after key columns have been modified
24 7,203,705 Location of objects/services in a distributed objects/services system
25 7,203,697 Fine-grained authorization using mbeans
26 7,203,694 System and method for multicolumn sorting in a single column
27 7,203,687 Peer-to-peer replication member initialization and deactivation
28 7,203,685 Apparatus and method for estimating cardinality when data skew is present
29 7,203,680 System and method for encoding and detecting extensible patterns
30 7,203,679 Determining structural similarity in semi-structured documents
31 7,203,677 Creation of duration episodes from single time events
32 7,203,662 Apparatus, system and method for automatically making operational selling decisions
33 7,203,633 Method and system for selectively storing and retrieving simulation data utilizing keywords
34 7,203,608 Impedane measurement of chip, package, and board power supply system using pseudo impulse response
35 7,203,518 Method and apparatus for simplified data dispensation to and from digital systems
36 7,203,183 Access point initiated forced roaming based upon bandwidth
37 7,203,161 Method and apparatus for recovery from faults in a loop network
38 7,203,045 High voltage ESD power clamp
39 7,202,932 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
40 7,202,764 Noble metal contacts for micro-electromechanical switches
41 7,202,723 Adjustable switchpoint receiver
42 7,202,705 Dynamic logic circuit apparatus and method for reducing leakage power consumption via separate clock and output stage control
43 7,202,704 Leakage sensing and keeper circuit for proper operation of a dynamic circuit
44 7,202,689 Sensor differentiated fault isolation
45 7,202,685 Embedded probe-enabling socket with integral probe structures
46 7,202,564 Advanced low dielectric constant organosilicon plasma chemical vapor deposition films
47 7,202,516 CMOS transistor structure including film having reduced stress by exposure to atomic oxygen
48 7,202,513 Stress engineering using dual pad nitride with selective SOI device architecture
49 7,202,187 Method of forming sidewall spacer using dual-frequency plasma enhanced CVD
50 7,202,154 Suspension for filling via holes in silicon and method for making the same
51 7,202,136 Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor with carbon incorporation
52 7,202,132 Protecting silicon germanium sidewall with silicon for strained silicon/silicon germanium MOSFETs