IBM patents granted on 10 April 2012

44 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,156,510 Process retext for dynamically loaded modules
2 8,156,509 Exchanging data using data transformation
3 8,156,503 System, method and computer program product for accessing a memory space allocated to a virtual machine
4 8,156,501 Implementing dynamic authority to perform tasks on a resource
5 8,156,498 Optimization of thread wake up for shared processor partitions
6 8,156,497 Providing shared tasks amongst a plurality of individuals
7 8,156,490 Dynamic migration of virtual machine computer programs upon satisfaction of conditions
8 8,156,484 LDAP server performance object creation and use thereof
9 8,156,483 Method and system for detecting vulnerabilities in source code
10 8,156,479 System and method of monitoring dynamic scopes in synchronous and asynchronous calls
11 8,156,458 Uniquification and parent-child constructs for 1xN VLSI design
12 8,156,419 Intelligent preloads of views and asynchronous loading of models using the MVC design pattern
13 8,156,385 Systems and methods for backward-compatible constant-time exception-protection memory
14 8,156,383 Notification method and apparatus in a data processing system
15 8,156,380 Apparatus and method to configure, format, and test, a data storage subsystem product
16 8,156,368 Rebuilding lost data in a distributed redundancy data storage system
17 8,156,364 Synchronized parallel processing of rows of data with dependencies by determining start time for processors
18 8,156,310 Method and apparatus for data stream alignment support
19 8,156,287 Adaptive data prefetch
20 8,156,248 Image distribution for dynamic server pages
21 8,156,226 Ordering provisioning request execution based on service level agreement and customer entitlement
22 8,156,184 Dialog server for handling conversation in virtual space method and computer program for having conversation in virtual space
23 8,156,170 Increased precision in the computation of a reciprocal square root
24 8,156,164 Concurrent directory update in a cluster file system
25 8,156,140 Service oriented architecture enterprise service bus with advanced virtualization
26 8,156,134 Using different groups of query graph transform modules to generate execution plans for queries for different database types
27 8,156,084 Transfer of data from positional data sources to partitioned databases in restartable environments
28 8,156,049 Universal DRM support for devices
29 8,156,003 Apparatus, method, and program for transferring structured documents including plurality of document elements
30 8,155,969 Subtitle generation and retrieval combining document processing with voice processing
31 8,155,948 System and method for user skill determination
32 8,155,872 Method and apparatus for indoor navigation
33 8,155,457 Robust encoding of metadata in lossy encoded images
34 8,155,387 Method and system for position determination using image deformation
35 8,155,119 Intermediate message invalidation
36 8,154,428 Gesture recognition control of electronic devices using a multi-touch device
37 8,154,309 Configurable PSRO structure for measuring frequency dependent capacitive loads
38 8,154,130 Self-aligned metal to form contacts to Ge containing substrates and structure formed thereby
39 8,153,516 Method of ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
40 8,153,514 Method of forming metal/high-.kappa. gate stacks with high mobility
41 8,153,494 Nanowire MOSFET with doped epitaxial contacts for source and drain
42 8,152,310 Noise immune optical encoder for high ambient light projection imaging systems
43 8,152,304 Stereographic imaging system using open loop magnetomechanically resonant polarizing filter actuator
44 8,152,303 Signal synthesizer for periodic acceleration and deceleration of rotating optical devices